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Where Can I Sell My Mattress The Best Way

The answer to where can I sell my mattress gives you two options. For one, you can sell it to your area, and another online, for broader access to customers. We’ll also teach you the essential considerations to ensure that you will successfully sell your mattress without facing issues. 

And if you want to ensure that people will want to buy your used bed, we’ve talked about some tips to make it more enticing to buy. So what are you waiting for? Don’t get rid of your bed yet because it might give you some extra bucks!


Where Can I Sell My Mattress

Where Can You Sell Your Mattress?


Local area

The most obvious place where you can sell your used mattress is within your local area. You don’t need to travel far to find potential buyers, but you must familiarize yourself with your state’s regulations and laws. Most parts of the US allow the reselling of used mattresses, but you must check if it has met your state’s labeling and processing requirements. 

Your municipality might also have some specific regulations, such as the bed being sanitized professionally and labeled as used when selling it. Some states also prohibit the selling of the whole mattress, and you can only sell its components. 


How to sell a used mattress in your area

After checking the laws and requirements about your used mattress, you can then plan everything for contacting potential buyers. Prepare to answer some common questions that buyers might ask and know what affects a used mattress’s price point. To start, you want to plan if you’ll deliver the bed since you’re selling within your area or if you prefer it picked up. 

Then, mention the mattress brand, type, and materials, how long it has been yours, how it is used, and any potential issues like stains or tears. In general, you’ll only get 20% or 30% of its original price. Finally, distribute your advertisement among friends, family, or even shops you frequent. 



Besides selling your mattress within your local area, you’ll reach a wider audience if you advertise it online. You still need to check and follow regulations within the state, and you’ll also apply the pricing and advertising tips mentioned previously. However, the internet is vast, and it can be overwhelming to find where to sell your mattress. 


How to sell a used mattress online

You can start posting it on your social media marketplace and platforms like Craiglist. Almost everyone frequents these outlets, and you can seek potential buyers if your marketing strategy gained attention. You can also try classified ads or apps that will work within the US. 

The key is using the marketplace that people close to you use the most. This way, shipping won’t be complicated, and you can even meet up. Be prepared for potential inquiries and make your listing as enticing as possible to your target audience. 


Is It Illegal To Sell Beds?

As mentioned earlier, it’s not illegal to sell used mattresses, but the seller must follow the laws and regulations set by their state. It’s also safe to assume that you must be honest with your advertisement and label the bed as used, including its materials if you’re selling them deconstructed. Furthermore, please follow the recommended sanitizing procedure before selling a used mattress. 

What about retailers that recover materials from old mattresses? When using used materials such as stuffing to create a new bed, some states requited sanitation regulations and labeling. For example, some states use a color-coded tag when selling used mattresses or their materials. 

A red tag typically means a new mattress with used material, while a yellow tag indicates that the mattress is sanitized. However, these tags are required for retailers and not individuals. Overall, always check with your local department to avoid issues when you’re selling your mattress. 


Do Thrift Stores Take Mattresses?

Most thrift stores don’t accept mattresses for health and sanitary reasons. However, you might find certain stores that would take your used bed as long as it has met their sanitation requirements. It would be fair because most shops don’t have enough resources to do the cleaning for every used mattress they get. 

If you don’t mind donating, it should easy to find an organization close to you that accepts donations. Just call and ask them beforehand for additional requirements to avoid the hassle. But what if your mattress is no longer reusable?

You can search for recycling facilities near you, and some even pick up the mattress at home. Some cities also have recycling programs but assume that very damaged and soiled beds might not be accepted. If that’s the case, check your municipality garbage collector for the guidelines before throwing the mattress on the curb. 



If you think your mattress structure is still usable and cleaning it would restore its look, you don’t have to throw it out immediately. Where can I sell my mattress, you ask? You can try posting ads within your local area or check marketplaces online. 

However, you want to follow the regulations and laws set by your municipality to avoid issues. This can mean following the sanitation guidelines, labeling your mattress as used, or deconstructing it if your city doesn’t allow the whole mattress’s selling.

how to wrap a mattress for storage

How To Wrap A Mattress For Storage? 7 Easy Steps!

Have you ever wondered how to wrap a mattress for storage? Well, there are six simple steps to do it.

The quality of a mattress is essential, especially if you invested a good amount of money.

A good quality mattress can last 10 to 20 years, depending on how you took care of it.

Maybe you want to upgrade your bed from a bigger one because you just married or the kids want to have a spacious bed.

You don’t want to dispose of the old ones because the mattress condition is still good.

Yes, you can keep it!

With the proper way of storing the mattress, you can still enjoy its usage in the future.

Keep on reading this article, and you will discover the proper way to store the mattress in just a simple way.


Steps To Wrap A Mattress For Storage

These are the steps in wrapping a mattress for storage that will help you save your time, effort, and money you invested in your bed.

So, how to wrap a mattress for storage?


Step #1.  Air out the mattress and clean it thoroughly

The following steps will prepare you to make the mattress ready for storage.

There are so many ways of doing this, but here you will know the easiest way.

You first need to remove all the beddings, then take off the mattress from the bed frame.

Soda is good in removing odor, so dust the exterior side with soda and let it stay longer to absorb some stubborn odor.

Vacuum the soda particles an hour after you sprinkled.

Then air out the mattress for a few more hours before wrapping it out.


Step #2. Wrapping in a mattress bag

Use not-so-thick plastic to avoid moisture to trap from within that may damage the mattress.

Wrap the mattress in plastic and securely sealed it with packing tape.

It prevents moisture from coming in or settling within the fabric that can cause damage to the exterior portion of the mattress.

Suppose you are planning to store it a bit longer.

Secure a quality plastic bag to ensure that the molds will not develop and will be kept dry.

For prolonged storage, check it twice a year or as often as you can to air out the mattress and make sure that it is kept dry.

Reseal it again.


Step #3. Use a covered truck

In moving or storing from a different place, use a covered truck to shield from dust or bad weather during transport.

You may cover it with a cloth to ensure that you will not expose the mattress to dirt.

It is okay to position the mattress on its side.

Instead of laying down and piling up your things on top of the mattress, putting it on its side gives more space for the other stuff.

Never put the mattress on top of your car. It is too risky, and there is a tendency that it will fold.

Once the mattress folds, it damages the entire shape, for it will not return to its original structure.


Step #4. Storing the mattress

It is okay to position the mattress on its side during transportation only but not during a long period where you plan to store it temporarily.

Better lay it flat on the floor to maintain the correct position of coils, inner foam.

Wrong positioning will disfigure the mattress.


Step #5. Keep off

When the mattress lays down flat, never put anything on top of it.

Mainly heavy objects for it could damage the whole of it.

Are you worried about the space?

It is better to put the mattress last, on top of everything where it is flat, like a pallet or rigid cabinet, so that you can arrange the bed on a flat surface.


Step #6. Correct storage place

The basement is the number one place to store everything but be aware that the basement temperature can damage the mattress if stored for an extended period.

Considering storing it in a place where there will have temperature control during climate changes.

For temperature change can create molds that can damage your expensive mattress.


Step #7. Receiving mattress

When the time comes that you need it, pull it out of the storage.

Just follow the first step during the storage.

It would help if you still had a soda to eliminate the odor during the long period of storage and disinfecting it at the same time.

With that, the next time you want to keep or move your mattress, make sure that its quality will not be ruined by doing it correctly.


To Wrap It Up!

Amazingly, you know now how to wrap a mattress for storage!

Just simple steps to follow that will save you time and money.

So why worry about moving up or upgrading your mattress.

There’s no need to give up the old ones.

With proper handling in storage, you will indeed preserve the value of your lovely mattress.

Who says that it needs too much effort?

It never is a big deal at all.

It is self-fulfilling that you save the mattress that you brought with your hard-earned money.

Try to save your mattress first before disposing of it!

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