Where To Put Fabric Softener In Washer? Astonishing Information For You To Know!

Where to put fabric softener in washer? First, of course, you will put the product into the dispenser if your washer features an automatic fabric softener dispenser. Nonetheless, it depends on how you will put it and the location of the dispenser.

For an automatic type of fabric softener, add the softener before beginning the load.

where to put fabric softener in washer

For an automatic dispenser, add the softener during its rinsing cycle. It does matter to know where and also when to put fabric softener in the washer. This way, you will reap the benefits of the product. Just learn also the right way of using it.


In The Front Loader

So, where to put fabric softener in washer? The front loader washer has a drawer where you put the fabric softener and dispense it. So, add the product to this drawer and pull it out as it goes. The drawer comes with a label indicating the amount you should put into it. Then, place the amount needed into the drawer.

Add water until the water mixture and fabric softener reach the top fill line. Be wary not to go past the top fill line or else, it will spill out or be released early on. Your clothes will stain then. Close the drawer after you’ve placed the fabric softener, as the latter will also be dispensed right away at the proper cycle. It may be helpful to read how to use laundry pods in front load washer.


In The Top Loader

Look through the dispenser of the washer on top of the drum’s agitator. Use the dispenser by placing the right amount of fabric softener into the dispenser. Afterward, put water in and reach the line for diluting it. Do not also overfill the dispenser with water or fabric softener.

The fabric softener will dispense immediately after the load has begun. If there is any residue, clean the dispenser where you put the fabric softener. If you do not do it regularly, residues can clog up in the dispenser, affecting the amount used in the fabric softener that damages or releases the dispenser. The building up of residues may also result in a mold noticed both in the front and top-loading washer.


On the Clothes

It is not possible to put the fabric softener onto the clothes. For one, fabric softener comes from the strong chemicals which stain them. So dilute the product first in water so that it doesn’t leave any stain.

Puffy Lux

If you use fabric softener that much, it will get stained. The same is true if you add or dispense it at the wrong time. Read the instruction manual in using fabric softener properly. Protect your clothes by learning to use the fabric softener and not to ruin the clothes.


Fabric Softener To Add In The Start

An automatic dispenser requires the addition of a fabric softener at the beginning of the wash. But if there’s none, do not add it during the start of the wash, or it will stain the clothes if there is not enough water to dilute the softener. Better yet, add it after you set the washer in the rinse cycle to become effective.  You may also be interested to read when to put fabric softener in the washer.


Fabric Softener To Add Even With No Dispenser

Pour out the fabric softener straight into the washer if there is no dispenser. But, remember not to do it directly on the clothes. Instead, it is better to pour an amount into the water pocket on top of the load. From there, it can dilute before being dispersed in the rinse cycle.

You may think about what will happen upon adding it early on or late. It can result in the clothes not being washed out after all. That’s when the fabric softener is ineffective. You may need to re-wash the load again with another fabric softener. It is mainly if it washes away or if it requires an extra rinse cycle.

Thus, know the time of transitions essentially to the rinse cycle of the washer. Pay attention to your laundry as you add this fabric softener. Never leave your house with a pile of laundry if you will add the product. Or else, you might lose the chance of adding it.

But if you want, you may try the fabric softener ball if you need to leave your house. This ball works the same way as the automatic dispenser. Just pour the right amount of fabric softener onto the plastic ball. Then, close its lid. Next, toss the fabric softener ball into the washer before you begin the load. Its agitation in the rinse cycle causes the washer lid to open. Thus, the fabric softener releases. Again, I suggest you read about how to use fabric softener


Fabric Softener To Add Should Follow Certain Conditions

Some fabrics do not use a fabric softener. If you still insist, it might only damage them. It is better to check on its care label for specifications.


#1. On microfiber

Microfiber absorbs moisture that, when you coat it with fabric softener, it will not do what it should. Static electricity produced is also reduced if you coat with a fabric softener.


#2. On athletic wear

Fabric softener often lubricates the fibers of the athletic wear material. Thus, it will stop the ability of the fabric to move moisture.


#3. On towel

Do not use fabric softener on towels for repeated wash, or it can become less absorbent. Instead, pour it only in a single load. That’s when the towel remains fluffy and soft. It may be helpful to read why you shouldn’t use fabric softener on towels


It’s A Wrap!

This article already answers your question about where to put fabric softener in washer and when to do it. Knowing beforehand enables you to reap the benefits it brings. Thus, no damage is there to your favorite clothes! Thank you for stopping by!

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