Where To Buy A Queen Size Mattress: 3 Best Brands

Those who want to know where to buy a queen size mattress can consider these three brands. Do note that you can easily get a queen size bed on most manufacturers, but these models are among the best ones to get based on customer satisfaction and features. We’ll also talk about the best value for money queen size beds. 

Furthermore, why not read this guide on the best queen size mattress to buy? There, we discussed some of the most popular queen size beds to get from reputable brands. So with these two sources at your fingertips, let’s get started.

where to buy a queen size mattress


Where To Buy A Queen Size Mattress In The US?



If you want a queen size memory foam mattress, consider exploring Amerisleep. In particular, you might like the Amerisleep AS3 model. It has various awards such as the Best Mattress in a Box, Best Memory Foam Mattress, and Best Mattress. 

The AS3 will make an excellent queen size bed because of its cooling material and open-cell design. It’s typical for couples to use a queen size mattress, and the AS3 will surely keep you and your partner comfortable, regardless of the climate. If you want to find out more about Amerisleep, you can read here why it’s one of the best stores to buy a mattress from. 



You can always indulge yourself in a queen size mattress of your own. And if you’re a side sleeper, one of the best queen size beds to get is Helix Midnight Luxe. So what makes the Helix Midnight Luxe excellent for side sleepers looking for a queen size mattress?

The medium feel of the Luxe will ensure pressure relief on your shoulders and hips. Helix even uses zoned lumbar support to keep your spine neutral and supported. But if you want something of a lower price, Helix has many mattress models to choose from.

Those who are on a budget can also buy cheap foam mattresses without sacrificing quality. Try the Helix Sunset or check other models from this brand with 0% financing. 



Do you want a queen size hybrid mattress? A hybrid mattress would make a fantastic queen sized bed because it combines the support of springs and a foam bed cushiony feel. The dimensions of a queen size mattress will benefit from a mattress that offers the best of innerspring and foam beds. 

And if you want the best hybrid queen bed, try checking the Purple Hybrid. This mattress is compatible with the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base if you wish for a queen sized bed that you can customize accordingly. And if you are sharing this queen size mattress, you don’t need to worry about noise or motion transfer, thanks to its individually wrapped stainless steel coils and flexible gel material. 


What Is The Best Queen Size Mattress For The Money?



When you want to know where to buy cheap queen size mattresses, there’s no doubt that your top place to look into is Amazon. Amazon offers an extensive list of very affordable queen size mattresses. For example, an Amazon’s Choice, the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattress costs under $300 only for the queen size. 

At this price point, you’ll be getting a multi-layered queen size foam mattress composed of conforming memory foam, breathable foam, and high-density foam for the base. And best of all, Zinus is CertiPUR US-certified for your peace of mind regarding durability and safety. Zinus will also deliver it in a box for your convenience in terms of maneuverability. 



You don’t need to spend over $1,000 for a good-quality queen mattress. For example, the queen size Zoma mattress can become as affordable as under $800 when the brand has sales. This bed is worth the money because you might even get a bedding bundle worth $280.

The Zoma queen mattress uses a ventilated fabric cover, gel memory foam that targets pressure points, a responsive layer, and a durable structure to keep you supported. Zoma is even a CertiPUR US-certified foam, and it is made in the US if you are particular about these features from the products you’re using. And if you can stretch your budget a bit more, consider the Zoma Hybrid bed. 


How Different Is A Queen From A Full?


Queen size mattress

  • A queen size mattress measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long
  • A queen size mattress will cost higher than a full size mattress because of its larger size
  • The queen size mattress is ideal for couples and tall people because of its surface area

Full size mattress

  • A full size mattress is only 53 inches wide and 75 inches long
  • The smaller size of a full size mattress makes it ideal for small bedrooms
  • A full size bed is an excellent option for single sleepers who want more room than what a twin size bed can offer


And that’s it! To recap where to buy a queen size mattress, you can check out Amerisleep, Helix, and Purple. These brands have excellent queen size beds to consider, especially if you’re overwhelmed with the options in the market.

Do note that queen size beds are pretty standard as well. Try searching for a model you like from a popular mattress brand and see if it’s available in queen size. 


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