Where To Buy Sleep Number Mattress: A Buying Guide

If you want to know where to buy Sleep Number mattress, we have discussed their exclusive locations. This article will also talk about everything you need to know about buying from this brand. Are their beds even worth it to try?

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where to buy sleep number mattress


Where Can You Buy A Sleep Number Mattress?

You can buy a Sleep Number Mattress in the company’s 625 locations across the US. What’s fantastic with Sleep Number is you can conveniently use their mattress store finder to determine the closest one to you. Some areas are even compatible with Premium Delivery and Set Up if you want to save time and effort in moving and assembling your mattress. 

Those who have their bed shipped via UPS ground shipping, on the other hand, will have the product with assembly instructions. Nonetheless, you can schedule your delivery date at the same time upon purchasing a Sleep Number mattress via the phone, chat, or in a store. And if you bought a bed online, you can schedule your delivery with the receipt email within 48 hours. 


Where to try Sleep Number Mattresses?

You can visit a Sleep Number store if you want to try a mattress before buying. However, Sleep Number mattresses are not available on other retailers. These models are only sold exclusively to the brand’s stores or website. 


What Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy A Sleep Number Bed?

If you know when is the best time to buy a mattress, you’ll get to save more on your purchase, and you might even get other freebies and inclusions. With Sleep Number, you can check their website for sales where they post beds with promotions. It would be best always to visit their Beds on Sale, so you know the schedule of their discounts, clearance sales, and offers. 

If you forgot to mark your calendar, you could always check the value beds and mattresses from Sleep Number. They include the S1 and S3 models with a 15-year warranty and free no-contact UPS shipping. The Sleep Number S1 is only under $600 for a twin-size bed, and you might even score affordable bedding in clearance. 


Does Sleep Number Negotiate Price?

You can’t haggle your way to negotiate the price of a Sleep Number mattress. But like most mattress brands, you can try financing with Sleep Number if you are on a tight budget. The application is as simple as three steps where you start with an online application, credit decision, and then waiting for your account number. 


What Is The Cost Of A Sleep Number Bed?

There are different Sleep Number mattress series, Classic, Performance, Innovation, and Memory Foam. Therefore, the price range will vary for every specific mattress model. However, to give you a quick idea, you can prepare a budget of $1,000 to $5,000 for a Sleep Number mattress.

The value beds of Sleep Number also range from $599 to $2,498. But, again, you should easily compare different models on the brand’s website. And if there are sales, the prices can get as low as $500 off. 


What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Sleep Number Bed?

According to Sleep Number, you can expect their bed to last for 15 years or more. In particular, the Sleep Number 360 has a 15-year warranty to prove the company’s confidence in its mattress. However, remember to always check your mattress regardless of its life expectancy. 

Consider reading this guide about the expected lifespan of a mattress to give you more information about when to replace your bed. You don’t have to wait for your mattress to finish its life expectancy before getting a new one or replacing it. Ten years is possible with high-quality mattresses that are also well-maintained, but around year seven is an excellent time to check the bed’s condition. 


What Are The Problems With Sleep Number Beds?



You might notice that your Sleep Number is misshapen or has impressions. To fix this, adjust the amount of air in the bed. 


Uncomfortable foam pad

Try checking the foam pad for damages if it feels uncomfortable. You can also troubleshoot it to know if it still has the ideal firmness and needs a replacement. 



A Sleep Number mattress can sound noisy because of the pump. Try placing the mattress over a carpet when you’re changing the setting to muffle the sound. You can also fix the bed frame and tighten it as it might be the culprit behind the noise. 


Can I Upgrade My Sleep Number Bed?

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed had an upgrade for its remote last 2019. This update improves the connectivity and battery life of the remote. In addition, you can take a quiz on the website for other mattresses if you need new parts for a bed you purchased. 



And that’s it! To recap where to buy Sleep Number mattress, you can try their stores all over the US or go directly to their website. Unfortunately, they don’t have other retailers, but it should be easy to find the nearest Sleep Number store in your location. 

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