Where Can I Buy A Kingsdown Mattress: Buying Guide

The answer to where can I buy a Kingsdown mattress is directly from the brand. We’ll also talk about a store in the US that offers this mattress. By the end of this article, expect that you can decide where to buy a Kingsdown bed and if it is even worth trying compared to other brands. 

If you’re also interested in knowing the best stores to buy a mattress, we have discovered the top five brands in the market. Feel free to check that as well to familiarize yourself with big mattress retailers. 

where can i buy a kingsdown mattress


Where Can I Buy A Kingsdown Mattress In The US?

The best place to get a Kingsdown mattress is from any authorized retailer of the brand. You can’t shop beds directly on Kingdown’s website, but they have a retailer finder where you only need to enter your zip code. So it should be easy to locate the nearest Kingsdown store in your area for buying a mattress. 

Another helpful feature in Kingsdown’s retailer finder is you can use their so-called bedMATCH. This tool will use your physical data to let you know which mattress is best for your needs. Of course, if you have more questions, you can always reach out to the company’s customer relations. 

Are Kingsdown mattresses available in stores? We found out that Mattress Warehouse also offers this brand. 


Mattress Warehouse

Mattress Warehouse offers a Kingsdown mattress collection that you can conveniently view on their website. The store boasts multiple Kingsdown models to choose from, including Cottesmore, Hasker, Courtenay, Holborn, Highgate, and Sloane, to name a few. In addition, the Kingsdown Black foundation is also available in Mattress Warehouse. 

If you want to view the mattresses in person, there are multiple Mattress Warehouse locations across the US. But for those who find it more convenient to get their bed delivered, the store provides White Glove Delivery, which includes set-up of the new mattress and removal of the old one. However, please note that mattresses can’t be refunded once delivered or pick up due to health policies. 


Who Manufactures Kingsdown?

Kingsdown mattresses are proudly US-made, as seen in their headquarters in Mebane, North Carolina. Furthermore, you can also find the company’s international headquarters in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. Kingsdown even operates in Europe and Asia. 

What’s unique with the manufacturing process is that each mattress goes through Sleep to Live’s Inline Comfort Support Analysis machine. This machine measures various factors such as ILD and the reaction of the bed’s layers to different body types. This will ensure that you’ll get the perfect mattress based on your physical characteristics.  

If you’re interested in identifying the best mattress for sleeping based on your needs, we have written a 3-factor guide that you can give a quick read. 


Is Kingsdown Still In Business?

Kingsdown is still in business, and last 2020, the brand even switched to manufacturing beds for health care facilities to help with the pandemic. They start producing hospital beds in the US and Canada. It was also announced last 2018 on a news release that Novocap acquired Kingsdown Canada. 


What Type Of Mattress Is A Kingsdown?

Kingsdown mattresses range from innerspring, memory foam, latex, hybrid, and even air beds. You can view their collections on their website labeled as Amazing, Luxurious, Cooling, Refreshing, and Impressive. 



An example of a Kingsdown innerspring mattress is Passions with tri-zoned wrapped coils, gauge coils, and gel-infused memory foam. 



The Body Essential mattress is an all-latex bed from Kingsdown with a variable foam core and silk and wool quilting. 



Sleep to Live is among the hybrid mattresses of Kingsdown that uses bedMATCH to design a coil system and five-zone support foam. 


Air bed

The Sleep Smart Air by Kingsdown is an adjustable air bed with three adjustable support zones on each side.  



Kingsdown also offers mattress-in-a-box models for the buyer’s convenience upon delivery. An example is the Seigel mattress made with latex and lavender-infused foam. 


Are Kingsdown Mattresses Firm?

You can find Kingsdown mattresses from firm to soft firm, depending on the collection. You can also select models that use the brand’s SMART technology if you want complete control over your bed’s firmness. Here is a guide on choosing mattress firmness to help you identify which mattress rating suits your needs. 


Are Kingsdown Mattresses Expensive?

Kingsdown mattresses come in different types, so some are more expensive while others should easily fit most households’ budgets. The price range of this brand is from $400 to $4,400, where a queen-size mattress is around $1,500. These prices are still reasonable since they are comparable to big mattress brands, and one can say that Kingsdown mattresses are worth the money because they are US-made with high-quality materials. 


Should I Buy A Kingsdown Mattress?

If you’re looking for a new bed, you can try a Kingsdown mattress because you can choose from various types. An average lifespan of a Kingsdown mattress is up to 10-years, and some models have a warranty period as long. Furthermore, the brand’s bedMATCH is an excellent feature to design you the perfect mattress. 



And that’s it! The answer on where can I buy a Kingsdown mattress is from any recognized retailer of the brand. It should be easy to locate one using their store finder. 

Mattress Warehouse also has a Kingsdown collection that you can check out. We hope this buying guide helps, so feel free to ask more questions below. 

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