When To Plant Annuals In Minnesota

After the last frost date is the best time when to plant annuals in Minnesota. Well, Minnesota has a whimsical weather-state, making it difficult for gardeners to predict the accurate period in terms of planting annuals.

Indeed, it’s a gardener’s nature to exactly presume the best dates in planting their annuals. But in a region with a fluctuating temperature state, it’s very subtle to predict so.

when to plant annuals in Minnesota

Having been said that early spring season is the best time to plant your flowers makes it easier for us to wait for the season to arrive, but temperature matters. To digest more when to plant annuals in Minnesota, read the tips below.

Planting Your Annuals

When the calendar slides to April, it is for sure that we can’t get away with the spring season. Gardens of flowers thriving endlessly are such magical sites to wander and see.

The fact is; some regions experience ironical seasons. If flowers bloom in other states, Minnesota is still covered with snowflakes.  A warm soil temperature, as well as the air, is essential for the plants to grow.

About that, let’s discuss further the right time for annuals to grow in Minnesota.


Last frost date

Winter season is quite fun, but not totally among gardeners who grow annual plants. For you to be able to grow annuals plants, be aware of the winter and frost dates that might hinder the growth of your annuals.

Annual plants are “one season” plants or flower that is replanted by gardeners each year. It is important to know if your annual plants can manage to survive in cold temperatures or could die to a chilling snap- mark the date in your calendar when the last frost is perceived to happen.

Check the weather forecast if it is predicted to have a warm or cold temperature as the date is near approaching.

These annual plants have a lesser firm structure when compared to the hardiness of perennial plants or shrubs. As a concern for that, they can be greatly affected when the cold temperature will arrive. Unlike the roots of perennial plants, annuals have a shallow depth of root system buried underneath the ground.

When the freezing weather rules the town, the water will turn into solid states and might harm the plants’ growth. In worst cases, some will die. Again, knowing the occurrence of frost dates will save your annuals from dying.


Nighttime temperatures

Of course, gardeners are very attentive in spotting the good temperature to their plants. They have high hopes for sunshine and eyeing on the occurrence of rainfall. Temperature sets a vital role in the plants’ growth.

Is it possible to plant annuals at night? Yes, it is the answer. But it still depends on the temperature at night time.

During warm days, you have the guts in planting your plants in a garden or containers.  These kinds of days fuel your confidence to grow your plants. Just remember the idea of night and day that a 60-degree day is expected to have a 40-degree night.

For newbies out there, waiting for your annuals to be planted in a constant temperature during night time that ranges from 55 degrees and above is said to be a good rule of thumb.


Dates of planting

The last step in planting annuals has to be based on its exact weather recommendation. With that, having patience is a good start in planting. Waiting is a good start in planting. There is no need to rush; patience is a virtue indeed.

For twin cities like Minnesota, the last week of May is expected for the frost dates to happen. In Minnesota’s northern regions, it runs until June. An average period like this can still have changed between earlier of the later time era.


Types Of Annual Plants

Are you planning to grow your annual plants? If yes is your answer, that’s great! Fill your area with flowers that may inspire you every single day. They are not just for display, but they are also agents of reducing our carbon footprints.

What’s the use of knowing when to plant annuals in Minnesota if you can’t apply it in the first place?

Before you make your choice, it is worth noting that annual plants have different types too. Not all annual plants that you see have equal root history. It’s time for you to avail of your most preferred style.


Hardy annuals

Annuals are classified into three varying groups and one from the list the hardy annual type. These types of annuals can quite manage the chilling challenge of cold temperatures.

Some of the hard annuals include a bachelor’s button, pot marigold, and sweet pea. It’s contrary to other annuals because their choice of temperature is cold weather rather than the sizzling summer heat.


Half-hardy annuals

Half-hardy is the second type of annual plants.  This annual can tolerate a 30-degree Fahrenheit weather. Plants that are included in this category are ageratum, cleome, dusty miller, nicotiana, petunias, and marigolds.


Exotic or tropical annuals

It is the most common and popular type annuals, among other types. But they are a soft type of annuals. Plants that are tropical annuals are begonias and impatiens. June is the planting period of this type.



Make it worth your time, learning while reading never goes out of trend. It is essential to know the things you’re wondering about. Now, you are already aware of when to plant annuals in Minnesota. Be mindful of the weather condition and frosting season.

If you’re planning to grow annuals, be a time-conscious gardener.

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