What To Do If A Hair Dryer Catches On Fire? Awesome Facts To Know!

Worried about what to do if a hair dryer catches on fire? The solution is simple; you have to follow some safety measures while using your hairdryer. That’s the only way through which you can save yourself and your loved ones from fire. 

Whether it is extreme heat in the form of fire or extreme cold in the form of ice, both are hazardous and lethal. You should not ignore the basic safety measures while using a hairdryer to ensure that you are safe and all good. Because you are dear to your friends and they care for you.

You have to make sure not to indulge in any activity that can cause a fire. But if, the sad incident of a kind happens. Immediately throw the dryer on the floor. Make sure that the fire is not touching off any piece of paper or cotton. Plug off the cord from the electrical outlet and let the blow dryer cool down. Toss it in the dumpster when you are satisfied that it is not heated anymore. The fire is deadly and only regret is left after carelessness regarding the hairdryer usage. This is just an overview, so you better read further!


What To Do To Protect Yourself If A Hair Dryer Catches On Fire?

Follow the guidelines mentioned below so that you won’t need to ask again what to do if a hair dryer catches on fire. 


Do proper research

Do proper and in-depth research before buying any product, especially an electric one. Because the faulty blow dryers will blow fire in place of heat. Always go to authorized dealers that offer a money-back guarantee and a warranty of almost two years. Skim through as many reviews as you can on Amazon or any of your favorite online stores before buying. Choose a product with a maximum of five stars to get a safe and excellent quality hair dryer. As safety comes first before the money.


When Does A Hair Dryer Become A Hair Dryer?

When the machinery and wirings of the hair dryer are of low quality. Not only the hairdryer machinery and wirings, but the cord must also be in its peak condition. You have to check the cord periodically for any kind of breakage. Replace it if the breakage is on a large portion. The hair dryer doesn’t need to be faulty all the time. Sometimes the electrical outlet is a problem. The wirings of the outlet become worn out due to blown-out fuses or the tripped circuit breakers. Check the socket and plug for any signs of burn marks and sounds of buzzing or crackling.


Safety Guide To Avoid A Hair Dryer To Catch Fire

These safety measures will make you free from the fear of fire.

  1. RCD (residential current device) is a must if you want to keep your family, especially the little ones safe from fire and burning. Using this device for hair dryer plug to avoid any risk of electrical shock that is the main reason for fire blast. 
  2. UL certified hairdryers are now on the market. That means you will have a super safe experience and the fear of fire will reduce to almost nothing. 
  3. Make sure to keep the dryer away from the sink and bathtub. Any contact with water is extremely dangerous for your hairdryer. 
  4. After having done blow-drying, leave the dryer on a heat-resistant surface to let it cool for almost 5 minutes. Don’t leave it on a soft surface. 


Don’t Do Experiments With Your Blow Dryer

The guys who put corn flour or baby powder in their hairdryers and make and upload videos on Tiktok are making you a fool. Never, try to do any kind of hack with your dryer without watching an honest imitation of the hack. A few minute funs could leave your dryer on fire and buying a new one is the only thing that you can do. 


Don’t Ignore The Orange Spark

Did you notice an orange-colored spark coming out of the dryer mouth? If yes, you have to replace the dryer and dispose of the old one. The spark can lead to nothing else than the fire. 


Clear Away The Dust And Debris

Can you turn the lint filter counterclockwise and remove it from the hairdryer? I’m sure that your answer is yes. So why don’t you do this simple thing and regularly clean the filter once a month? The cleaning just demands 10 minutes and a toothbrush. In addition, that is it. A better and smoother airflow is waiting for you. 


For How Long Should You Use The Hair Dryer?

Don’t leave the dryer plugged in even when the switch is off. If you have to go out of the room to pick something, don’t forget to turn the dryer off from the mains. Because it is possible that you will remember something else outside and the plugged hair dryer will set your house on fire. Anyway, here’s the best hair dryer brush review guide


It’s A Wrap! 

Now you have complete information on what to do if a hair dryer catches on fire. It’s wise to do some safety measures to avoid a situation where you are frightened due to flames coming off the hairdryer. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about how to curl hair with blow dryer brush and how to straighten hair with blow dryer.

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