How To Curl Hair With Blow Dryer Brush? 7 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to curl hair with blow dryer brush?  Sure, and that’s a lot simpler as you would expect. But, my friend, there are seven easy steps that you should undertake, and these things you will know as you delve into this article deeper. 

Each day becomes a great hair day if you pay attention to how you spin the brush and use professional advice. So can produce incredibly wavy curls without worry or looking that you get off of hands as your blow dryer and the round brush seem to be in one convenient instrument.

how to curl hair with blow dryer brush

Using a hot encounter to design your hairstyle may help all hair types with wavy or smooth hair. It also prevents hair from being damaged by irons. So stay connected; if you want to learn it! We’ll go over all the intricacies of curling your hair using a blow dryer brush swiftly and simply, so keep reading!


Step To Curl Hair With Blow Dryer Brush

There are several methods for achieving huge, loose waves or straightening natural curls. Wavy irons, perms, and curlers are examples of these instruments. To use a blow dryer brush, on the other hand, is among the quickest and cleanest ways to achieve curls or waves since it does not harm your hair as some other techniques can. A dryer brush is a handy tool for producing waves in your sleek hair or turning wild curls into soft waves. Below, we have mentioned the steps on how to curl hair with blow dryer brush:


Step #1. Grab the hair layers

For making a curl of your hair, you must keep in mind that hair must be around 1 inch in diameter within every layer. The blow dryer brush is not quite as efficient if you grasp much more hair in one go. To minimize tangles, brush each piece of hair with an ordinary brush, then use the blow dryer brush. Put the hot air brush below your tiny handful of hairs towards the base.


Step #2. Curl hair with a hot air brush image

Curl your initial part of hair by wrapping it all around your blow dryer brush. Then, slowly rotating clockwise the brush inside, push the meeting outside it toward the root of the hair. When you move the dryer brush inside, efficiently move your hair beneath and across the heated encounter.


Step #3. Curl your hair with a dryer  brush

Move the brush up over hair roots, curling the hair surrounding it. Keep the blow dryer brush in position for at least ten seconds after you’ve reached your roots. Then, draw the hot air brush out near your hair is pretty ends, allowing your curl will drop out from the dryer brush. If the hair becomes tangled in the dryer brush, carefully disentangle it. Then, before using a blow dryer brush once more, brush your hair with a conventional brush. As you complete curling every curl, spray it with volumizing mousse hairspray.


Step #4. Apply hair serum

Use your hands, squirt a coin quantity of smoother serum between the palms and massage them gently. Rub your palms into your hair after that. Make sure that the smoothing serum is equally distributed throughout your hair. The smoothing serum can aid in the reduction of roughness in the hair. Know how to apply hair serum


Step #5. Brush your hair with a hot dryer brush

Combine your hair with only a heated hairbrush to level out your hair curly. If you want to turn your natural, rough curls into waves, you need to use a hot air Brush uniquely. Rather than curling each little part of the hair, use the hot air brush to brush over every portion. Your hair may look smooth and silky after using the heated brush. Start brushing from the base of your hair and work your way up to the roots. Then, gently brush your hair to enable the warm dryer to brush to make your hair pleasant.


Step #6. Repeat the process

.Even before going on with the upper area of your hair, complete work on the lower layer. Knock down one tiny portion of hair at the moment with the hot air brush when working on the topmost layer of your hair. While shafting the last strand of hair, straighten (or curl) every piece separately. 


Step #7. Give final touch

Apply the final touches to the hair. Make your hair the last cutting and a coat of adjustable hairspray when you’ve completed it all. Allow time for the hair to dry thoroughly before combing or brushing it. Turn your head positively and spritz the root with hairspray to offer a last push of thickness. If you were using a hot air brush to control your curls, a glossy spritz would help to emphasize your sleek, velvety better curls.


It’s A Wrap!

We were happy to know that you all will learn how to curl hair with blow dryer brush. Above, we have mentioned seven steps that help curl your straight hair and give your hair a naturally curly look. So, if you don’t know about curling the hair or even using the dryer brush, don’t panic; we have written everything for you. Thank you, friends, for sticking with this article at the end! Read related articles; know how to straighten hair with blow dryer and what is the best blow dryer for black hair.

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