What Size Pressure Washer Do I Need To Clean Concrete? 5 Best Tips!

What size pressure washer do I need to clean concrete? Well, when it comes to cleaning concrete areas such as garage floors or even patios, you need to have a pressure washer with at least 3000psi.

When it comes to cleaning grimy concrete surfaces, it could take long hours of work. Especially if you are cleaning a patio, driveway, or garage floor. One way to clean these concrete areas is with the use of a pressure washer.

Numerous pressure washers are available in the market. Each washer is available in all types and sizes that differ in their usage. But how are we going to know which pressure washer you should use for concretes? This article will answer your queries regarding that matter.


Pressure Washers And How It Works

A pressure washer could either be fuelled by gas or powered electrically. The pump will accelerate the water from the water source and produce pressure according to the rated hose it is attached to. The end of the hose may look like a water gun that shoots high-pressure water similar to when cleaning or washing cars. When you trigger the nozzle, the air from the pressure washer mixes with the water that helps in cleaning 


Buying Guide

If you plan to buy a new pressure washer to aid you in cleaning grimy concrete surfaces, you’ll need a buying guide to help you determine the right one for you. Don’t you worry as this article will provide that for you? In choosing the right pressure washer, you should consider several factors such as its usage, type, size, and brand. Though we’ll get through each of the factors one by one.


#1. Usage

Of course, you want to buy a pressure washer for various purposes. Whether you want to clean residential areas such as your small patio or a deck. Well, an electric washer is a better option for residential use of pressure washer.        


#2. Types of pressure washers

There are two types of pressure washers. These types are either electrically or gas-powered. If you are looking for a heavy-duty pressure washer, I recommend you have the gas-powered one.


#3. Size pressure washer you need to clean concrete

What size pressure washer do I need to clean concrete? The size of the hose or nozzle to be used with the pressure washer will vary based on the amount of pressure required. When purchasing a pressure washer, make certain that the nozzle and other equipment are included.


#4. Brand

Various brands of pressure are available in the market but what I recommend for you to use are the pressure washers made by Champion, Simpson Series, Sun Joe, or Greenworks. You may also want to read the best electric pressure washer to know which one best suits you.


Tips In Using Pressure Washer For Concrete

If you are ready with your pressure washer, here are some valuable tips to help you make your work faster and smoother without hassle. These tips helped me during my work so I hope it does to you too.


Tip #1. Read the instructions carefully

You should be alert and read the manual if you purchased a new pressure washer. Its purpose is to avoid abuse and accidents. Gather the supplies and protective equipment required for using the washer.


Tip #2. Clearing the cleaning area

Before spraying the pressure washer, make sure to clear out the loose debris of the concrete first. You could either spray it out or brush this debris off. The pressure at 2000 to 3000 psi could cut the skin or strip off the paint on the concrete.


Tip #3. Start at the best elevated position

If the concrete is uneven, start at an elevated point so that wastewater flows away from the surface you’re working on. Assuming you’re cleaning the driveway from the garage, begin near the garage door and work your way to the street.


Tip #4. Detergent or soap with disinfecting chemicals should be added

Some trash or filth is difficult to remove. You may need to add detergent or soap containing cleaning agent chemicals to assist you with this. Some motor oil stains may not be totally cleaned, so be prepared to do over the discolored area. Know how to use detergent with pressure washer and the best pressure washer detergents.


Tip #5. Keeping dangers away

Keep the nozzle for about a foot from the surface. Getting the nozzle too close could cause damage while getting it too far could because it to be ineffective. Use a steady motion such as sweeping where you go back and forth across the surface. You might also want to consider covering the concrete once you’ve done cleaning it to prevent dirt or someone stepping on it. A wide plastic or a sheet could be used.


It’s A Wrap!

You won’t be thinking about “What size pressure washer do I need to clean concrete?” anymore since you already read through this article. You just got to keep in mind that when cleaning the concrete using a pressure washer, you must have at least a pressure washer with a 2000 to 3000 psi rate. You may also want to use protective gloves and observe proper and safety protocols to finish the job safely and quickly. The pressure in the pressure washer could either leave a wound or pierce through your skin so be extra careful. You may also want to read about how to use soap with pressure washer.

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