What Size Mattress Is A Futon? Is It An Excellent Option?

What size mattress is a futon? Some mattresses are seen as something so unique and innovative. Have you seen a Futon mattress?

You’ll be amazed to know about its size and more. We will be talking about that, so hang on.

What size mattress is a futon

Mattresses are seen everywhere, almost every household has one.

But most manufacturers produce various types.

It may be the same difference at first sight, but mattresses are made from different materials.

There are a lot of mattresses that you can look for but come to think of those mattresses, you rarely hear.

Are they good ones, or does it even measure good?


What Size Of Mattress Is A Futon?

What size mattress is a futon?

A mattress futon is usually just like a normal mattress.

It has a frame called a futon frame, and it acts like your usual bed in some tight and closed spaces.

Futon frame could be used as a bed or a sofa which made it so flexible to use, looking like a ginormous pillow.

It is a padded pillow known as a quilt, a bean–filled pillow.

The futon can sometimes be used directly sitting on the floor or with a frame as to what I have mentioned earlier. It is up to you how you use it.

Stating that it could be a sofa and extended as a bed depending on your preference, it measures about 54 inches by 75 inches.

The sizes may also vary depending on your choice, but that is the standard size of a Futon Mattress.

You can always have your customized and fixed in your way or measurements you want it to be.

But since it is dual purpose might as well decide on something useful, you can use it correctly for something extraordinary.


Is Futon Mattress Better Than The Usual Mattress?

Well, talking about which one is better, the standard mattress of this futon mattress would be a debate to win and lose from.

Both of them have a purpose that the other one could not cover or serve the same way.

A futon mattress is made firmer than the usual mattress you will see all over your area. This is commonly used in Japan.

In the instance that you want a mattress that you can lay on the floor, this futon is what you need.

On the other hand, it is not thick and soft enough to be used for people experiencing back pain.

It wouldn’t be a good replacement for your mattress if ever. But somehow it is dual purpose so it could be a win-win situation.

The usual mattress on the contrary is way thicker and can provide more comfort for the consumer.

And the only problem is that you cannot lay down your usual or typical mattress directly on the floor.

Yet, usual mattresses are not flexible since it has a very thick and bulky structure.

I think that the usual mattresses are just good for a bed and something permanent and non – movable.

It is always up to you if which one will be more in favor of your situation.

If you are staying in a very crowded or small room, I suggest you use the Futon bed and futon mattress.

If you have enough amount of space and your room is way bigger than the usual, you may use a typical bed box and mattress.

This would provide you more comfort and it would be best because your room is too spacious.


Is A Futon Mattress Worthy Of Purchase?

Indeed purchasing a futon mattress is a great idea and investment.

As to what I have said earlier, futon mattresses are very flexible and are capable of giving you enough comfort and satisfaction.

Although, for the long run use it is not advisable because it is more like just a remedy to your usual mattress and it will not cure the same feeling as what the original one will give you.

You might get confused, but there are a lot of versions of this futon mattress.

It has a way thicker one which is normally seen in America and the thinner one is seen commonly in Japan.

Different versions serve a different purpose.

Japans futons are way thinner because it is casually designed to be used right in the floor while America’s version of this is used specifically for frames.

Just so you know why futons are great investments because when you do have visitors, you can use this as your casual sofa where guests could sit in.

And if they’re staying until the next morning, they will have something to lay on in.

Best for small rooms to get folded and extended in time to have an adequate working space inside one’s room and to be able to maximize the whole area.



Purchasing a Futon mattress is one of the greatest ideas one could even have.

Aside from its being flexible and dual-use, it could help you achieve a greater working space.

It is essential to know how big a standard Futon mattress should be to have a very comfortable and suit mattress.

And we have answered the question “What Size Mattress Is A Futon?” I hope you will figure things out right after this.