How To Tie A Mattress To A Car? In 6 Easy Steps!

When you are going to move out to another place and carry your mattress all alone, how to tie a mattress to a car? It’s a way for you to transfer the object.

In an instance that a mattress isn’t foldable and it couldn’t fit in your trunk. It can consume a lot of space.

how to tie a mattress to a car

You have to be innovative enough to think of ways to carry this and put it in your car.

Hiring professional movers would cost a lot, and it is better to do it yourself.

It is not that hard if you are patient enough and you have a money shortage.

Or you are just thinking of how much you could spend that instead on something good and useful like food and supplies.


Steps To Tie A Mattress To A Car

When you want to transfer to a new place you would like to bring some of your old things, including your mattress.

Starting a new chapter is tough, but it’s part of life, keep on moving and you’ll be okay.

Regardless, how do you transfer a mattress alone and just by using the roof of your car?

Let’s learn things together and make it look like you are a pro.

Mishandling your mattress could ruin it while you are transferring it, so, be careful.

Here are the steps on how to tie a mattress to a car:


Step #1. Gather things that you could use

Since you will put your mattress on top of your car, you need a protective cover for it, such as a mattress bag or any thick plastic to cover your mattress up.

And of course, to tie it up, you will need to have a solid rope of your choice, duct tape, gloves (nonstick), and scissors or cutter will do.

And of course, you will need a helping hand for this since a mattress is a bit heavy.

You will need someone to support you when transferring the mattress up there.


Step #2. Wrap it up

Find a mattress bag or a thick plastic that could cover up your mattress entirely.

As much as possible, make sure that it is fit. Lose plastic bag could mean trouble later on.

Surround it with duct tape to make sure you seal the mattress tightly and wrapped.


Step #3. Buy a good quality and sturdy strap

It is essential to find a long and sturdy strap to use when you are doing this.

Imagine that you have a very wide and long mattress it should be just right.

Your strap should not be too thick or too thin.

Make sure it is just right. Measure your mattress and fit when you toss it twice over it lengthwise and crosswise.


Step #4. Throw in your mattress on top of the car

So you have to throw in your mattress on top of your car now.

Ask someone to help you out with this.

A mattress is very heavy. You cannot carry it to the top alone.

You have to make sure that it is in the center of your car.

Ensure that when you tie it in the front and at the back, it has enough space.

Make it tight but do not overdo it; the mattress could have its marks after that happens.


Step #5. Tie the sides roll your windows down

The next step that you will have to do is roll your windows down to tie the sides of your mattress.

Go twice when you are doing so that you will have a good grip on it.

Tie it inside, like on the center of your car roof too. It will give the right balance for the mattress if this happens.


Step #6. Drive safely

It is the most crucial step. Drive safely and slowly. Fast driving could result in the dislocation of your mattress.

And in an instance, if it would slip back or front, you would block your drive view.

You have to be very careful when driving, especially since your precious mattress is on top of your car.


Is it okay to travel a mattress that way?

Indeed it is. When you want to save from spending too much when transferring your things, you can drive it alone.

Traveling your mattress using your car would mean less hassle and less money to spend.

All you need is a friend to help you put it on top and secure the mattress with the straps as tight and gentle as possible.

When you follow the steps we shared, there will be no problem during the transfer.

Just drive at an average speed, and you are good to go.


It’s A Wrap!

Mattresses are expensive to buy. It is something that could last long enough.

Transferring it to a new place would be challenging since it is too bulky and too big to fold in or roll it up.

Hiring people to transfer the mattress is just a costly choice to make. And we have answered the question “how to tie a mattress to a car?”

I hope that you will be able to transfer yours safely and independently.