What Size Curtains Do I Need for a 72-Inch Window?

The advantage of curtains is that you can tailor them to suit any size window and match any decoration type in the building. It would help if you considered many color schemes and styles before deciding on the best curtains for your home. Thus, you might wonder, “what size curtains do I need for a 72-inch window?”


what size curtains do i need for a 72-inch window

In our homes and workplaces, curtains serve a variety of purposes. They provide privacy as well as protection from intense sunlight and dust. Curtains play a significant role in beautifying and can create a relaxing atmosphere depending on the fabric, paint, lining, width, length, and designs chosen.


Measuring the Width 


To guarantee that the curtains look ample and drapery when closed, make sure they’re large enough to give the impression of fullness. Ensure the curtains are at least two or three times the width of the window they will be covering. This rule also refers to curtains sold as a set.


There is, however, one exception to this principle. The only way the curtains need not be twice as wide is when they are used to frame a window that does not close. You can then round up the distance up to 12 times the width of the frame.


Measure the width of the rod from left to right to get the measurements. If your window is 72 inches wide, for example, you will need curtains with a maximum width of 144 inches because window width times two is equal to 144 inches. The total width of the curtains is then calculated by rounding this amount to the next complete digit. In this case, 150-inch curtains will give you a cool, complete look.


Finally, the level of fullness you choose determines the style you achieve. In a nutshell, depending on the sort of fullness you’re looking for, multiply by 2 for standard fullness. Multiply by 2 for deluxe fullness and by 3 for ultra fullness.


Pleated curtains, on the other hand, come with built-in fullness. As a result, you can make sure that their width is similar to the width of the area that we will cover. This means that pleated curtains with a width of 72 inches will cover a window with a width of 72 inches, but you must account for the overlaps where the left and right panels meet when closed. Add 12 inches to the overall width if the overlap is more than 12 inches. To cover a 72-inch window, an 84-inch wide pleated curtain is what we need.


Consider that fuller curtains give the windows a more luxurious feel, while curtains with a narrower width give them a more tailored appearance. So, if you are wondering “what size curtains do I need for a 72-inch window?”, you will need the measurements mentioned above. 


Measuring the Length


It would help if you first decided the height above the windows. You will hang your curtains before measuring their length. It would help if you hung the curtains higher than the window to give the space a sense of height. This helps to understand why many people hang their curtains 6 inches above the window frame. However, if you want to go for a more dramatic look, it’s fine to go a little higher. In this case, you can also measure the window’s top and apply it to the height of the curtains from top to bottom.


The average length of a curtain is usually determined by personal preference. Although some people dislike it when their curtains fall to the floor and gracefully form a “puddle,” others adore it.


The hanging method is another aspect that influences the curtain’s length. The method of hanging, on the other hand, is being dictated by the desired design style.


How much space should there be between the floor and the curtains?


The ideal height for free-hanging curtains is 12 inches above the floor. This gap allows mopping and cleaning, thus giving the appearance that the curtain is touching the surface.


What do I do if my curtains are not long enough?


You can add several inches to the length of your short curtains by inserting curtain rings and lengthening the bottom edge.


Curtain rings add how much length?


If you want to add 1 to 2 inches to the length of your frame, ring clips are a perfect way to do it because the fabric hangs just below the drapery rod.


How long should typical curtains be?


If there’s a radiator or a deep sill in the way, floor-length is the way to go. The lengths of ready-made panels range from 63 to 144 inches. Round up the distance from the floor to the location where you will hang the rod. You can still get them hemmed at the dry cleaners if necessary. If the fabric makes contact with the surface, you will get the most current look or sill or radiator. Like high-waters, too-short curtains will appear nerdy and off. Here are two tried-and-true methods.




Curtains are unquestionably one of the essential elements in any home. If you don’t have curtains on your walls, you’re missing out on a fantastic interior design opportunity. However, getting the correct window measurements is critical before you can pick the right curtains that suit perfectly. So use the above-mentioned process in knowing what size curtains you need for your 72-inch window.