How to Decorate Plain Curtains

Curtains are an easy way to give any space in your house some personality. However, purchasing unique or trendy designs, particularly for your entire home, can be costly. You can save money by choosing a solid white or grey curtain, but you’ll miss out on the artistic styles that can elevate your room. Here some tips you can follow on how to decorate plain curtains to make them extra. 


how to decorate plain curtains

Trendy interior design doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re willing to put in a little effort and imagination into it. If you’re looking for trendy or exclusive curtains without breaking the bank, this list of embellishment ideas will help you transform simple curtains into something special.


You can transform simple curtains into sophisticated or lively designs. You can also transform your window treatment for a dramatic atmosphere in a formal dining room or a romantic bedroom design with a few simple embellishments.


We’ve put together a list of embellishments that you can easily apply to your curtains, whether you’re a DIY pro or a novice. Continue reading to get ideas for your curtains.


Here are some ideas for making some old curtains into a new statement piece in your home:

  • Trim the edges


Trim is a decorative element that you can add to curtains to match any theme. The options are infinite, whether you want something traditional and modern or something fun and imaginative.


If you look at enough designer portfolios, you’ll find a recurring detail: thick tape at the curtain’s edges. This is a fantastic way to transform simple window treatments at home. It is as easy as taking your favorite ribbon. There are those available at M&J Trimming or Joann Fabric, lining it up with an edge or just inside the edge and ironing it on with mending tape.

  • Make use of paint or dyes.


It can seem odd, but painting your curtains is a possibility. This is an excellent alternative to painting your walls, especially if you rent and cannot change the color. Adding some fun elements to your curtains will instantly transform a room.


White curtains are perhaps the most common form of drapery. But if you’re looking for something a little more exciting, don’t worry; grab your paintbrush! Are you looking for anything a little more creative than precision bands? Make your motif by drawing it freehand. Painting allows you to create a variety of designs.

  • Make one-of-a-kind tiebacks


Tie-backs are useful additions to window treatments, whether closed at night and open during the day or remain open all day. The beauty of tiebacks is that they can be as plain or as imaginative as you want them to be. This project allows you to dress up your curtains without having to make any changes to them.


Acrylic beads are a simple way to add a touch of glitz to a plain curtain window treatment. This tieback design can make a great reflective surface in a bedroom, living room, dining room, or even an elegant bathroom if you’re looking for a great addition.


This form of tieback is easy to make. Use a variety of big transparent acrylic beads in various shapes and sizes. To make it easier to use, string the beads on an elastic thread. If you decorated your home in a Boho theme, use multicolored beads and have fun creating a one-of-a-kind tieback design.

  • Mix and match various curtain designs


Consider combining various styles of curtains, whether they are fabrics or colors, to create a whole new design. While you can use iron-on adhesive tape can to make these crafts, we prefer sewing because it is stronger and less likely to fall apart when hanging.


Color blocking can be useful when you have curtains of various colors for a variety of purposes. To begin, you create something new from old and boring curtains. Second, you have some flexibility in making changes. If you want to add length or just a touch of color to your curtains, try combining them like this. It’s also perfect if you have ripped or stained old curtains. It’s as good as new if you cut the section off and sew the rest into another pair of curtains.


Can you combine different types of fabric?


You can make inexpensive curtains look expensive by combining various types of fabrics. Combining sheer and solid curtains adds dimension and softens the light in the room, making it appear more airy and accessible.


What’s the best way to repurpose old curtains?


When using imaginative methods on older curtains, it can be more difficult to deal with them. Consider if the old curtains would hold up to such embellishments when determining what project to use on them. If the structure of your older curtains has weakened, you probably won’t want to cut them up and re-sew them.


If the fabric appears to be fraying, stick to the iron-on adhesive and tiebacks to avoid further damage.




So this sums up all the ways on how to decorate plain curtains. On-trend curtains don’t have to be costly. You can use easy embellishments to turn cheap or plain curtains into something exclusive.