What Is VAC On Water Heater? Read These Amazing Facts!

Are you interested in finding out what is VAC on water heater? VAC on a water heater stands for vacation mode. If you set your water heater in this setting, it will save electricity and energy by lowering (usually around 50°F) the temperature at which it performs.

The water might not be as comfortable for use because it is not as hot or warm, but it does not matter. This is because it is made as an option for people who will not be at home for a while, hence the term ”vacation.” 

what is VAC on water heater

This option allows the system to stay warm and avoid freezing, which is valuable, especially in places where the weather or climate is cold. When you arrive back home, you can just turn vacation mode off, and the water heater will resume its normal function. Below, we will discuss the purpose of this setting, how to set it, and other options if your water heater does not have this. Enjoy reading!


What Is The Purpose Of  VAC On A Water Heater

So what is VAC on water heater? Why do we need VAC or vacation mode in a water heater? What is its purpose? Is it necessary? Won’t you save more if you just turn the heater off? We will be answering those questions in a while, but first, let’s talk about its purpose. When a water heater is set to vacation mode, this is made for homeowners who will not use their water heater for a while. Probably because they will be away on a trip, and that sort of stuff makes the water heater work with lower temperatures to save electricity.

If we don’t have this option, your water heater would heat the water and maintain that high temperature with no one even using the hot water. What a waste, right? Well, if you’re thinking, “why not just turn it off if you’re not going to use it?” there is one problem. In cold places where the temperature is so low it reaches the freezing point of water, you’ll have a hard time doing something about the frozen water left in the pipes when you come back from your winter holiday vacation or trip.

To avoid this, when set to vacation mode, the water heater will still keep the system warm while using the least possible energy. This solves both the freezing problem and the energy problem. But what if it’s not that cold where you’re living? Then, in this case, it is beautiful just to turn off the water heater so that it won’t use any energy or electricity at all. They added this setting because most people who purchase and use water heaters live in parts of the world where they experience cold winter seasons or climates. Scroll down for more information about what VAC is on the water heater.


Turning On Vacation Mode 

Depending on the water heater you have, it might or might not have the “VAC” setting. Newer models of water heaters will have this setting. To turn it on, you first would have to locate the thermostat because most manufacturers place it. It would be better if you had an owner’s manual for your water heater system; if you don’t, you can always contact the place where you got it from. You can also just look for it yourself since there would probably be a label or something.

Depending on how high-tech your water heater is or what type it is, your thermostat could be as simple as a dial with labels or futuristic as an electric water heater with touchscreen thermostat settings. Once you turn the setting on, you are ready to leave the water heater during your short or extended leave. It’ll then be prepared to heat your water as soon as you come back. In the next part, we will be tackling other alternatives when you don’t have this VAC setting. It may also be a good idea to read about common water heater thermostat problems.


Other Alternatives To Using The VAC Setting

So what exactly do you do if you don’t have this VAC setting in your water heater? If you don’t live where it snows and water freezes because of the weather, you won’t have to worry about this. Just turn your water heater off or cut off its power supply if it is an electric water heater. What if you live in a cold place and don’t have the VAC setting? If this is the case, you always have the option to set the heater to the lowest temperature setting. It won’t save as much as vacation mode, but it’s better than messing up your heating system on your return and figuring out how to unfreeze your water heater.


It’s A Wrap!

Thank you for reading and learning from this article. It pleases us to know that we have helped you learn about what is VAC on a water heater. Now you can enjoy your vacation worry-free. You won’t have to deal with frozen water pipes once you get back. Always ask experienced professionals if you can get it so that they can help you with what you are doing. Keep safe when you go outdoors, and let us all strive to save energy and be efficient. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about how much does a water heater blanket saves and how to turn off the water heater.

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