How To Remove A Pressure Washer Pump? 3 Easy Steps!

Are you curious about how to remove a pressure washer pump? First, disconnect the hoses and the spark plug wire from the pump. Then move on to loosening and removing the bolts and screws attaching the pump. Finally, you can carefully pull off the pump and remove it. If it is difficult to do by hand, you can make use of pry bars to carefully do it without doing damage. 

If you have no idea how to remove your pressure washer pump, we can help you with that. Maybe your pump has some kind of issue, and you want to get yours replaced. You might not have the time to wait for some guy to come over to fix it or send it to a repair shop and wait a few long days just to get it back. 

how to remove a pressure washer pump

Plus, you would have to pay for their services, add to that the new pressure washer pump price if you see yourself as someone who could learn things quickly and is very handy at repairs. Then we highly recommend you to do it yourself. Not only will you learn how to remove the pump from a pressure washer, but you will also know about many things about pressure washers as well. In this article, we will be talking about what a pressure washer pump is, the reasons why you should replace a pressure washer pump, and finally, the in detail step-by-step process of removing a pressure washer pump. Keep on reading to learn more about this topic.


What Is A Pressure Washer Pump

The different parts of a pressure washer include an electric or gas engine, water inlet, high-pressure hose, cleaning attachment, and the water pump. Each of these has its significant function, and the pressure washer would not be able to function correctly with any of these missing. Pressure washer pumps are the essential part of any pressure washer, and many refer to it as the “heart” of the machine. Without the pump, don’t expect the pressure of the water to drop; water wouldn’t even go through the hose. It can be powered by an electric or gas engine, and the pump can also either be a piston or plunger type, the plunger being more common. 

After years of use or during unfortunate circumstances, which cause the pump not to function correctly, rendering the pressure washer inefficient for help, if this happens, then there is a need for removal for repair or replacement. To know how to remove a pressure washer pump, read the remaining parts of the article.


When To Repair Or  Replace A Pressure Washer Pump

There are a number of signs to look out for that would determine if your pressure washer pump has something wrong with it. It is essential to be aware of these problems and do something before they worsen. An example would be if your pump is leaking out water, there might be something broken inside the pump, or it could be that the water seals have not been appropriately placed.

Other things to look out for would be if your oil becomes watery and whitish, metal wears on the pump, a melted pump due to prolonged heat exposure, low fat, corroded pump, and if your pump is old. It is better to be sure and check for damages than to experience troubles and difficulties while using it.


Steps To Remove A Pressure Washer Pump

Finally, we will discuss the step-by-step process of removing a pressure washer pump. Be sure to be familiar with your machine, and read the owner’s manual for specific instructions. Don’t worry; these steps usually apply to almost all pressure washers. It sounds more complicated than when it is straightforward to do in reality. 


Step #1. Disconnecting the hoses and spark plug wire

The first step is to disconnect the hoses and wires attached to the pump. If you own an electric pressure washer, make sure that it is unplugged from its power source. If it is a gasoline-powered pressure washer, ensure that the spark plug wire is disconnected. Know how to repair pressure washer hose


Step #2. Removing the bolts and screws

The second step is to remove the bolts and screws that attach the pump to the rest of the pressure washer. There will be three to four main bolts that you would have to remove most of the time. Some models also have a set screw hidden, so you might want to consider looking for it if the pump won’t detach.


Step #3. Removing the pump

Finally, it is time to remove the pump. Use your hands first and use firm pressure to pull it off slowly. Make sure not to use excessive force that could damage the unit. Consider using a pry bar and gently pry the pump off if it won’t come off. You may also want to read about what kind of oil for pressure washer pump and the oil pump.


It’s A Wrap!

Thanks for reading this article; I hope you have learned how you can remove a pressure washer pump. We are glad if we have somehow helped you in a way. We hope that we have given answers to some of your questions about how to remove a pressure washer pump. The time that you have spent with us is highly appreciated. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about why is my car heater blowing cold air and why does my car heater not work.

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