What Is The Most Efficient Electric Heater? 8 Best Options!

Are you wondering what is the most efficient electric heater? The selections of the most efficient choices include Lasko 751320, Lasko 6405, LIFE SMART Infrared heater, De’Longhi Mica HMP1500, Holmes bathroom heater, Dyson AM09, Homeleader 1500W, GAIATOP, and more.

Use these efficient electric heater choices to reduce heating costs. If you are searching for an upgrade, you already know what to search for.

what is the most efficient electric heater

Just remember that this device has wires to offer electrical resistance. All these choices mentioned can produce heat promising 100% efficiency, but it depends much on the circumstances, as some are better than others. Let us discuss more on this below. Keep reading!


What Are The Most Efficient Electric Heaters?

Below are the most efficient electric heater choices to buy in 2022.


#1. Holmes heater

This is a low-cost and portable heater choice suitable for your bathroom, as this is something to try out for featuring a timer, a programmable thermostat, and a clock. It is easily set up, and it just gets going, as this pumps out while it’s backed by build quality impact. So far, it has received excellent feedback on Amazon, making it a quality product.


#2. Dyson AM09

This popular Dyson choice can be helpful when vacuuming a house. It is fantastic for its sleek and ultra-modern look that draws people toward the product. It has also received great reviews from a lot of people. It comes with a unique fan and design as it emits consistent heat in the broader area. It is a standard industry of 1500-watt element that allows it to heat a room and get ready because you will need to pay for this quality electric heater.


#3. Lasko 6462

This space heater is enjoyable to use for its automatic shut-off feat alongside a timer. It has a unique design allowing it to rotate from zero to 360 degrees. It, thus, provides an even heat in the entire room, as this is the mid-priced and powerful electric heater that is expected to last.


#4. Lasko 751320

This small electric heater is exceptional in maneuverability; you can move from one room to another. It includes an elongated element, air velocity, and timer, which can be adjusted from a distance using a remote control. It has an exterior material shell that keeps it cool. It automatically shuts off, promising safety. It has 1500-watts of widespread oscillation and heating power, promising heat efficiency in a 250 ft room.



This is one of the most efficient electric heaters with quietness and safety. It is offered at an affordable price giving more than expected. It surpassed the international safety procedures like UL, ETL, CE, and ROSH. It is backed with a material known to resist flame and tip-feature that automatically turns off once tilted forty-five degrees. Its noise level can generate 45 decibels, although it has a fast-heating ability and powerful performance that makes it impressive. Lower its thermostat to bring quieter operation, including additional energy efficiency. It even provides 3-heat settings for customizing your needs.


#6. Lasko 6405

When it comes to safety and performance, nothing can compare to Lasko 6405, which many people highly prefer. This is true, particularly when you place it inside the living room. It is best recommended for compact and a perfect blend into living room decor; this features two heat settings, thermostat mode, adjustable timer, and widespread oscillation. It is safe when used since it is fully equipped with automatic protection, plus an automated element. It is entirely assembled when used.


#7. Homeleader 1500W heater

This larger model promises extra heating in the area if this is what you’re searching for. This provides pre-set modes for heating, including a thermostat to be adjusted from 59-degrees Fahrenheit to 95-degrees Fahrenheit. It has a twenty-four-hour timer which you can customize to your preference, alongside an LED display and remote controller; as this might seem heavy and significant, it still has a carrying handle and smooth casters that you can easily transport. It has a plastic stirrup that you can roll up its cord, and it is also handy when aiming to store it away.


#8. Life smart infrared heater

What is the most efficient electric heater? This high-quality and reliable electric heater is powerful and quiet, as this comes with 3-heat settings apart from being influential as a heater. It promises enough warmth in a vast room. Its main selling point is the full controls like twelve-hour timer settings, digital thermostat, and remote controller. It also utilizes an infrared light wavelength that targets objects and people, thus retaining the room’s current humidity. This means that you won’t feel itchy and bone-dried after using this device. You may also be interested to know about the electric heater not working.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what is the most efficient electric heater. The choices include Holmes Heater, Homeleader 1500W heater, Life smart infrared heater, GAIATOP, Dyson AM09, etc. It’s up to you to choose which one you desire the most. The impressive thing is that they come with good feedback, which makes them a good choice. So, don’t think twice but be ready with your budget! You may also want to read about how much electricity does a heater use and what heater to buy.

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