How To Tell If Washer Suspension Rods Are Bad? 5 Best Tips To Fix Them!

Do you know how to tell if washer suspension rods are bad? Stop worrying; you have come to the right place at the right time. Whenever you hear strange sounds coming out of a washer, including such loud banging, grinding, or crunching, it’s possible that the suspension rods were broken.

Such rods link the washer top to the cabinet’s bottom, in which the drum rotates. If such rods get damaged, the washer will not spin properly, and weird noises may be heard. 

how to tell if washer suspension rods are bad

It’s critical to inspect these rods regularly, and if they’re not appropriately changed, they might break or cause harm to other elements of the washer. If the suspension rods are damaged, the washer will likely shake while in operation. Remove and replace ineffective suspension rods to minimize vibration or rattling. To make your washer in working order, you should fix such things, so keep reading this article to learn more.


Basics Of Suspension Rods

Suspension rods are a series of cables connecting forward and rear of the washer, dryer, and dishwasher. The end of the suspension rod was connected to the internal frame, while the other was attached to the outer casing. If there’s any drooping between such two spots, it might signify a broken suspension rod.


What Things Do You Need To Check If Suspension Rods Are Bad?

Assess if the sound is consistent or sporadic while testing for tremors. A persistent vibrating in the washer signals that anything is loosened or faulty. A periodic sound signals that the issue is elsewhere. Inspect the washer for any fractures or cracks. Examine the suspension rods for fractures or dents. These will be the pieces that link the washer’s top or bottom portions. If the washer has fractures or dents, it is not aligned correctly. This might cause the washer to wear out unevenly. These things help you understand how to tell if washer suspension rods are bad.


Tips To Fix The Bad Suspension Rods

Whenever you see any extensive damage to a suspension rod, then should replace it right away. It is straightforward to resolve the issue on your own. Follow the instructions below and fix the lousy suspension rod. 


#1. Flip your washer

Take the top cover of the washer and release the nuts that hold it in place to tilt it. This washer should then be lifted away from the bottom plate. Disassemble the screws just on the bottom side of a lid to dismantle it. Pull the top-up from the washer after the screws are removed. All screws on the rear of the washer may now be readily accessed.


#2. Unplug power supply

Turn the dial on the front edge of the washer to shut off the electricity. Its motor would be disabled as a result of this. The washer should be lifted. Elevate the washer and set it on the bottom plate using the lever on the upper right of the machine.


#3. Remove the panels and access the bad suspension rod

Front panel nuts must then be removed, which necessitates using a Screwdriver. A front of a clothes washer usually has panels. When you didn’t access the screws, use wood blocks to prop the board up. With the screws gone, slide its panel in a preferred manner by pushing it up. Separating the head of the panel from the entire main washer component should now be possible. By tugging too forcefully, you risk breaking any pieces of the system. Put the panel aside for now. Raise the inner tank near the rod described above to determine the location of the failed tension rod. With one hand, gently alleviate the pressure from the broken rod.


#4. Remove the lousy suspension rods

When uninstalling the previous rod, put it in the higher aperture. Assemble the top component to lie immediately above the crack with a tight hold on the rod. Push into the aperture of the securing cup while gripping the rod so that it embraces the whole height of the rod and ensures that the cup fits snugly in the gap.


#5. Place the new suspension rods

Loosen the inner washer tub from the bottom with one hand. From your other hand, put the bottom portion of the rod through into the u-shaped connection point, then gently remove the tub. This new rod must work in tandem with the other three rods to maintain the tub. Put the front or top panels back in place and fasten the replacement rod.


Cost To Fix The Suspension Rods

The metal element that links the washer tub to the frame of a clothes washer is known as the suspension rod, and it’s pretty typical for these rods to fracture. Based on where you can go and whether you need to replace anything, a whole thing costs roughly $70-$100. You may also be interested to know about washer problems and solutions.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how to tell if washer suspension rods are bad. If your washer vibrates and produces bad sounds, this only happens due to bad suspension rods. Replacing these rods is a good idea to make your washer work order. Thank you, friends, for staying with us. You may also want to read about how to balance a washer and how to run a clean cycle on an Electrolux washer.

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