What Is The Biggest Bed You Can Buy? 4 Interesting Sizes!

What is the biggest bed you can buy? You have many options, some of them include Alaskan Beds and Wyoming King Bed.

Some people would want to have a great space to sleep in and a wide area to toss and turn to.

What is the biggest bed you can buy

Some may also want different sizes but the bigger the better. You also think this way.

Most beds come in different sizes and shapes and can accommodate depending on your needs.

I prefer having a bed that is a little bit wider than my size because I keep on toss and turning at night.

Do you want to know which size of bed best suits your needs and which is the biggest one that you can buy?

Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right page.


Biggest Beds

If you are wondering what is the biggest bed you can buy, you may already have an idea.

You may think that a king-size bed is an answer but the correct one isn’t far from that.

The biggest size of bed available in the market has dimensions ranging from 6ft to 9ft squared.

Let us take these 3 sizes of king beds for example.


Wyoming King Bed

A Wyoming king bed measures 84″ x 84″.

It is a square-shaped mattress that can offer a 42″ sleeping space for couples or for those who are co-sleeping.

The Wyoming King has the same length as the Californian King Bed which is ideal for tall couples or sleepers.

They may have the same length, the Wyoming King differs by 12 inches when it comes to the mattress’s width.

If you’re planning to put this sized bed in your room, make sure you have at least a 14ft. by 16ft space.

Its only downfall is the price, of course having a bigger bed requires more materials thus increasing the cost.

Another disadvantage of this bed is it can’t fit smaller rooms which are given because of the big size.


Alaskan King Bed

The Alaskan King-sized bed is considered to be the largest type of king-sized bed.

It measures 108-inches wide and 108-inches long.

Co-sleeping with your kids is a great idea if you have this size of bed.

Not only you’ll feel comfortable but you can also feel free to toss and turn all you want.

As you can see from the size, it is perfect for those people who are taller than 6.5 feet.

You will not feel cramped since you get to fulfill your body’s rest with this bed.

Of course, since this bed is large you might want to consider your room size too.

As the size suggests, you may want to save a few more dollars if you plan to purchase an Alaskan King Bed.


Texas King Bed

The Texas King bed on the other hand is 80 inches long and 98 inches wide.

This mattress is considered to be second to the largest king-sized bed.

It may be narrower than the Wyoming King by 4 inches but it is larger by another 4 inches when it comes to the width.

Either 2 adults or 2 kids may fit sleep in this size of the bed.

The extra length of the Texas king is perfect for individuals who are taller than the common.

If you have a narrower room, this king sizes bed might just be a fit.

The price for this size of bed ranges from $2000 up to $3500.


Choosing The Size

When choosing the best size that would fit your needs, you will have to consider the following factors.

You may see various types of beds. They may not only differ in size but their appearance also.

There are 4 most common bed sizes available in the market.

These bed sizes are the standard, twin, queen, and king-sized beds.


#1. Standard

A Standard-sized bed measures 54″ by 75″.

This is good for a one-person sleeping space.


#2. Twin

If you’re planning to purchase beds for your kids, a twin-sized bed might be your best option.

You can have a split king to do the trick for your kids.

You can opt to switch from twin bed and king bed with this split bed.


#3. Queen

If you want to go big but not too much, the Queen-sized bed is good for you.

This is measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.


#4. King

A king-sized bed has 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length.

This size is the biggest size of bed available in the market.


Type Of Bed

When it comes to their types, a single bed, bunk bed, or double bed may come into your mind.


#1. Single bed

A single bed as its name suggests is intended for only one person to sleep in.

A standard bed measures 54″ by 75″ which is approximately


#2. Double bed

There are 3 types of double bed, the small, full and extra-long.

The difference between the 3 is their length.


#3. Bunk bed

A Bunk bed is composed of 2 beds joined together.

One bed is placed above and one below.

So if you are going to choose which type and which size you would go with, you will most likely have the idea of which ones you should purchase.



What is the biggest bed you can buy? It will depend on which one you will use it for.

You can choose from different sizes and different types available.

You just need to know your preference and the space that you can provide.

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