What Is Medium Low Heat On A Stove? 5 Different Heat Settings!

What is medium low heat on a stove? As you can see on your stove dials, whether you are using an electric stove or a gas range, some numbers or lines indicate the level of temperature; the middle number 5 is considered the medium-low heat of stoves.

Eating is a necessity for people to live. Along with eating, of course, is cooking to highlight and enjoy the flavor of food. Whenever we are cooking, the process mostly involves heat and that heat is what we are focusing on right now.

what is medium low heat on a stove

Mastering the art of heat control in cooking will significantly improve or enhance your cooking skill. Why? It is because when you know how to control the heat, you’ll control how your food will taste like. For those who still don’t get me, some examples include knowing how to cook a chicken. Too much heat will burn the chicken from the outside and still be raw inside. Just like cooking a simple scrambled egg, too much will give you burnt eggs, while too little will give you a dry and rubbery egg.

If you could see the importance of the heat control that I am talking about, then let’s get to the main idea of this article: the medium-low heat on the stove. You may not see the full description on your stove, but you could very well tell it with the marks on the dials. Anyway, let’s get further down with this.


Stove Levels: What A Medium Low Heat On A Stove Is

Most stoves, whether a gas range or an electrical one, have dials that indicate the level of heat that the stove emits. Most stovetops have nine numbers that indicate nine levels of temperature, one as the lowest and nine as the highest. While not everything can be the same with all the stoves, all you can do is observe, adjust to the temperatures, and learn while using it. Well, let me give you an idea of how much these dial numbers indicate the temperature setting.


#1. Low-temperature setting

When it comes to simmering, low heat is the best-used temperature setting. The temperature ranges from about 113 to 118- degrees Fahrenheit. This level could significantly impact the texture of the food you are making.


#2. Medium-low temperature setting

So, what is medium low heat on a stove? Some recipes of dishes may have to be cooked at medium-low heat. But what is medium-low heat on a stove? It is the dials below 5. Which means the numbers 3 and 4 are the temperature setting for medium-low heat. If your stove only has six marks on it, the medium-low heat settings should be at 1 to 3 marks at the most. This setting is usually used to soften boiled vegetables or put a rapid simmer on the pot. That would be around 200 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.


#3. Medium temperature setting

The numbers at the middle are considered to be the medium heat since they lay right at the middle of high and low levels. If you have nine dials, that setting would be the number 5, whereas, in a dial of 6, 3 is the usual medium setting. Some of the recipes that need medium cooking include softening or lengthening some vegetables or meat with bones to add up with the flavor.


#4. Medium-high temperature setting

Cooking at medium-high heat is usually done when you want to cook things quickly but not too quickly. For example, you could do sautéing or frying at this temperature setting. All you have to do is place the dials at numbers 6 to 7 at nine dials or 4 and 5 for six dials.


#5. High-temperature setting

High levels of temperature setting is the highest number found on your dial. This setting is usually used to bring the dish to a quick boiling state or if you need to heat it quickly.


Tips In Mastering Stove Heat Control

If you’re aiming to be a master in this field, heat control is a must to consider. Some of the cooking techniques will help you master the art of controlling the temperature in food.


Tip #1. Set the starting temperatures

If you are starting to learn, start cooking with food cooked at low heat. Simmering or boiling is a good start where you’ll need less control of the heat, then gradually try dishes that need more heat control. You may be interested to know what is simmering on the stove and how to adjust the flame on a stove


Tip #2. Get used to the stove you are using

It is best to get used to it for yourself to adjust its temperature outputs. Well, experience cooking using the stove is the trick to it. You will have to cook using the stove a couple more times.


Tip #3. Never use high unless boiling

Please do not use a high-temperature setting unless you boil the dish or bring it to a boil. Doing the opposite can give you a burnt meal in return, it will not be a good idea. But, my friends, you may want to know what does bring to a boil mean


Tip #4. Pre-heat the pan at a high temperature

If you are pre-heating the pan, it should be done at a medium-high heat setting. Then gradually decrease it to a medium if you are frying and medium-low heat if you are sautéing. It may be helpful to read how hot a stove can get.


It’s A Wrap!

To summarize the whole thing up, knowing what is medium low heat on a stove or the other levels of the temperature of your stove will guarantee you success in controlling your dish’s texture. Controlling the heat is just as important as knowing how it should taste. After all, you may still be taking down the road of being a master heat controller, at least in your kitchen for now.

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