What Is A Volcano Candle

You’ll always get the same answer if you ask around for the best house aroma. It is no other than the Capri Blue Volcano Candle from Anthropologie. But before we get into it, what is a volcano candle?

Even though Anthropologie sells a variety of candles, the Capri Blue Volcano has become synonymous with the store for many. It’s been available in stores since 2001 and at stores where candles are permitted. It’s typically the go-to aroma for workers, causing buyers to refer to it as “the Anthro scent.”

Anthropologie celebrates 20 years of offering the smell.  What makes this aroma so enchanting?  Why has it only risen in popularity over the years?

Indeed, the Volcano smell is available in 36 different forms to fit a wide range of styles and demands. It includes mercury glass, matte black jars, room sprays, and multi-surface cleaning. But, before we get to all of these, what is a volcano candle?


What Is A Volcano Candle


Volcano Candle Scent’s History

The volcano candle is a refreshing combination of exotic citrus and sweet tones. You don’t have to fly thousands of miles to feel like you’re in a fragrant paradise. This unmistakably recognizable fragrance will fill your area with an enticing and tropical scent.

Capri Blue is one of the most popular candle smells. According to capri-blue.com, the Volcano candle is the sixth scent in Anthropologie’s Capri Blue series. Other Capri Blue smells exist, but none are as well-known as the Volcano!

People clearly can’t get enough of it, even though most are taken aback when they realize what it smells like. The Volcano scent is familiar and inviting, fresh and robust, with tropical fruits and sugared citrus notes! Because the added tropical undertones smell sweeter and gentler than the ordinarily bright, acidic perfume people commonly associate with lemons, limes, and oranges.


Capri Blue’s Volcano Candle

If you ask people what is a volcano candle, they all think about Capri Blue’s Volcano Candle. The Capri Blue classic alludes to its history as a cult favorite with its characteristic shape and striking cobalt blue color. In addition, the volcano is a refreshing combination of exotic citrus and sweet undertones. 

Feeling like you’re in a fragrant paradise doesn’t have to entail traveling thousands of miles. Instead, fill your atmosphere with this instantly recognizable fragrance’s charming and tropical perfume. Anthropologie has a massive range of candles, many of which are fantastic in their own right. 

Voluspa candle sets make great gifts, and this handmade driftwood candle adds a rustic touch to any decor. But, of course, you’ll never turn down one of these lovely painterly candles. Other Capri Blue perfumes are also worth trying; we particularly appreciate the bright, flowery Aloha Orchid smell for summer. 

But you won’t find a more delectable, can’t-get-enough-of-it aroma than Capri Blue’s Volcano. Of course, it’s the same scent that Anthro burns in all of its stores, so if you’ve ever been inside one, you’ll know. But, seriously, if you simply say “Capri Blue” and leave out the word “Volcano,” everyone will see the perfume you’re talking about.

Even if you are not burning a candle, the aroma permeates the room. And once it’s lighted, everything seems instantly more fresh, warm, and calming. It has tones of tropical fruits, vibrant citrus, and a tinge of sugar—not it’s too sweet and seems to work all year.

Even better than the aroma is the range of candle jars available. It allows you to select one that suits your decor and non-candle forms such as oil diffusers, hand soap, and more. This way, you may immerse yourself in Volcano without combining smells, which is a particular dream come true for me.


Dupes for the Capri Blue’s Volcano Candle

  1. Better Homes & Gardens Red Lava Citrus

Each Better Homes and Gardens 2-wick candle emits a warm, golden light and fills the atmosphere with a luxurious scent. The frosted jar with a polished wood cover is filled with a paraffin wax mixture. It is a terrific accent to any mantel or tabletop and can be used in several spaces. It complements your existing décor for adaptable design.


  1. Threshold Milky Glass Lidded Jar Candle Red Mandarin & Guava

Lighting a candle at home may create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living area. This 11oz Lidded Milky Glass Jar Red Mandarin & Guava Candle – Threshold is engineered to provide faster smell dispersion and a more even burn. The clean-burning candle emits a fresh smell that enlivens the surrounding air, and the wicks softly crackle as they light, creating a cozy atmosphere in your room.


  1. 2-Wick Candle Bali Sunrise

Opalhouse’s Lidded Candle Bali Sunrise can help you create a calm and pleasant ambiance in any space of your home. With a burn period of up to 50 hours, this candle will be helpful day after day. Simply set this candle on any counter and enjoy a calm yoga practice or a relaxing bubble bath.



So this article answers our question on what is a volcano candle. We have also discussed the most wanted volcano candle in the market; we have also added some dupes if it isn’t to your budget. So, to all candle lovers out there, enjoy your volcano candles!

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