What Is A Knife-edge Pillow?

What is a knife-edge pillow? With tons of pillows to choose from, it might be useful to know the answer to this question. And what sets it apart from the others?

For people who are into home decoration, pillows are the popular go-to choice for an immediate upgrade in a room’s pattern and color styling. Whether it’s your den, bedroom, living room, or even your breakfast corner, pillows are a top decor option.

What is a Knife-edge pillow?

Pillows are a very important aspect of complementing your personal taste with comfort.

Given all the pillow designs that are now available out there, being able to identify a knife-edge pillow from another type could help you a lot in your decorating task.


What are the Benefits of Using a Pillow?

Before we dive deep to take a closer look at a knife-edge pillow, let’s talk about the benefits of using a regular pillow. Check them out here:


They prevent neck pain

Since pillows work to align your head with your neck, as well as your spine while you’re sleeping at night, you can be sure that you won’t have to deal with neck pain in the morning. Keeping your spine or neck in a neutral position ensures that you get a restful sleep.


They provide pressure relief for patients with spinal cord injuries

Individuals with spinal cord injuries need to have the back of their head constantly supported while they’re in bed. Without using a pillow for long periods will cause the blood flow between the boney prominence of their head and a hard surface to occlude.

If this is not corrected, the tissues in that area can die a slow death. Since a pillow has the ability to support the weight of the head, as well as the neck musculature, it prevents occlusion.


Decorating with Style

For quick room transformations, you could choose to incorporate a variety of pillows in the overall design. Aside from its color advantage, they offer a fantastic ambiance to your room. And the good thing about using pillows is you need not spend a lot on decor.

As with other design elements, you need to consider a few things before making the decision to get a pillow. One factor is how the pillow should look like. Decide on the size and shape that you need. Another is the type of foam and fabric that suits its purpose.

You also need to decide what closure you want for your pillows. You could choose from envelope closure or overlapping, zippers, buttons, or those sewn closed. With these factors in mind, check out one of the most common types there is; knife-edge pillow.


What Is A Knife-Edge Pillow?

By far the most basic type, this pillow construction has only one main seam. This seam holds the front and the back of the pillow together. You will also not see any decorative elements or embellishments on this type, making it appear more contemporary.

A primary feature of this pillow type is its center. Compared to the corners and edges, the middle portion of the knife-edge pillow is thicker. In addition, its crisp corners and sharp edges give it a simple yet polished look.

Knife-edge pillows typically have an envelope type of closure. Or if its function is more on the decorative side, you might see a hidden zipper. This type of pillow is responsible for giving your furniture, including your bed, a tailored yet sophisticated touch.


How Do Knife-Edge Pillows Work?

One of the many benefits of going for knife-edge pillows is that it works with just about any furniture you have in your room. Be it the couch, the day bed, the chairs, or even the rug – these pillows fit in with anything.

The knife-edge pillow is also designed to connect and coordinate each piece in the room. Matching ensembles do well with a touch of a throw pillow in this design. Since it does not have ruffles, tassels, fringes, nor trims, they fit well in areas with bold themes.

These pillows come in many shapes. You can commonly see the square type or round type. There is also the option of making it into a lumbar pillow. It is rectangular in shape and has been created to support your lower back or your lumbar area.


How a Knife-Edge Pillow Differs from Other Types

In contrast to the simplicity of the knife-edge pillow, there are other types that are more elaborate in design. There’s the flange edge type. This pillow type focuses more on its decorative and elegant accent, usually added to all sides of the pillow.

Another common type is the welted edge pillow. The highlight of this pillow is the piping or braiding embedded in the design. The piping serves to add strength to the sewn seams, making the pillow look more professional. Braiding accentuates the pillow trim.

The scalloped edge type is considered a stylish and timeless choice. They portray gentleness and add a feminine touch to your space. Most women opt for this design, and it goes really well with matelassé fabric.


Final Thoughts on “What is a Knife-edge Pillow?”

Knowing the answer to this question, as well as the advantage it has over other pillow types will make it easier for you to start accessorizing your home the right way. You can make your space much more pleasing to the eye while expressing your true style.