What Is A Divan Bed? 5 Best Mattresses To Try!

What is a divan bed?

Divan bed got its name from Persian “diwan” which refers to members of the bureau from a government council in the Middle East.

What is a divan bed

It is a 2-in-1 package containing a mattress and a bed.

You can also purchase the divan base alone and choose a separate mattress, depending on your preference.

The base of the divan beds, typically a wooden frame, comes with a fabric covering.

Parts include a headboard and drawers.

It has lesser moving parts compared to slated bed frames because of fewer joints.

Because of that, divan beds have a lesser possibility of being squeaky.

You can also place this type of bed on wheels for smoother movement.

The package feature of a divan bed makes it a popular bed option over other modern bed types.

It resolves the problem of finding a complementing mattress for your bed.

Divan beds can have a variety of additional features that is not available to other standard beds.

In the next section, we will discuss common questions about divan beds.


Is A Divan Bed Expensive?

Since a divan bed usually includes a mattress, it may cost a little more than beds sold base only.

However, the case changes if we consider buying a separate mattress.

The divan bed and mattress package are cheaper because both are sold at a basket price.

The cost also varies depending upon the extra features of the divan beds offered.


How To Assemble A Divan Bed

The divan bed is the easiest to assemble across different bed types.

If you opt to buy the single-sized divan bed, it comes with two base halves.

The package also includes complete divan legs and a headboard if you specifically requested one.

Follow the steps below on how to assemble a divan bed:

To attach the divan legs, turn the base halves upside down.

Flip the bases and secure them using the locking clips.

If you chose to have a headboard, attach it to the sockets that You can find at the bed ends.

Use a drilling socket if you have any.


Do Divan Beds Consume Much Space?

Divan beds are smaller than standard bed frames.

The mattress in a divan bed is placed on the top of the base instead of fitting it inside the frame.

This makes the size of the divan bed similar to the mattress.

A divan bed is a good choice for rooms with limited space like guest bedrooms and loft rooms.


Does A Divan Bed Include A Mattress?

The choice rests upon you.

Depending upon your wants and plans, you can choose to have a mattress together with the divan bed or not.

Since it is more convenient to purchase both, most buyers go with having the mattress.

Anyway, you’ve already known what is a divan bed.

Presented below is a list of divine bed sets and mattresses.


#1. Latex

Latex mattresses have an elastic structure.

This feature keeps the weight and pressure distribution on the surface, avoiding any tearing.

This mattress type and divan bed allow you to rest and sleep comfortably.


#2. Memory foam

Do your different body parts ache because of the rigid mattress in your bed?

A memory foam mattress and divan bed is the solution to that.

Healthy circulation is achieved by relieving your body from the pressure while lying down.


#3. Orthopedic

If you specifically want great back support, an orthopedic mattress and divan bed are most suited to you.


#4. Pocket sprung

Enclosed inside a pocket sprung mattress are numerous pocket springs.

It is particularly beneficial to you if you share a bed with your partner.

It can guarantee you a good night’s sleep by preventing you from rolling together because of the springs.


#5. Standard sprung

A standard sprung mattress and divan bed give support with a steel rod on the edges.

Theses edge surrounds the spring providing overall sleeping support.


Can You Use Divan Beds For Storage?

That‘s a definite yes.

While using minimal space in your room, you can also tidy up other things by utilizing storage space in your divan bed.

You can customize your divan bed by incorporating drawers and ottoman storage.

  • End drawer – if space is not enough on either side, put the drawer at the end of the divan bed.
  • Two drawers – can be incorporated in a single-sized divan bed on either side.
  • Four drawers – if you want to maximize space, add two drawers on both sides
  • Full ottoman – utilizing entire space underneath the divan bed and the opening can either be on one side or end
  • Half ottoman – for limited space divan bed, only half is used for storage with the opening in the end


The Takeaway

What is a divan bed?

A divan bed is a smaller bed type usually purchased with a base and a mattress.

It is considered cheaper compared to buying a separate mattress and bed frame and can be easily assembled.

You can choose a mattress type that best suits your needs.

You can also use space underneath the divan bed for storage.

That’s all about divan beds.

Thanks for reading!

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