What Kind Of Mattress For Platform Bed In Room? 3 Best Options!

So, what kind of mattress for platform bed in room? It depends, my friends. You will know as you read further.

On average, people spend one-third of their lives in bed.

So finding a perfect match for your platform bed and mattress is necessary.

A platform bed is one of the most used types of bed worldwide.

It is because of its stable structure and slats’ air circulation capacity when covered with a mattress.

Most of the platform beds are very close to the ground, requiring a higher mattress as you use them.

Consequently, mattress width, corner support, and movement easing are few factors in choosing the best mattresses for a platform bed.

We will guide you on how to pick the most suitable mattress.

And as well give you options of what mattress fits for your platform bed below.

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Kinds Of Mattresses For Platform Beds In Room

As it is already known, a platform bed is considerably sturdy due to its design and structure.

Through this, we can conclude that any mattresses can fit well on platform bed’s surface.

On the other hand, we can’t deny that some mattresses with different traits can be better than others.

The following are the different options on what kind of mattress for platform bed in room:


Option #1. Memory foam

Memory foam is what we recommend the most.

This type of mattress can resist the sagging effect and can go in any amount of thickness as it is widely available in the market.

Typically, the average thickness of the mattress to be used on a platform bed is not less than 10 inches.

So, memory foam is accepted in these criteria.

In terms of corner supports, memory foam is versatile.

It can mold due to heat and pressure yet can go back exactly to its original form after release that permits the mattress to support the edges firmly without creating a sunk area.

Using memory foam can provide as well ease of movement.

Given that memory foam has enough volume in the cushion and is made of very soft materials.

So if you have elders in your home, it is suitable for them to use a memory foam mattress because it only requires minimal effort and enhances sleep.

The memory foam mattress available in the market is traditional, gel foam and plant-based memory foam.

Take note of this:

Memory foam is not advised for your use if you have infants or newborn babies since it has a very soft surface elemental gases may be trapped inside.

It may lead to unwanted incidents.


Option #2. Latex mattresses

A latex mattress is also on the list.

If you are an environmentalist, this particular mattress matches you since it is eco-friendly produced from the latex of trees.

Like memory foam, latex mattresses are usually made thicker with more than 12 inches in width.

So it applies to platform bed as well.

Latex mattresses also have incredible edge support.

The texture of the mattress molds due to the weight of the load.

Then entirely goes back to its form quicker than the memory foam.

As for ease of movement, latex-made mattresses require the slightest effort when you use them.

These mattresses are commonly lightweight and delicately formed, allowing you to move with them very gently.

In case you have chosen this type of mattress, the following are the specific name of latex mattresses available in the market; ecocloud, latex for less and Amerisleep organica.


Option #3. Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are also one of the best options in pairing with your platform bed.

They also come with a thicker mattress with more than 15 inches in width.

A hybrid mattress has coil-based support inside of mattress.

These cushions are somehow similar to foam or latex mattresses.

Since hybrid mattresses are the result of merged materials and fabrication of cushions in other types of mattresses.

By combining these elements, most hybrids can provide pressure relief, bounce, edge support.

Moreover, a hybrid mattress is pocket friendly is why many people prefer it.

It’s also has a dominant bouncy effect due to the innerspring inside it.

For ease of access, a hybrid mattress is heavier compared to memory foam and latex-made foam.

Because innerspring inside it adds on weight.  This type of mattress may require an effort in setting it up.

However, once you have already set it above your platform bed, it will be easier to use it for it is not shaky and fixed in place.

The following are the hybrid mattress available in stores; Helix midnight, Dreamcloud, and Winkbed.


Final Words

Finding a matching mattress to your platform bed is like salt and pepper, a perfect combination indeed.

Sleeping is healthy, so why not upgrade it to the maximum comfort zone.

We hope we guided you well on making decisions on what kind of mattress for platform bed in room.

Thank you for letting us be part of improving your sleeping experience. It is such a pleasure to serve you.

We are further grateful for your time and effort in reading this article.

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