What Is A Bed Coverlet? Best Buying Guide & More!

What is a bed coverlet? Well, if you’ve seen or had a lightweight bed cover, it may be a coverlet.

This covering is great for many reasons, and you will know more of this as you read further.

What is a bed coverlet

Yes, you have many choices regarding the ones you want to put on your top over the sheets.

Duvets, quilts, bedspreads, throws, quilts, and of course, coverlets are just some of them.

In this article, let’s focus on bed coverlets.

So, without further ado, let’s start!


What Is A Bed Coverlet?

So, what is a bed coverlet?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s a lightweight sheet that is not really a bedspread, not a quilt; it comes with two main functions– to serve as a blanket or as a decoration or warmth.

Traditionally, this thing is created out of matelassé fabrics.

It’s a weaving method utilized to have mimic and texture quilting. But, since coverlets are not quilted, they’re not quilts, obviously.


Why Should I Have A Bed Coverlet

My friends, this blanket type is perfect for warm weather as it’s not that heavy compared to comforters.

Also, it comes with fewer filling, that’s why it feels more comfortable wearing it.

That being said, you have to get one for yourself, especially as summer months come.

Just like with any other blankets, it also comes in different sizes.

My friends, this bed coverlet can be used throughout the year, as it can serve as a mattress topper, giving more emphasis to your bed.

Since it is popular nowadays, it is made with many colors, designs, and prints, meaning you have many options to choose from.


Bed Coverlet Buying Guide

You have to choose only the best. So, you can’t dwell on something, okay?

This pre-filled bedding is thin that it’s made for covering the bed’s surface and the sides.

Well, it’s smaller than a bedspread or quilt that it can’t even reach the floor.

Usually, this covering is matched with bed skirts plus some pillow shams.

So, if you want a sophisticated yet modern look in your bedroom, this one is perfect for you.

It’s thin, but it’s stylish.

Anyway, here are the things you should consider when getting one for yourself:



You can compare this sheet to many other types of beddings.

Yet, you can see how it comes with unique qualities and design.

It’s also versatile enough; that’s why it has different fabric compositions such as cotton, polyester, and woven jacquards.

Since it has wide arrays of styles to suit your preference, I’m sure you can get one that you’ll love.


Quilt vs. Coverlet

You may find these two sheets look similar. But they’re not!

These bedding selections are mainly used for decorative purposes, least comfort.

They have different fabric compositions, designs, patterns, and colors.

These things are also usually smaller compared to bedspread and comforter.

My friends, even if they quite look the same, these are two different animals.

Well, if you have that which comes with a padding layer between the fabric layers, then it’s a quilt.

This bedding comes in a certain pattern as it is stitched together.

I know- you’re already familiar with a quilt, as it already has its signature look.

On the other hand, a coverlet doesn’t have many layers serving as insulation compared to a quilt.

Perhaps, its only insulation source is the thin layer made of prefilled batting.

If you want that quilt look, you can always opt for a woven or quilted design of a bed coverlet.


Bedspread vs. Coverlet

My friends, have you been using bedspread a lot?

As long as it covers or layers the bed, it’s a bedspread. Right?

It’s a question. The answer to that is a big NO!

Bedspreads seemed to be oversized; they even reach down the floor.

Coverlets, on the other hand, are smaller. So, they won’t serve the same.

So, it’s not always bedspreads that layer your bed. Instead, you actually have many selections of coverings and layering. Okay?


Is It For me?

If you want a covering that is stylish, comfortable, yet easy to maintain, you can always have a coverlet.

My friends, if you have that which is loose-fitting, you won’t find it hard to make your sheets in the morning.

Since it comes with the qualities of a blanket, it’s easy for you to use and style it.

Much more, it’s an ideal addition to your decorations as it gives a little emphasis to your bed.

It’s very versatile so that you can use this in any room at home.



My friends, it comes in many sizes, from twin to California king.

Or maybe, you only have queen or king-sized beds, whatever it is.

For smaller beds, the coverlet also has full and twin xl sizes.


My Say!

Since you have many choices, go for what suits you best- what you’re comfortable in and what is right for your bed.

Remember, your comfort is of utmost priority.

Your bed makes up your sleep every day.

It also defines you and gives you energy for the entire day.

So, if I were you, I will assess whether this blanket type is for me.

In the first place, you’ve already known what a bed coverlet is.