What Happens If You Use Propane On A Natural Gas Stove? 3 Surprising Things!

What happens if you use propane on a natural gas stove? Many people thought they could utilize propane on a stove for natural gas; little did they know that this could be dangerous. Using propane on a stove intended for natural gas usage can cause too large a frame since the orifice jet set up for natural gas is bigger than the one for propane use.

This can cause burn injuries as well as damage your home and stove. Or worse, it can cause an explosion that may lead to death. This post will explain why propane can’t be used as fuel for a natural gas stove. If you want to use propane, it is best to convert your stove to ensure its safety with the right amount of flame. Doing this can also reduce explosion and burn risks.

what happens if you use propane on a natural gas stove


3 Things That Can Happen If You Use Propane On A Natural Gas Stove

What happens if you use propane on a natural gas stove? Trying to use propane in your natural gas stove can lead to an outcome that may not be pleasing to you. Several scenarios may take place, some are serious, and some are not. But would you risk it?


#1. Nothing will happen

It would be good if nothing happened. Perhaps, you have adjusted its orifice jet, or you have added some components that can help in minimizing the flame. But take note that it still does not rule out the possibility that the propane leaks or creates a pressure-causing blowback. In such a case, the fire will be suctioned into the hose of the propane, which will lead to the explosion of the tank. This can occurrence be lethal depending on your tank size.


#2. Fire blowback resulted from pressure build-up

Given that excessive propane discharge at once can lead to massive pressure amount inside the components of your stove. As soon as you ignite the stove, it can cause various problems, such as blowing up the stove. The flame can even blow back up onto the propane tank through its tube, which may cause an explosion.


#3. Too large flame

As mentioned earlier, natural gas has a larger orifice jet as compared to propane. As a result, too much amount of propane will escape from the jet, causing larger flames. This is not just larger by bit but significantly larger.

Imagine the flame coming out from a flamethrower and think of it coming out from the burner of your stovetop. It looks like a disaster, right? This can potentially cause a house fire, burns, or even damages to your stove.


Converting Your Stove!

It is best to convert the stove set up for natural gas into a propane one to avoid those damages. Doing this will allow you to use propane in the previously natural gas stove safely. However, it might be a tough decision to make, so here’s what to know about natural gas to propane conversion.

But before doing it, you have to check the local codes from your city since some cities mandate that professionals can only perform this. You should also check whether or not it is indeed possible to convert your stove. That is because some stoves do not allow conversion.


3 Reasons Why You Need To Convert Your Natural Gas Stove Into A Propane One

Although propane and natural gas are the same fuel source, you cannot use them interchangeably. But may prefer using propane since it comes with several benefits. Below are some of them.


#1. More efficient

Propane produces twice as much energy produced by natural gas. In other words, you will use only half of the amount used for cooking using natural gas. Despite this, you will not sacrifice the heat level, and you will still get a similar temperature. Regardless, did you know that there is also a propane fridge? Here’s how a propane fridge works.


#2. Pay as you use

With propane, you will pay as you use it. You can also time when you will refill and synchronize it with the lower prices. Furthermore, you can pick the providers, unlike natural gas, which has a locked price. You can only purchase it from the particular company that oversees your gas line.


#3. Lesser costs

Since only half the fuel is required when using propane, you will save on your fuel expenses. So even though you are living somewhere that requires two times the natural gas amount, the cost will not change since only one-half of it is used. What’s more, if you find a decent deal of propane, you will have more savings!


It’s A Wrap!

But then again, what happens if you use propane on a natural gas stove? Even though propane and natural gas are both fuel sources, you can use one another on behalf of the other. However, propane on a stove set up for natural gas usage can lead to explosions, fires, and death.

But if you convert the natural gas stove, you can safely use it with propane with all necessary components designed for propane. But before you start the process of conversion, you should check the local codes of your area first. That is because a professional might be required according to the law. Regardless, you might have time to read this article, “What does it mean when your air conditioner freezes up?

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