How Does Propane Fridge Work? Everything You Want To Know

Propane fridge how it works? Propane fridges are one of the innovations in refrigerators, and most of us have no idea how it works. It is quite similar to using a regular fridge. However, its energy source varies and contains a specific set of features that differentiate it from regular ones.

The said appliance mostly works through one special element it was named after—propane gas. Hough sometimes a liquid, propane usually takes the form of a gas. It is commonly known for its purpose in many appliances like LPG cookers, heaters, and grills.

propane fridge how it works


How Propane Fridge Works

Propane fridge how it works? It is important to know how processes happen in your machines, especially ones you are unfamiliar with. This type of fridge is popular, but not everyone may know the difference between them and the regular.

It is important to remember that propane refrigerators have the same components as a normal fridge except that it has an absorber in place of a compressor. It also doesn’t make use of coolants like freon. Instead, it uses ammonia.

Other compounds and elements that aid in helping it function are water and hydrogen, both in liquid form.

And here’s what happens inside a propane fridge:


#1. Inside the generator

The appliance contains a generator. This generator relies on the burning of propane gas to function. Once plugged in, the electricity will start heating the gas. Heated gas will react to turn the generator on and, in consequence, the entire refrigerator.


 #2. The start of the cycle

Once the machine is turned on, the entire process will start taking place in the generator. This component, the generator, will take the ammonia and water. In this phase, ammonia is still in gas form. Read the science behind refrigeration!


#3. Conversion of ammonia from gas to liquid

The generator will transfer the ammonia gas into a cooling fan responsible for setting temperatures and conditions that will turn ammonia from a gas into a liquid. The liquid phase will make it easier to convert the compound to produce cool air. Learn how efficient propane refrigerators are.


#4. The reaction of liquid hydrogen and liquid ammonia

This portion will take place in the evaporator coils. Inside this area, liquid hydrogen is awaiting to react with the now liquid ammonia. When they collide, the chemicals react to emit a low temperature that will be the source of cool air in the fridge. The cold air will now waft in the fridge, serving its purpose. Read how to clean air conditioner coils inside!


#5. The absorber

Next, we have the absorber. Its function is to separate the solution of ammonia and hydrogen. By breaking down the liquid, we are once again left with the solo versions of the two. The hydrogen is left behind while ammonia continues its journey to meet water along the road.

#6. The final stage of the cycle

Once water and ammonia are back together, the water transforms ammonia into its original form. The gas will be going to the generator with the water. This will start the whole cycle again. Go back to step one.


What Makes A Propane Fridge Better?

Fridges all work for the sole purpose of storing foo and lengthening its life. However, what makes this fridge different from electric and solar ones? Why should this make a difference?


#1. No coolant chemicals

Since it runs off of propane, it does not require the use of refrigerants like freon. Though effective, these chemicals can be a disadvantage. Instances of leaking can create a chemical odor inside your electric fridge. It’s not exactly something you’d want in a place where you store your food.


#2. Firmly attached components

This refrigerator is modeled with parts that do not need to move or assembled. It can be a minor thing, but the way this machine is rendered lowers the risk for part damage due to constant movement. It will also make it less prone to having something stuck in between and hinder effectiveness.

This way, you won’t have to waste time making a trip to the technician if something goes wrong.


#3. Maintenance cost is lower

Propane refrigerators are actually more expensive when bought at first. However, as time passes, its maintenance will take a smaller toll on your effort and pocket. Electric gadgets cost less when bought but take more wattage and risk breaking the parts.

Not to mention, normal fridges use a constant supply of electricity from the power supply. Therefore, it requires new energy every time. This kind of fridge uses ammonia, water, and hydrogen, constantly reused in a repetitive cycle.

Despite the higher cost, in the beginning, maintaining the effectiveness of a propane fridge is less costly. Its parts are also more stable and less fragile.


#4. Longer warranty

Since it’s more expensive when bought for the first time, they are given a longer warranty. This allows you to have time to adjust yourself to the brand new fridge and decide whether it’s the right one for you. Always keep in mind that in choosing appliances, the longer the warranty, the better. Learn how to store a fridge!



A lot of people are new to the propane fridge how it works. It works like your typical refrigerator, only with specific alternatives and adjustments that make your new fridge experience; out of this world! So what are you waiting for? Avail of the propane refrigerator and check out the cool features and advantages that wait for you. You might want to learn how to store asparagus in your freezer too! That is all.

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