What Essential Oils Kill Mold: The Top 5 Oil Wonders For You

What essential oils kill mold? Do essential oils smoothly kill and eliminate the molds at your home? Let’s find out!

Essential oils are organic cleaners that most household owners aim to buy whenever they think of all-natural home maintenance. Some of these essential oils are considered wonders for having fungicidal properties. Still, their ability to kill all the molds in a large area is yet to be proven.

what essential oils kill mold

Nevertheless, essential oils are the best cleaners when you’re looking for a safe and chemical-free mold and mildew reducer at home. This article lists the top 5 essential oils that have potent properties you can use for your home care.


Areas At Household Prone To Mold Growth

Before we hop onto the mold cleaning essentials, let’s first tackle the places at your home that are prone to mold infestation. The perfect environment for molds is moist. They freely dwell in areas where there is steam left undried for a relatively long time.

The damaged pipes behind your drywall, floor, or along your roof may cause leaks and leave moisture on the places around it. Your basement, which does not get enough airflow, is also likely to develop fungi.

You can also spot mold on your kitchen and bathroom area, especially on the windows near them. Just be on the lookout for these places and clean them as frequently as possible. You may want to check on this guide on identifying and locating black mold that might be living off your homewares.

Your floor carpet may also be a victim of molds if you encounter a baseboard floor mold infestation. In that case, you can read this guide on detecting carpet molds and how to deal with them.


Top 5 Essential Oils That Help Protect Home From Molds

To completely eradicate the mold, you have got to go deep into its roots. A potent chemical could do the work, but essential oils are not its example.

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Experts say an essential oil’s killing ability will work on non-porous surfaces. Most studies also agree with vital oil’s limited eliminating capacity to only visible molds.

Molds produce mycotoxins which can cause dangerous diseases to humans. Like mold spores, mycotoxins are relentless—they can survive even after you have removed the surface mold.

Essential oils are yet effective in reducing mold spore count in small areas. Here are some of them you can try:


1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, tops the oil wonders recommended for treating molds. It is a potent fungicidal and anti-microbial solution effective for bacteria removal. It has an inhibitory effect on bacteria species that are usually found indoors and in damp areas of concrete or wood.

Given its capacity, it might be the most expensive one too. However, some studies argue with tea tree oil’s ability to eliminate molds quickly. The disinfection may take longer, and the solution needs to be significant in amount to kill and prevent further mold growth.


2. Clove oil

Compared to tea tree oil, clove oil has the same characteristics. Besides its effectiveness in preserving and nourishing the human body with antioxidants, it can also protect your home against mold growth.

It renders the spores inactive and helps prevent further mold infestation. Many studies have also shown clove oil eliminating capacity when it comes to dangerous types of molds.


3. Oregano oil

While most essential oils cannot handle the persistent mycotoxins, oregano oil does. Some studies prove oregano oil’s capacity to repress mold production and reproduction. 


4. Lemon essential oil

Another helpful natural disinfectant is lemon oil. Its citrous properties are robust enough to break down the mold spores and reduce mold growth. Most homeowners also prefer to use this essential oil as it gives a good scent when used.


5. Thyme essential oil

More than a spice, a thyme essential oil can also be used as a mold removal agent. It has properties that can eliminate different types of molds, especially the Aspergillus species, also known as the black mold.


Why Use Synergetic Blends Of Essential Oils

Besides the top essential oils, here comes the synergistic oil, or simply the blends of two or more of the top natural oils. With the use of synergy blends, the powers of individual oil come together to form a more potent and strengthen the oil’s mold removal ability.


How To Treat Molded Areas Using Essential Oils

The usual and most recommended way to use essential oils in mold removal is direct application. The other is through diffusion.

You can apply the essential oil to the mold surface. To do this, spray an ample amount of oil to the surface and wipe downwards using a soft cloth.

Diffusion’s role comes in when you’re trying to kill the airborne mold spores. Using special equipment, diffuse the oil for at least 24 hours in the mold environment. Remember to seal the room while doing the diffusion process entirely.



There is a fine line between killing and reducing molds, and the question, “what essential oils kill mold” is the wrong tree to bark on. Essential oils are there to help lower the mold count but cannot remove them altogether. If you want to eliminate all the molds in your household, it’s best to call for mold professionals for safe and confident mold remediation.

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