What Does Slatted Bed Base Mean? 2 Best Types!

Are you curious what does slatted bed base means?

It is the bed base composed of wood planks distributed on the area enclosed by the bed frame.

what does slatted bed base mean

As you observed when you sleep, the bed where we lie can support our weight.

We usually see the mattress and the frame of the bed but under the mattress is a revelation.

Somehow, others have already seen the secret under the mattress.

There also other people the don’t discover it yet.

It is called the bed base that is considered as the support to the foundation of the bed.

Also, it supports the weight of the objects above the bed.

In this article, a particular type of bed base will be discussed.

The name of the bed base is the slatted bed base.

If you want to satisfy your curiosity, you are welcome to read the preceding pieces of information.


Types Of Bed Base

There are two types of bed base in the market, namely the solid bed base and the slatted bed base.

These types of bed bases have the same purpose, to support the bed.

However, the main difference between them is their appearance and the amount of area it covers.

A solid bed base is a bed base that covers the whole area given by the bed frame.

As its name suggests, it is only composed of a single solid piece for the base.

On the other hand, a slatted bed base is composed of slats distributed on the area given by the bed frame.

As the article has mentioned above, we will only focus on the slatted bed base.

Let’s answer the question,” what does slatted bed base mean?”.

Information about the slatted bed base will be discussed below.


What Slatted Bed Base Means

As mentioned above, the difference of slatted bed base to other bed bases is that it uses slats as the main components for the bed base.

It is composed of several slats or planks of wood that will be connected to the frame of the bed.

The end of the slats is usually connected to the frame with rubber holders or what is called Hytrel.

These rubber holders will hold the slats and also protects the frame from friction.

To ensure the quality of the bed and for the protection of the mattress from abrasion.

There are preemptive measures that must be taken against the slats.

Due to the material used for the slats, which are wood planks.

The mattress would be vulnerable to bruises and abrasion due to the sharp edges of the slats.

For that reason, the slats must be varnished or laminated to protect the mattress cover from abrasions.

Also, protects the slats from humidity and dryness, allowing them to endure longer.

Humidity and dryness can greatly affect the quality and the lifespan of the slats.

By applying varnish or laminating the slat, you can make the slat live longer.

To satisfy your curiosity which is better to do, lamination can give better protection to the mattress.

It is smoother than varnishing the slats.

It can also preserve the life of the slats longer than the varnishing method.

However, it is a bit expensive than the varnishing method.

Usually, factory-made bed bases often use the laminating method.

However, some artificial beds have typically varnished bed bases due to the lack of machine help.

The slatted bed base usually has two types.

These kinds of slatted bed bases will be discussed below.


Types Of Slatted Bed Base

The slatted bed base is categorized into two.

These types of slatted bed bases used slats; however, they have differences in the construction.

These little differences change the quality of comfort that the bed can give to the person that uses it.


Type #1. Fixed slatted bed base

The fixed slatted bed base is composed of straight slats attached or fixed on the bed foundation or frame.

This kind of slatted bed base can give a better airflow for the bed.

However, the downside of this type is that it can’t adjust to your body form or position.

Such a form can’t provide you with comfort.

Especially if you’re a sensitive sleeper who can’t get a good night’s sleep if you’re uncomfortable.

On the other hand, the second type of slatted bed base is the opposite.


Type #2. Sprung slatted bed base

This type of slatted bed base also uses slats that can give good airflow.

However, it is slightly curved to accommodate your body while lying.

These curved slats are attached to springs on the bed frame.

The springs can greatly help to support the weight of the person lying down.

The springs can also give comfort by helping the slats to adjust in your body positions while sleeping.

The sprung bed base also has a longer lifespan compared to the fixed slatted bed base and solid bed base.

This is because also of the springs.

Unlike the two mentioned before.

The sprung slatted bed base’s springs contribute to the absorption of the stress generated by the weight applied.

Although the solid bed base and the fixed slatted bed base can distribute the weight evenly to the bed.

The applied stress due to weight is fully given to the material.

For this reason, the material used can be broken faster than the material of the sprung slatted bed base.


Final Words

For the conclusion, I hope that the information stated above has satisfied your curiosity about what does slatted bed base mean.

May you have gained additional knowledge that you can be utilized in your journey in life.

The time and effort you have exerted for reading this article are very much appreciated.

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