What Does a Hair Dryer Diffuser Do? 3 Wonderful Ways To Use It!

What does a hair dryer diffuser do? It disperses hot air in gentle and tiny bubbles breaking up and merging with hair. The process diffuses the heat evenly through every strand of the hair to dry a lot faster with no damage or breakage. Adjust the diffuser in low heat to avoid curls from becoming frizzy and drying a lot faster. Use a diffuser to achieve great curls and avoid further damage. Follow a few simple steps like taking a shower and hydrating the hair until finally using the diffuser in cupping around the hair.


what does a hair dryer diffuser do

Various Diffuser Designs

There are many diffuser designs to choose from serving their unique purposes, like the mitt diffuser, flat-vented, & finger diffuser. They each lift the hair, add some volume and body to the hair. Set the hairdryer diffuser on a low heat and speed setting. Or else, it will not work and will only cause further overheating to the hairdryer.


Hair Dryer Diffuser Application

Get curly hair blow-dried with a hairdryer diffuser because if you use the conventional hairdryer, it will only bring high and direct heat. The featured attachments enable the air to circulate freely through the curls than onto them. A similar effect is achieved in air drying it without the risk of affecting chemical bonds. The featured rods separate the hair strands giving them more volume and lift. The hair drying procedure is made longer by using a diffuser attachment. But then, you’ll be sure that the curls and hair will be safe against direct heat with a diffuser.


Ways To Use Hair Dryer Diffuser

Below are three ways to use a hair dryer diffuser. So, what does a hair dryer diffuser do?


#1. Hairstyling

Dry your hair after washing it as you turn it upside and downward. Gently shake your head back and then forth. Curls & waves will shape naturally. Squeeze and then dab on extra water from it. But never rub it using a towel. Instead, get your hair brushed with a wide-tooth type of comb. The other procedure is the same with drying the hair using a diffuser. Clip the hair next to the roots and dry it at an angle that increases hair volume. It may be helpful to read how to curl hair with a blow dryer brush.


#2. Hair strengthening

Use a hairdryer diffuser to straighten your hair but begin with wet hair. Make use of a volumizer so that your hair achieves more body in the diffusing process. Use a heat protectant to further reduce the damage on the hair because of hair dryer use. Make use of mousse when wanting to achieve a curly look. Lift the hair roots and scrunch them upward into your hair dryer diffuser. 

Continue the process until the hair is completely dry. Get excited about achieving a curly or wavy look. Utilize a setting product that will keep the hairstyle intact.


#3. Hair drying

Wash your hair with shampoo & conditioner. If you want, use oil when cleansing the hair. Dry it with a towel after with some gentle pats. Squeeze it after. Do not wring or twisting the hair using a towel as it only gives damaged and curly hair. For wavy hair, avoid this step as it is not suitable for hairstyle. Instead, make use of a leave-in conditioner that moistens the hair. Plus, it helps in the entire diffusing process. Use styling lotion as it also works. Better yet, use mousse or foam that achieves similar results.

Get the diffuser attached to the hairdryer. Set it on a medium or low heat setting.

Dry your hair after you tilt your head from one side to another. The drying continues to the roots following a circular motion. The prongs of the diffuser boost the curls and volume of the hair. Never touch the hair with your hands in the drying process to continue the natural style.

Continue doing it in a circular motion as you touch down to the hair tip-most parts. For a naturally curly hair, stop at its deepest roots. Decide which one works more suitable for your hair. Once you get your hair dried, use hair products or hairspray to maintain the shape of the curls the entire day. Do so to help reduce hair damage caused by heat in a dryer. To understand it better, I suggest you read about how to use a hair dryer diffuser.


Best-Selling Hair Dryer Diffuser Selections

Below are some of the best-selling hair dryer diffuser selections to find on the market.


#1. Alyon

This light diffuser features 2-heat setting levels that stay cool on the head, especially if you have those long locks. It also features a concentrator nozzle to avoid hot spots near the blowing air.


#2. Parlux advance and alyon

This hair diffuser type is suitable for professionals in the salon as this features an advanced motor using less power than other models. It has three attachments, producing waves and curls, one for styling and diffusing the hair.


#3. Mermade

This hair dryer diffuser type proves to be lightweight and useful for general purposes. Create curly or volume hairstyles with no damages to the locks. It features an on and off switch that does not take up more space. It may also be a good idea to know best hair dryer brush review guide..


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what does a hair dryer diffuser do, including its various designs to find on the market. Plus, there are several brands to opt for when you decide to buy one for yourself. Three ways hair dryer diffusers are used are also mentioned for hair straightening, hair drying, &hair styling. Thanks for stopping by!

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