What Degree Nozzle For Pressure Washer Car? 6 Awesome Types!

Do you know what degree nozzle for pressure washer car? A short answer to this question is to use any nozzle but with a size that is not less than 25 degrees. We all want our cars to look shiny as brand new, and that is why we do our best to wash them. Having the right size of the nozzle plus the correct choice of detergent, and some standard rules, anyone can achieve that brand new look. 

Because you want to look at your car in its shining and shimmering appearance, it is natural for you to do everything for your car not to gain scratches and discoloration. This may sound surprising to you but such problems may appear when you do your car washing.

what degree nozzle for pressure washer car

Really? Yes. What happens when you do a mess while washing, thus you need to be extra careful. The size of the pressure washer nozzle, though seemed to be a minor factor, can cause a brilliant as well as a disastrous result on your car. Who wants the latter? No one! In this article, we will look deeply at the importance of choosing the right nozzle for pressure washing your car. Dear friend, a 10-minute read will indeed be significant as you try to be a responsible car owner. So, keep on scrolling.


Different Types Of Nozzles

We already have discussed the basic nozzle rule for pressure washing a car which shortly answered our main inquiry, “What degree nozzle for pressure washer car?”. Now, we will explore a little further to discover the types of nozzles, so that you may be able to identify which one must you use, especially during washing your car. 


#1. Zero-degree nozzle

From the name itself, this nozzle lets water out with a spreading angle of zero degrees. Imagine how strong water can be from this nozzle. The strength of the water may cause significant damage if not applied to the right surface. As for washing a car, this one is not recommended since it may lacerate the surface of your car. 

This type of nozzle has a color code of red, which usually is the color for danger – not just for the surface you want to clean but also for you. Of course, this nozzle was created for a certain purpose. This one is best for blasting what you know as the toughest stain. However, you have to take note that this only can be safely used on a hard surface such as metal or concrete. 


#2. Fifteen-degree nozzle

This type of nozzle can be safely used on many surfaces for it is not as dangerous as the red one. It spreads the water by 15 degrees at a considerable strength, thus covering more surfaces. But it can still create damage if not used properly – including to a car. To use it in a safe manner, lower the pressure of your pressure washer, and also be aware of the distance from where you are spraying.


#3. Twenty-five-degree nozzle

This one is best for the exteriors of your car. It comes in green-colored packaging. Also, the pressure that it generates can eradicate the dirt that is on the wheels of your car. This type of nozzle is actually the most commonly used and preferred by the consumers because of its balance with regards to the strength and the area that it can cover. 


#4. Forty-degree nozzle

If you are doubtful of the nozzles we have discussed previously, go with the 40-degree nozzle. It is white in color and sprays water gently and minimally. This creates no harm at all. A forty-degree nozzle is best used to clean fragile surfaces like your glass windows, flower pots, as well as your car. Its widespread water assembly is perfect for rinsing. 


#5. Sixty-five-degree nozzle

You can picture the outcome of the sprayed water coming from this nozzle clearly, having been introduced to the 40-degree nozzle. Though this one may seem useless in cleaning any surface, it is best for dampening the surface that you are about to clean. This nozzle is black in color. 


#6. Adjustable nozzle

From the name itself, it suggests that this nozzle is adjustable. This nozzle is indeed making one’s life easier. Instead of replacing the nozzle each time you proceed cleaning to your next target, with this nozzle, you can just easily adjust the nozzle’s water output. With all these kinds of nozzles that you have learned today, you can now be able to choose the right one for you.


Choosing The Right Nozzle

 The first thing that you must keep in mind is to use a wider degree –such as the 40-degree nozzle – if you are doubtful of the nozzle’s safety. Secondly, have enough distance from the surface you are going to spray to be sure of not causing any damage. Lastly, the red nozzle must be your last choice. Use it if you are dealing with hard stains given that they are present on a hard surface. You may also be interested to know about damaged nozzles performance issues and when to replace.


It’s A Wrap!

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned what degree nozzle for pressure washer car. May the writings above help you in ways that you really needed and be sure to keep on learning new things. Thank you so much for reading up to this point. Your time and effort are very much appreciated. You may also want to read about what do the colors mean on pressure washer nozzles and what pressure washer nozzle is safe for car.

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