What Pressure Washer Nozzle Is Safe For Car? 7 Best Options!

What pressure washer nozzle is safe for car? To begin with, a forty-degree nozzle is suitable for glass exteriors and painted surfaces, while a twenty-five-degree nozzle is suitable for wheels and tires. But then, it’s unsafe to go past the twenty-five-degree mark when you wash your car. For one, a lower degree in size might invite more trouble. 

Choose the suitable nozzle but know the right pressure exerted. Never exert a higher pressure as it might bring damage to the paint in a car.

What pressure washer nozzle is safe for car

Plus, it may expose the car to great oxidation and rust. As much as possible, 1500 psi in pressure is enough for deep cleaning to achieve. It’s safe and proven appropriate to have a range in pressure of 1500 psi to 2000 psi. Anything past this measurement can bring damage to the car.


What Pressure Washer Nozzle Is Safe For Your Car?

So, what pressure washer nozzle is safe for car? Below are the types of pressure washer nozzles to use that are safe for cars:


#1. Forty-degree

This is a white nozzle that can clean large areas easily. Clean the body of the car and rinse it off with detergent. If you go on a wider surface, the safer it will be.  So, use a white nozzle as the wider the fan may be, the more efficient it will cover a huge area.


#2. Sixty-five degrees

This blacktip nozzle, at sixty-five degrees, is too low in pressure that helps remove mildew or debris for the wetting surfaces.


#3. Twenty-five degrees

This green nozzle is more suitable to use to remove dirt from the car’s exterior, wheels, and truck bed. Use the green nozzle or twenty-five degrees on grills, emblems, wheels, mats, and anywhere with grime stuck between the bed of the truck and the cab.


#4. Zero degrees

This red nozzle blasts the most difficult stains from the most stubborn surfaces. Make use of a powerful jet for metal, concrete, & more difficult materials. Move away from water jet use if you’ll clean things such as a car or wood. Red imposes danger that when used improperly, it might end up in injury. Move away from the zero-degree or red nozzle.


#5. Fifteen degrees

This pressure washer nozzle is versatile to use but is useful in different scenarios. It’s never dangerous when used in most surfaces. The type allows more coverage on the surface for your needs. Make use of the yellow nozzle at a safer distance but be sure it’s lower PSI. Choose the nozzle tip but use it to wash away grime and stubborn mud from four times four bumpers, including wheel wells.


#6. Variable nozzle/adjustable nozzle

This spray nozzle is a godsend for those who demand various settings. Quickly change over using six patterns like zero-degrees, forty-degrees, twenty-five degrees, and fifteen degrees, & soap & rinse. The nozzle is useful for doing cleaning chores using the amazing product. Alter standard nozzles no more with this great tool. For one, it’s efficient and lightweight as it utilizes an even smaller body & integrated design. The conventional one-fourth-inch plug can fit popular brands. Read this pressure noozle chart.


#7. Turbo nozzle

This nozzle makes a great alternative to a red nozzle tip for the similar pressure it brings. However, it utilizes a unique spray angle. This circular rotating form of water jet can blast through those rusts and tough dirt from the stripped and concrete surfaces.


Nozzle Tips Affect The Water Pressure?

The water pressure is the amount of water measured to come out in a nozzle. The pressure washer tip intends to control the shaped V angle, in a spraying wand. Plus, it determines the release of the water. Various angles in a nozzle help adjust to meet the different needs like cleaning the grease away or gently washing the area. The use of a strong jet stream in several nozzles helps achieve the degree desired.

Nevertheless, be extra careful in damaging the surfaces. Begin with four feet and move more rapidly, as necessary. Begin with a lower PSI and then, increase as needed. One-thousand two-hundred to one-thousand nine-hundred PSI is so far best in range when you wash the car using a pressure washer.  Alter the nozzles to bring intense pressure in a stubborn area. Keep in the right distance to best adjust and make pressure cleaning effective. Check this article on which pressure washer nozzle for car.


Tips To Pressure Wash A Car

Achieve a deeper and faster cleaning process in your car using a pressure washer. Avoid things that can go wrong with knowing pressure range and nozzle sizes. Avoid also the wrong approach as your car could get damaged a lot faster. Proximity is one factor that can determine the final result. Just leave no stone unturned and pressure washes the crannies and nooks and the damaged parts. Nonetheless, never apply pressure of about one-thousand psi on the faded paint as it is adding more to injury. Better to hand wash those parts using mild detergent as applying more force only worsens the damage. Know how to wash a car with a pressure washer


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn what pressure washer nozzle is safe for car wherein it should be a forty-degree nozzle suitable for glass exteriors and painted surfaces and a twenty-five-degree nozzle suitable for wheels and tires.

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