What Causes Hot Water Heater Reset Button To Trip? 4 Surprising Reasons!

We know that you want to learn what causes hot water heater reset button to trip; there are a few reasons for this problem: faulty thermostat, defective heating element, broken reset button, loose wiring, and many more. 

The reset button on your hot water system may be pressed to switch the machine back on if it loses electricity. On the other hand, your reset button acts as a safety feature, shutting off the device if the water temperature becomes too high.

what causes hot water heater reset button to trip

So, if you constantly have to reset the water heater to turn the electricity back on, there’s an issue. It’s critical to identify the cause of this problem and call an expert who can diagnose and fix it. So without further ado, let’s get started!


What Function Does A Water Heater’s Reset Button Serve?

When the water temperature inside your water heater hits 180 degrees Fahrenheit, a reset button’s safety feature cuts off the electricity to your water heater. High limit control or  (ECO)the energy cut-off buttons are additional names for the reset button. It’s usually a red button on the electric water heater’s thermostat. This button has a feature that turns off the water heater’s power if the interior water temperature rises to extremely high levels — exceeding 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whenever this happens, simply click the reset button, and hence the water heater will switch back on if the water is cooled sufficiently. The reset button on the water heater may frequently trip in some instances. A defective thermostat, rusted components, loose wiring, or a grounded wiring issue are signs of a more significant problem.


What Causes Water Heater Reset Button To Trip? 

If the reset button is tripped repeatedly by your water heater, then there’s an issue within the device that has to be fixed right away. Many factors can cause the water within the tank to get hotter than usual, although the most common cause is a faulty element. Here are what causes hot water heater reset button to trip? 


#1. Thermostat malfunctioning

There are two thermostats on solar water heaters: one on top and one on the bottom. A feature of the top thermostat is the reset button. The heater features a top and bottom heating element, so you have two thermostats. Every component does have its thermostat that communicates with the others to ensure that just one heating element is switched at the moment.

Whenever the water in your tank reaches the optimum temperature you selected, the thermostat switches off the heating element. If one of those thermostats fails, it may become locked ON and unable to switch off the element it controls, causing the reset button to trigger. The solution is to have a skilled plumber detect which thermostat is broken and repair this. You may also be interested to know about the function of an electric water heater thermostat.


#2. Defective heating element

The heating element in your water heater is responsible for heating the water. A short might occur in your heating element. If the element’s metal shell fractures and the hot wiring is wet, this is a common occurrence. If the heating element has a fault, the power will flow long after turning off your thermostat.   

As a result, till the water temperature of your heater tank hits 180 degrees Fahrenheit, your heating element will keep rising. The reset button will trip at about this level to keep your water from becoming much warmer. Your water isn’t quite as warm as before, which is a classic symptom that the heating element has burned out. Your water heater’s defective heating element may be replaced by a professional.


#3. Reset button itself 

The problem with the reset button itself of your water heater might be the cause of this problem. If the temperature of your water surpasses 180 degrees Fahrenheit, your water heater’s reset button will remove power from the device. The reset button’s switches, on the other hand, might wear down with time, making it difficult to gauge the water temperature precisely. Although the water temperature drops, the button may stop electricity to the water heater. As previously said, your machine has two thermostats, one of which has the reset button. If the reset button is the issue, a skilled electrician will almost certainly have to replace this. 


#4. Faulty breaker or wiring 

Your issue may be electrical. It might be a severe safety danger if you have unsecured wiring. However, the water heater can save you from dangerous hazards. Excess heat is created when wiring is loosened. The reset button may trip due to the heat produced by the loose wire. If your home has aluminum wire and your water heater has copper wiring, you may have additional wiring concerns. A unique lug connection is needed where the wires touch in this situation. The two different metals’ connection might trigger the water heater’s breaker to trip the reset button if the suitable lug connector is not in position.


It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, this fantastic guide has helped you determine what causes hot water heater reset button to trip. There are four common reasons for this problem that we have discussed above. To comprehend this, read the article carefully. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to check a hot water heater and how to drain a hot water heater. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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