How To Put Out A Dryer Fire? 4 Best Tips!

Do you want to know how to put out a dryer fire? The first step is to resist the natural urge to open the unit’s door to better view the flames. Its handle would almost certainly be capable of burning one’s hand, and leaving the door open would spread the fire.

Using a fire extinguisher is the best technique to put out a dryer fire. Squeeze the trigger, then spread the jet across flames until it has been fully extinguished.

how to put out a dryer fire

Disconnect the appliances and turn off the electricity to the home if it is safe to do so. If it’s not secure to do so, you’ll have to rely on firefighters to do their respective tasks. If flames are too high and you are scared to put out a dryer fire, it’s better to call firefighters for your safety. Read further and discover more.


Tips To Put Out A Dryer Fire

Putting out a dryer fire sometimes gets weird; the excellent evacuation strategy is the best line of protection against any home fire. Understanding how to put out a dryer fire might save your life if you’re unexpectedly confronted with flames in the laundry room, but never put personal safety in danger. Start reading the below-mentioned tips and learn more.


#1. Be aware Of the significance

Smoke seems to indicate that the dryer is in flames, but be on the lookout for other signs. The burning stench, popping sounds, or extreme heat in the vicinity of the appliance should all be taken seriously.


#2. Keep your dryer close

Keep the dryer door shut. It’s capable of burning the palm, and unlocking it feeds the flames oxygen. Burning synthetic materials also exposes you to carbon monoxide and hazardous fumes.


#3. Use the fire extinguisher 

Using a fire extinguisher is the best technique to put out a dryer fire. Squeeze the trigger, then spread the jet across flames until it has been fully extinguished. Unplug the dryer from the wall outlet after you’re sure you’ve extinguished the fire. Do not attempt to unplug the dryer if you suspect the connections are broken.


#4. Leave the laundry area safely

Shut the door behind you as you exit the washing room. This little action helps confine flames if smoldering materials re-ignite. Switch off the room’s utilities externally. Have a certified electrician evaluate your home’s electrical system right away. Anyone could take better care of any damaged wiring in regions around the fire and any other issues that could endanger the remainder of the home.


What Causes A Dryer Fire?

Many things cause a dryer fire, unusual wiring, poor maintenance of dryer parts, and many other things. Below, we discuss some leading causes of a dryer fire, so you can read such reasons and try to improve these things.


#1. Poor electric wiring 

Faulty wiring and broken machinery, including anything with mechanical components and electronic components, can lead to dryer fires. Whereas these fires are not as prevalent as those caused by washers, it is nevertheless vital to have these items inspected and, if required, fixed or replaced. You may also be interested to know about electric dryer outlet.


#2. Inappropriate usage

This relates to any fire caused by not following the manufacturer’s suggested rules when using a clothes dryer, such as overloading the dryer.  However, this might include scenarios involving products that should not be placed in a dryer or items that have directions stating that heat can not be used to dry them. Things comprised of plastics, foam, and rubber are not recommended for clothes dryers. An essential bathroom item might provide a fire threat, such as a mat with a latex backing.


#3. Filters and vents that are clogged with lint

Dryer fires are commonly caused by blocked vents, ductwork, and filtration. A buildup of lint usually causes this, but it can also be caused by dust, weeds, or anything that stays just after the wash cycle. In contrast to the lint filter, the exterior vent can get clogged, preventing ventilation and possibly resulting in dangerous situations. This might result from lint accumulating on the screen passing through the duct. On the other hand, pesky birds, bug nests, and squirrel nests might hinder it.


Safety Preventions For Fire Hazards

It’s not a good idea to operate the dryer without lint filtration since this might result in a fire. This is required for the dryer to function correctly. Every dry session will be far less of a fire threat, and your garments will dry safer and more accessible. It might become a dryer fluff fire starter when you do not even clean it well. Whether you’re planning on leaving the house with the dryer running, reconsider. It is critical to remember to switch off your dryer when you’re not present. Whenever the dryer catches on fire while away, it may burn down your walls and wreak tens of expensive damage rather than merely needing a new dryer.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how to put out a dryer fire. If you have installed a fire extinguisher near your dryer, you can use it to put out the fire. You may go into trouble if there is no fire extinguisher installed. In that case, you need to call firefighters. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about what is thermal fuse on a dryer is and how to disconnect gas dryer. Thank you, friends, for staying with us. 

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