The Guide on How to Make a LazyBoy Swivel Chair Stationary

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a LazyBoy swivel chair for the last decade or so. You may be tired of how it rocks back and forth when you try to get up out of it.

What can we do? Well, I have an idea how to make our chairs stationary! Check out this how-to guide on how to make a lazyboy swivel chair stationary furniture.

how to make a lazyboy swivel chair stationary


Steps on Making a Lazyboy Swivel Chair Stationary

Step 1. Find a U shaped object that has space for the chair to fit. This can be an old dresser or a large chest of drawers. The depth must accommodate how far your chair leans back when you sit in it.

Step 2. Place something on the bottom shelf for support and balance – this will need to be heavy enough not to move around. This can be anything from books to a bucket of sand or cement (I recommend having something you are okay with getting dirty for this).

Step 3. Place the chair on top of the support and balance materials so that it is centred, but not overhanging one side. It should stand relatively straight up like how it would if your chair was sitting on the floor.

Step 4. Stand back and use a pencil to mark how high the legs of your chair are from the ground (this is how much space you will need for clearance). You may want to put a piece of wood or plastic under each leg so that it does not get scratched up when marking where they should go.

Step 5. Take the chair off the support and gently set it on a flat surface to make sure your marks are where you want them.

Step 6. Put the chair back on the support and reverse how you removed it so that you can continue with how to make a lazyboy swivel chair stationary.


How to Disable the Swivel Feature of a Recliner Chair

A recliner chair is a great addition to any living room, family room or bedroom. It is comfortable and functional with the ability to be moved into different positions depending on how you want to relax at the time.

One thing that many people don’t realize about this type of furniture piece is how easy it can be for small children and pets to get injured if they have access to the swivel feature. Fortunately, it is an easy and simple how-to disable a recliner chair so that it cannot turn.

Step One: Take off any pillows or other items from the chair’s seat

Put on your work gloves before you start working with tools as this will help protect your hands from any injuries

Locate the how screws on the chair’s front and back. These are usually marked with a red or black strip, so they should be fairly easy to find. Remove them carefully as you do not want to break them

Step Two: Install an anchor strap by drilling into a stud in the wall

Drill the hole for the anchor strap into a stud in the wall to provide more stability and prevent an injury

Step Three: Install chair straps

Attach two nylon webbing straps on each side of the swivel mechanism. The how will be coming from behind, so you should have some slack when tightening them down. Pull as hard as you can and tighten

Step Four: Finish by installing chair glides

Glides will provide a smoother movement for your chair, which is good if it’s in an area where people are present

Installing four to six rubber furniture pads on each side of the swivel mechanism will help prevent stress cracks on the flooring

Place the chair glides on each side of the swivel mechanism and pull up to tighten


How to Care for Lazyboy Swivel Chair

  • Use chair glides to reduce friction between the floor and swivel mechanism
  • Install rubber furniture pads on each side of how to prevent stress cracks from forming.
  • Remove pads when not in use
  • Clean with mild soap and water. Do not leave wet
  • Allow the chair to air dry before covering it up or storing it away
  • Apply a durable surface protectant, such as Pledge, every six months to extend the life of how furniture’s finish.


Benefits of Owning a Lazyboy Swivel Chair

  • They are a great compliment to an office desk.
  • They do not take up as much space as a regular chair would, which is especially nice for small spaces!
  • They are great for those who don’t seem to have the motivation to get up and go exercise because it is so much more comfortable than a regular chair!
  • They come in many varieties of colours.
  • They have a head pillow, which is great for those who find their neck and back hurting after hours of sitting.
  • They are also good for people with sciatica because it takes the pressure off your hips when you sit down.
  • It provides lumbar support! (Look how much better I feel!)
  • You can adjust how high or how low you want it.
  • It’s great for those with back pain, as well!
  • They are easy to clean. Simply use a feather duster and dust the surface off.
  • You don’t have to worry about tearing your clothes on sharp edges because they have rounded corners at the bottom.


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