Office Chair Tension Knob Replacement: What You Need to Know

It is a common problem that office chairs have: the tension knob breaks. The knob controls the backrest and seat height, so when it breaks, you can no longer adjust these aspects of your chair.

Replacing this part is surprisingly easy to do! In this post, we will discuss how to replace an office chair tension knob and what you need to know beforehand.

office chair tension knob


Steps on Replacing the Tension Knob of Office Chair

Step One: Identify where the tension knob is located. This usually takes place on the back of the chair, but sometimes it’s at its base. 

Step Two: Disconnect any attachments that are connected to this knob and detach it from your office chair frame by unscrewing or unclipping it.

Step Three: Purchase a new office chair tension knob and attach it to your frame by screwing or clipping it back in place, following the same process that you followed with the old one.

Step Four: Reattach any attachments such as wheels, arms, or headrests before trying out your chair.  

Step Five: Sit in the office chair and adjust the tension knob to suit your desired level of tightness or looseness before sitting at your desk for hours on end.


How to Prevent Damage on Office Chair Tension Knob   

Step One: Check the tension knob for signs of wear and tear. If you find any, first try to tighten it with your hands before replacing it with a new one. This can be done by turning the knob in an anti-clockwise direction until desired tightness is achieved or gently pulling on it until you can twist it off.

Step Two: Purchase a new office chair tension knob from the store or on the internet and follow instructions for installation carefully, making sure not to over-tighten it. A tight but comfortable pressure must be applied before use to prevent any damage from occurring.

Step Three: If you have a chair with wheels, make sure they are properly adjusted to prevent the office chair tension knob from loosening and sliding off during use. Wheels can be tightened by turning them in an anti-clockwise direction until desired tightness is achieved or gently pulling on them      

Step Four: If the office chair tension knob appears to be slipping or loosening, tighten it by following steps two and three again.


How to Care for Office Chair Tension Knob

Step One: The tension knob should be checked for dirt and grime before using the chair. If dirty, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Step Two: When tightening the office chair tension knob, make sure to follow steps two and three as outlined above to avoid damaging the tension knob    

Step Three: If tightening of office chair tension knob does not tighten enough, it is time to replace the office chair and get a new one. There are likely more problems with your current desk than just loosened tension knobs on office chairs.

Step Four: When  loosening the office chair tension knob, make sure to follow steps two and three as outlined above    

Step Five: If tightening of an office chair doesn’t loosen enough when loosened, it is time for a replacement. Replacing your current desk may be necessary if this continues happening.


How to Deep Clean a Swivel Chair

Problem: You have a swivel chair that has been sitting for a while and it is time to deep clean the office chair. The armrests are dirty, there’s dirt or chips on the bottom of your seat, and you want to make sure all of these problems are taken care of before they get worse    

Solution: Follow the steps below for deep cleaning a swivel chair and take care of your office chair so that it lasts longer.

Step One: The first thing you want to do is clean off all large chunks of dirt from the armrests, bottom seat area, and wheels with an appropriate brush   

Step Two: Next you want to vacuum all the dirt that was collected by your brush off of the chair’s surface. Once vacuuming is complete, use a clean rag and wipe down any areas with dust or debris   

Step Three: Now it is time for more detailed cleaning. If there are any visible stains or spills on the chair   

Step Four: Use an appropriate liquid cleaner to soak up and remove any stubborn stains. Be sure that you are using a product made for upholstery cleaning   

Step Five: Let the dirty water from the chair soak into a towel overnight so it can  be thrown away   

Step Six: Use a clean cloth or towel to dry the chair off. Again, be sure that you are using an appropriate liquid cleaner  *  

Step Seven: If there is any remaining debris on your office chair use a vacuum with a brush attachment to get rid of it.


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