How to Assemble Sonoma Claremont Loveseat Glider?

Have you ever gotten yourself a Sonoma Claremont loveseat glider before? Their assembly manual can be hard to analyze sometimes. That is why we are here to teach you how to assemble Sonoma Claremont loveseat glider.

What is a Loveseat?

But before we get into how to assemble Sonoma Claremont loveseat glider, let us first define some basic terminologies. Two persons are seated on a loveseat, hence the name. This two-person chair was designed in the 17th century for women wearing big gowns with hoops.

Sonoma Claremont loveseat glider


At first, they formed an “S” shape, with everyone facing each other and near enough to touch hands. Then, Loveseats were created because they were ideal for private talks. After that, courting couples have kept on using these. 

What is a Glider?

A double-rocker four-bar linkage connects the seat to the base of this style of rocking chair. During swinging back and forth, the non-parallel suspension arms of the link simulate a rocking chair motion.


In addition to replacing porch swings, gliders are also popular as nursery furniture to help parents feed their newborns. In addition, a glider is marginally safer for pets and toddlers because the pinch points are moved away from the floor.

How is a Glider Different from a Rocker?

In terms of motion, a rocker differs from a glider. When a glider is motionless, its arched legs provide a swaying motion. On the other hand, rockers move back and forth on a mechanism, making for a quieter ride. 


A lock function is available on several gliders, which prevents curious tiny fingers from becoming stuck. Reclinable chairs are great for both nursing and relaxing! These two terms may be similar, but they have their differences.

Yotrio Corporation 

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How to Assemble Sonoma Claremont Loveseat Glider?

Parts to Assemble:

  • Right Arm
  • Left Arm
  • Back
  • Seat
  • Base 
  • Glider
  • Flat Washer + Medium Bolt (M6*20)
  • Flat Washer + Long Bolt (M6*40)
  • Short Bolt (M6*18)
  • Plastic Washer
  • Flat Washer
  • Allen Wrench
  • Seat Cushion
  • Back Cushion


Place the right arm upside-down on a flat surface that is protected from the elements. Tighten using an Allen wrench and flat washers to attach the seat to the right arm. Tighten but not wholly. 


Connect seat to left arms with flat washers and medium bolts using the Allen wrench; tighten but not wholly. You should raise the seat assembly. Use an Allen wrench to connect the middle of the back to the top of the right arm and the left arm using flat washers and long bolts. 


Secure the back bottom to the right and left arms, using an Allen wrench, with flat washers and medium bolt. Tighten but not wholly. Rotate the assembled unit carefully to the front. 


Use an Allen wrench to attach the long arm of the glider to the right arm’s bottom. Make use of plastic washers, flat washers, and short bolts. Tighten but not wholly. 


Then attach the long arm of the glider to the bottom of the left arm with plastic washers, flat washers, and short bolts. You can do this by using the Allen wrench. Tighten but not wholly.


Assemble the base to the short arms of the gliders using the Allen wrench. You must tighten all bolts completely. To stay stable on the floor, return the glider to its upright position.


Tie ties to back crossbar after placing seat cuffs and back cuffs. With all of these done, assembly is finished. Again, we recommend saving the Allen wrench and periodically tighten all bolts.


What is the lifespan of my YOTRIO furniture?

If you bought aluminum patio furniture, the frames wouldn’t corrode as steel ones will. However, the structures of your steel patio furniture can rust over time. Therefore, the storage of patio furniture should be done in a dry, protected area.


You should not use it in adverse weather circumstances. Examples are hail, sleet, snow; high winds; excessive heat such as cushions and pillows; and freezing temperatures. With these in mind, you will have your furniture lasting a long time.

What can I do to protect my furniture and make it last longer?

The patio furniture should be cleaned with a wet cloth and entirely dried for optimum results. Getting rid of dirt particles may assist in preventing mildew from forming. You should not use abrasive materials, bleach, and solvents in the cleaning of your home. 


When not in use, store the patio furniture in a dry, protected area. Storage in a dry, secure area will protect your patio furniture from excessive heat, cold temperatures, and other bad weather. As a precautionary measure, it is highly suggested that you disassemble and store it in a secure area.


Carefully follow the instructions above to know how to assemble Sonoma Claremont loveseat glider. Take precautions when building and be keen to detail to avoid problems. Once you are all set, you can enjoy your Sonoma Claremont loveseat glider in peace!


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