Step by step Instructions How to Open Graco Pramette Stroller

Graco Pramette Stroller is one of the most popular strollers available in the market. It has a smooth and luxurious design, which makes it easy to use on any terrain. The Graco Pramette is lightweight and easy to fold with an automatic lock for quick storage and handling. This article will teach you how to open a Graco Pramette stroller, so read more!


How to Open Graco Pramette Stroller

Steps on How to Open Graco Pramette Stroller

Step 1. Open the Graco Pramette stroller by pressing down on the two tabs at the front of it, then lifting to remove safety locks.

Step 2. Fold one side into a mountain shape and slide it onto either foot of another with your hands in opposite directions. Do this for both sides.

Step 3. Lift on each handle from close to ground level until they click into place under the top crossbar frame (don’t pull handles as you lift). The locking system automatically engages when the handle is lifted all way. You will know that the locking mechanism has engaged because an audible “click” sound can be heard coming from the lock near the wheelbase–that’s how to open the Graco Pramette stroller.

Step 4. Attach one side of the chest clip to front, diagonal strap on either side–then attach the opposite end to another strap on another side

Step 5. Put your child in a carrier facing you for easy access or at an angle if they are a toddler and can sit up unassisted. Secure straps around the waist with a buckle pointing away from the body. Fasten safety belt that goes across baby’s lap (if using) by adjusting both ends until a comfortable fit is achieved

Step 6. Tighten all four wheels before operating the stroller; push the rear wheel down while pulling the handle back then let go–you will feel resistance as it tightens against the frame. Do this three times per wheel. This process makes for a sturdier and safer ride


How to Unfold a Graco Travel System Stroller

To unfold a Graco travel system stroller we recommend standing it on the ground with the front wheel facing you. Push down on one of the rear wheels while pulling up on the handlebar until the lock engages at the bottom and top, release both handles then check that all four wheels are tight before operating.


How to Fold up an old Graco Stroller

To fold up an old Graco stroller you need to first make sure it is not in use. Fold the seat down, and then pop out one side of the frame–repeat on another side. Now push the two sides together until they snap into place; the top bar should be at foot of the handlebar with wheels sticking up towards the ceiling.

Push the bottom bar forward so that it snaps onto the top bar, pull back slightly for extra assurance that the lock has engaged properly. Finished! You have now successfully folded your old Graco stroller!


How to Put a Carseat in a Graco Stroller

Step 1. To put a car seat in your Graco stroller, you must first install the rear-facing infant carseat. The straps should be attached to the bottom of each sidebar and the base of the back bar; buckle or snap as necessary.

Step 2. Slide one arm through the underbar on the left-hand side with the baby’s head closest to handlebars, then slide another arm around the right-hand side for extra security–the lower frame will now form U shape when arms are inserted into the lower two slots (do not forget safety strap).

Step 3. Now that we have securely strapped our infant carrier onto the bottom and top bars, it is time to insert it into the open space between front seats.

Step 4. Remove any accessories from both sides of the handles and set them on the floor. Then, remove any accessories from the back bar (the small storage compartment) if you plan to use it for storing anything other than your infant carrier or car seat during travel.

Step 5. Finally, slide one strap end of the frame into open space between front seats–hooking onto the bottom left-hand side but don’t release lower safety straps yet! Now that we have securely hooked our Graco Pramette stroller onto either side of handlebars at the bottom and top bars, it is time to insert the baby’s head coverings first before inserting the entire infant carrier into a slot in between passenger seats.


How to Open a Stokke Xplory   

The process starts by unfolding both rear legs from underneath the carseat base with handles facing away from you and locking the top part of the frame in place by snapping it onto the seat backrest.

Now unlock and pull out both wheel brackets, then align them together in front of you so that they are side-to-side with one another at an even height and distance from each other when locked together into position. You have now successfully folded your old Stokke Xplory!


How to Open a Bugaboo Donkey

The process starts by unfolding the bumper bar from underneath their back and then snapping it into place on either side of the frame.

Now you need to release both hinges, which are located at the top corners of the seat backrest and this will allow for a hinged piece of fabric that is covering up an opening in your stroller’s underside to be released so that you can fold up one end first before folding over to close off all available openings under its hood.

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