11 Creative Ways to Repurpose an Old Swivel Office Chair

Many people in the office have a swivel chair. Maybe it was what they had back when they were a child, or what their parents had given them as a gift for graduation. Regardless of what your old swivel chair looks like now, there are ways to repurpose it and make it work again! In this article, we will discuss 11 creative ways to repurpose an old swivel office chair into something useful.

Repurpose an Old Swivel Office Chair

What Should I Look for When Buying a new Office Chairs?

Step 1. This is what you should look for when buying a new office chair:

Step 2. The size of the person who will be using it. One like that’s too big or small will not provide comfort and ergonomics, which can lead to back pain in the long run. A wide range of adjustment features such as seat height and armrests.

Step 3. A back height that can extend at least one inch from the chair’s seat, preferably more than two inches. This will allow your spine to stay in a neutral position.

Step 4. Adjustable lumbar support for lower back and neck pain relief (if possible). The right ergonomic office chair will keep your spine in a neutral position which prevents back and neck pain.

Step 5. A cushion that fits the shape of your body is what you need to look for when looking at office chairs as well. The chair should be able to mold around the curves of the lower back, hips, thighs, and shoulders for maximum comfort.

Ways to Repurpose an Old Swivel Office Chair

Step 1. Give it to a child who is learning how to use the computer. It makes using the mouse and keyboard easier, and they will love being able to spin in circles!

Step 2. Attach a cushion on top of two chairs for an instant ottoman that you can put your feet up on when sitting at your desk. This also works as a footrest for when you’re watching TV.

Step 3. Create a chair with arms to hold books, magazines or cookbooks by attaching two sticks or broomsticks across the back of each armrest.

Step 4. Turn it into an outdoor patio bench by placing cushions on top and adding some pillows. Add wheels if desired so that you can move them around.

Step 5. Use two chairs as a table for snacks or drinks by placing them on their side and attaching the armrests in an X shape. Attach two or more chairs to create a bench that can be used as an extra seat when there are guests at the house.

Step 6. Turn it into a rocking chair by attaching ropes, cords, fabric and what have you on either side of the back so your child has something to push on with her feet while she rocks. Add a chalkboard sticker to the back of it and use it as a makeshift easel.

Step 7. Attach some wheels on one or both of the sides for storage purposes, such as under the bed. Use it as a TV stand by building your own with what you have available in your home; books are great when used like this!

Should an Office Chair Have Wheels?

It all depends on what you are planning to do with the chair. If it’s going to be used for catering, then wheels will help get around easier. A person can also use them as a makeshift table or bench and making sure they have enough clearance underneath not to hit their feet on the ground when sitting down. They could even be used as a stool.

If the chair is just going to be sitting in one place, then wheels are not necessary.

Are swivel chairs Dangerous?

Swivel chairs are what they call a “novelty”. This is because it can be dangerous if someone were to twist too hard. It’s possible for someone to fall off and get hurt, or even break their neck. So before purchasing one, make sure you know what your intention is with the chair.

There are also what’s called “slow swivel chairs”. These types of chairs have a lower, and slower spinning motion. They can be easier to get out of if need be because they don’t spin quickly.

How do you Adjust the Tension on a Chair Tilt?

The tension on a chair tilt can be adjusted by using what’s called an Allen wrench. This is what you will need to loosen or tighten the nut under the seat of your desk, which will in turn either make it easier or more difficult for you to get out of your chair.

Some people like their chairs tilted back as much as possible, while others like a little bit of tension so they don’t fall backwards when their muscles tire and start to give out.

From what you have in mind, it’s best to keep the chair with less resistance because that will make it easier for you or anyone else who sits in the chair to lift themselves without any help from their arms or hands.

The simplest solution is to take the chair apart and remove what’s called a spacer from under the seat, but you’ll need an Allen wrench for that job and it will be best if someone with some experience helps you because there are tiny parts involved in this undertaking.

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