How To Clean RV Air Conditioner Filter? 4 Easy Steps!

How to clean RV air conditioner filter? In four easy steps, you can; all you need to do is to read on.

Are you having a hard time cleaning off all the dust and dirt particles that can be seen inside of the RV’s air conditioner filter because it has accumulated inside? Don’t worry about a thing we will help you find easy methods to apply for use.

When it comes to an RV, the temperature inside must be maintained because narrow spaces make it hot sometimes to stay inside. Is it implausible to rest or stay in that situation?

That is why an air conditioner is built into the RV to keep you cold during warm days.Though sometimes things can get old too, as for your air conditioner, dust particles that come from the outside become vacuumed by air into the machine.

As a result, dust clung to the air conditioner’s filter, making it less effective than before. As a result, we devised methods on how to clear up the problem with ease.

Once you apply these methods onto the filter of your AC, we can assure you that there will be no problems seen on your RV’s air conditioner filter furthermore.


Steps To Clean RV Air Conditioner Filter

There are so many ways regarding how to clean RV air conditioner filter that we see on the internet. Some might be hard for you to follow up with, though we have devised simple steps on how you can eliminate those problems in this article.

Not everybody has the budget to buy materials for a specific reason, so we have developed a method wherein you do not need to spend cash anymore. Because this you can do this by using your hands and simple things at home.

After this, we can assure you that you will lose your worries about having a very slow and not-so-cold AC in seconds once you’ve done these steps. There might be many alternatives out there for you to follow, but they might be hard to do so.

That is why we made these steps simple for you to finish it in no time and use your RV once again to go on a trip after you are done dealing with this. Stay with us as we teach you the fundamentals of cleaning the AC in RVs and learn more about it.


Step #1. Preparing your air conditioner unit

To begin cleaning the unit’s filter, start by turning all of them off and disconnect them from their power sources to ensure that you’re safe.Once you have turned them off, remove them.

You will then want to remove the covers so that the filter will be exposed and will be easier to reach and clean. Make sure to be cautious when pulling out its screen so that it would not cause you any injuries that might get serious furthermore.

If your RV has a different model than the others, check on the instructions to avoid confusion when removing it.


Step #2. Use a vacuum to remove unwanted dust particles

A vacuum cleaner is already enough to clean up an AC’s filter because of its suctioning power to loosen up dust particles within a matter of seconds. Be careful not to overpower it too much as it may cause damage to the screen of the filter if there is too much suction happening.

Now what you want to do is turn on your vacuum cleaner and then find the spot where it is likely to be hard for the vacuum to damage the areas of the screen.Then suck the areas thoroughly, ensuring no dust particles are left to be seen.

For filters that have not undergone thorough cleaning for a long time, you can follow the following steps to remove them by deep cleaning them.


Step #3. Soaking in water and scrubbing off the dirt

For best results and to make sure that your filter is clean enough, you’ll want to submerge it in warm water and a tiny amount of soap.

Let it soak for at least ten to fifteen minutes, depending on the dirt build-up sticking onto the filters for easier cleaning on the following steps.

You’ll then want to brush it thoroughly with a soft brush so that it avoids damage to the filters. Once you are satisfied with its cleanliness, you will rinse it again with water to wash all the soap thoroughly.


Step #4. Finalization

Finally, we are on to our final step, ensuring that there would be no more bacteria that will stick on your air conditioner filters. All you need is vinegar; its antibacterial properties make it one of the cheapest solutions to eliminate any dirt.

To do this, prep your solution into a spray bottle at about equal parts water and vinegar it. Now spray the filter with the solution and let it stay for about ten to twenty minutes for best results.

After that, rinse the screen once again. So that the smell of the vinegar won’t stay for too long in the filters, and your RV won’t smell like it. Then once it is dry, you can now put it back to place and be ready to put it on us once again.



That is all for, how to clean RV air conditioner filter?” Now that you have your filters cleaned like they’re brand new, it is now time that you put them to use and go on a trip with your friends and family.

Well, again, remember to turn off your air conditioner and disconnect from any electrical source to prevent accidents. On the other hand, make your RV more presentable, this article could help.

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