Maytag Dryer Squeaks When Running? Read These 7 Surprising Reasons!

Do you ever wonder about Maytag dryer squeaks when running? No more worries, you arrive on the right page. There are various factors that might generate a screeching sound, The dryer isn’t level, The dryer needs to be cleaned, or issue with the dryer cleaning.

The noise of a squeaky dryer is alarming, and pinpointing the cause of the problem can be difficult. A squeaky dryer may indicate the need for a small or substantial repair or an upgrade to a new machine in certain situations. 

Maytag dryer squeaks when running

Identifying if the noise is coming from the unit’s bottom, front, or rear might aid in determining the source. The bearings in the dryer drum’s guide wheels are starting to fail, which is why it’s screeching. The screeching will stop if you replace those wheels. Let’s get more closer to the reasons behind Maytag dryer squeaks!


Reasons Behind Maytag Dryer Squeaks When It’s Running

It doesn’t matter if you have a gas or electric dryer, there are a few typical reasons for loud screaming noise. It’s natural for things to wear down over time, and it’s not always harmful. Fortunately, most new components are simple to locate and install. Let’s read the possible reasons of Maytag dryer squeaks when running. 


#1. Screeching sound coming from the dryer’s bottom

Sounds emanating from the bottom of the dryer can be caused by a variety of factors, ranging from minor concerns such as loose dryer legs to more significant difficulties such as a worn-out engine. Checking the dryer legs are level and tightened is a usual initial step in narrowing things down. Using a leveler to level the dryer and turning it from front to back, then side to side, then adjusting the legs until the leveler reads that they’re even is how you level the dryer legs.

If somehow the dryer legs are level, you may tighten them by pushing the dryer away from the wall, tilting it back, anchoring it with a support item, and using a wrench to pull the dryer feet.

If you need assistance determining if loose or unlevel dryer legs cause the squeak, don’t hesitate to contact the dryer manufacturer or a specialist. 

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#2. Screaming noise from the dryer’s front

When you hear screaming noises coming from the front of the dryer, it’s most likely coming from the front-right side. This is frequently caused by a worn-out idler pulley, which applies tension to the drumbeat of the dryer to keep it from slipping off during a cycle. Accessing and replacing the idler pulley on your dryer is a simple yet time-consuming task. When the idler pulley does not rotate smoothly, it is usually time to replace it.


#3. Loud screaming noise from the dryer back

Because the back of the dryer holds many components that might wear down, it’s the most prevalent cause of loud screaming noise. The drum bearings and roller shaft, which support the drum and let it turn smoothly, are located in the dryer’s rear. A malfunctioning drive belt, which wraps around the dryer drum to assist it in spinning and can get loose or worn over time, might be causing the noise from the back of the machine.

The support rollers – trim, the drum glides, which sit on the roller shaft and keep the dryer drum in place, or the wheels that rest on the roller shaft and hold the dryer drum in place. Assisting the drum in moving smoothly and silently during the cycle might make screeching noises. You may also want to read about LG washer making loud noise when spinning.


#4. Drum bearing in the dryer screaming

Drum bearings are positioned in the dryer cabinet’s back wall center and support the drum’s rear as it tumbles. Replace any poses that have apparent indications of wear. It’s best to also know why your dryer make a noise when tumbling.


#5. Dryer screeching from the shaft

Inside the dryer, roller shafts resemble little rolling pins and are situated on either side of the back wall of the dryer cavity. Build-up, scratches, or dents can cause a squeaking sound on roller shafts, and it typically means the parts need to be replaced.


#6. Dryer screaming from the drive belt

Dryer drive belts deteriorate over time and may show fraying, cracking, or breakage symptoms, causing the dryer to screech loudly. The drive belt wraps around the drum’s outside center and, if it breaks entirely, can cause a rattling noise while the engine runs, but the dryer drum does not revolve.


#7. Dryer squealing from drum glides

The outside rim of the front of the drum and the dryer door is separated by dryer drum slides. Grinding noises, brown patches on garments, or fabric trapping between the drum and dryer door are all indicators of worn dryer glides, in addition to shrinking. If one drum glide begins to show symptoms of wear, both drum glides must be replaced.


It’s A Wrap!

We were glad to learn that you would all understand Maytag dryer squeaks when running after reading this article. You read this article in one sitting. So, if your Maytag dryer squeaks, attempt to remedy it on your own. Hopefully, you digest this article just in one go. Thank you for keeping in tune with us, friends!

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