How To Stack A Dryer On Top Of Washing Machine? 8 Easy Steps!

Have you ever wanted to know how to stack a dryer on top of washing machine? If you want to stack your dryer on a washing machine the main thing you need is a stacking kit. A stacking kit is a washing accessory that attaches to the front of a front-loading washer and dryer. It also guarantees that your dryer and washer rest safely as one fixed unit, saving you significant space.

While in operation, stacking kits enhance the impact of a dryer on the upper edge of a washer and mitigate shocks from both machines. This prevents your dryer from slipping off the top of your washer and onto the floor, which would be disastrous for the equipment as well as your laundry facility.

how to stack a dryer on top of washing machine

In every house, stacking your dryer on the upper edge of the washer is a practical solution to conserve floor space. You may buy a stacking kit and make this happen as long as your washer and dryer models are compatible. Let’s have a deep look at it!


Steps To Stack A Dryer On Top Of Washing Machine

The machines are firmly stacked with the use of a staking kit. Even if the dryer takes up more space than the washer. You won’t have to worry about the dryer falling out of the washing machine this way. You may learn how to stack a dryer on top of washing machine. You just need to follow the following steps.


Step #1. Purchase the best stacking kit

The first thing you need to stack your dryer on a washing machine is the best stacking kit, Some of these are labeled or universal, but always double-check that the kit you’re going to buy is appropriate with your washer and dryer type.

Step #2. Choose same brand machines

Every dryer, as long as it fits, may conceivably be stacked on top of a washer. You may, however, violate the guarantees on both appliances if you do so. Rather, seek washers and dryers that can be stacked. This usually entails having the same brand of washer and dryer. Even from the same maker, not all washers and dryers can be stacked. To determine if your machines are comparable, read the manuals, ask a dealer, or go to the support site. Many manufacturers make matching washers and dryers that may be neatly stacked. Both front-loading and top-loading washers come with stackable choices. Stackable washer-dryer combos are comparable to regular washer-dryer sets in price.


Step #3. Prepare the machines

You must need to prepare your machine for stacking up, the legs of the dryer will almost certainly need to be unscrewed before it can be properly stacked. To cushion the dryer and prevent vibrations, the manufacturer may also urge you to add adhesive foam backing on top of the washer. If that’s the case, it should come with the stacking kit. If you decide to unstack your appliances later, keep the legs in a secure location. Move the washer away from the wall by at least a few inches. You’ll need enough room to connect everything, but you don’t want the appliances to be too far away from the wall that they’re difficult to slide back into position after you’re finished.


Step #4. Place your dryer on the washer

To hoist the dryer, you need a minimum of two persons who will have to work together. Squat with your legs bent and your hands beneath the dryer. Lift with caution, pulling the weight with your legs rather than your back. The dryer should be placed on top of the washer. Dryers are large and bulky. Lifting one incorrectly might result in harm. Lift with caution and, if necessary, seek further assistance. It may also be a good idea to read about how to hookup washer and dryer.


Step #5. Attach your machines

An attachment or bracket that connects the washer and dryer should be included in your stacking kit. This is usually located on the back of the machines. Apply the four white plastic strips to the casing’s four corners. Attach the four black anti-slip bits next. Ensure the smooth side of the stacking is facing up. Place it in the washing machine’s center,  Bolts will most likely hold the attachment or bracket in place.


Step #6. Use strap fastener 

Should use straps fastener now that the dryer is attached to the washing machine. To begin, take the left-hand fastening strap from your washing and drying set. At the moment, this is still a bit sloppy. Pull the strap through the center slot of the strap tensioner and over the washing machine and dryer. The belt tensioner’s lever may be moved up and down to adjust the strap tension. Continue doing so until the strap is totally tight. Attach the white plastic cover to the strap tensioner for added protection.


Step #7. Connect with gas, water, or exhaust pipes

After you’ve bolted your stacked washer and dryer together, connect the water hoses to the washer and the gas line,  and the exhaust vent to the dryer, as directed by the manufacturer. To avoid leaks, ensure they’re adequately protected. After you’ve attached the washer and dryer to the bracket, do this. You can easily reach the connections since the appliances will be pulled away from the wall to install the bracket.

A water supply pipe and a drain hose will be included in the washers. Both of these should be attached. Dryers will have a vent duct that must be connected to an exterior vent. You’ll also need to connect the gas line if you have a gas dryer.

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Step #8. Connect the power cords

After setting up everything now connect them with electric power, first set them in place near switchboard for easiness, and then connect them.


It’s A Wrap!

We really feel glad to know that you understand how to stack a dryer on top of washing machine, by reading the above-mentioned steps you can now easily stack your machines by just following these steps. Have a nice day, friends! It may be helpful to read about where to buy apartment-size washer and dryer.

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