How to Style Your Loveseat and Armchair

Turn your loveseat and armchair into a stylish addition to any living space. All you need is furniture that doesn’t overwhelm the room with its scale and a little creativity. Here are some ideas for pairing seating pieces with plush throw pillows to make it look as though they were purchased together at a store. Whether your style leans towards modern or traditional, these tips will help you style your space in just the right way. Read on!

1 . Try Two Loveseats or an L-Shaped Sectional

Add two loveseats (or opposite-facing chairs) to create an “L” shape if your living room can support the necessary square footage without feeling tight and cramped. It’s perfect for a more contemporary living room.

loveseat and armchair


2. Create a Conversation Area

For the best possible way to have seating for 3-4 people without taking up too much floor space, use two armchairs and one ottoman or coffee table as a focal point between them. This arrangement is ideal if your living area is small in scale.


3. Make Some Room

Combine an armchair with side tables that flank each side of the chair to give your living room ample surface area for decor and other items like lamps, books, remotes, and drink coasters. If you really want to make it look as though they were made to be together, try using matching end tables. It’s incredibly chic!


4. For Couples

Styling your loveseat with a single chair beside it will give you seating for 2 people without using as much floor space. Couples in small living rooms can use this arrangement to create a comfortable nest to share intimate conversations and relaxed moments together. You can also situate the furniture so that the chairs are facing each other instead of being side-by-side. This will make people sitting on the opposite chair feel included in any future kitty-corner get-togethers! 5. For Singles

This is perfect for those who live alone, or just want their couch and armchair to go solo. In cases like these, it’s best not to add any additional pieces of furniture unless they’re easily movable pieces like side tables.


6. For a Child’s Room

If your child already has his or her own little chair, a little love seat is the next best thing! It can be placed facing the TV for movie night and snuggling to watch their favorite show. You could even use it as an additional seating area if you’re having a party!


7. For Picture Perfect Pairs

You don’t need to purchase furniture pieces together on purpose… if they happen to go well with each other, that’s even better! The best part about styling a loveseat and armchair together is that there are no rules—pair them any way you want and have fun doing it! 

Steps on How o Create Your Own Loveseat and Armchair

We’re committed to helping you build the best living space for years of comfort and enjoyment. Here’s our guide to help you style your loveseat or armchair – or just a chair – so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your home improvement labor. Please share this with friends who would also like to know how to create their own customized furniture pieces. We hope it helps!


​1. Start With an Accent Piece You Love. ​Start by choosing an accent piece that speaks to you: Is it a vintage chest? A sleek metal side table? Bring home something that makes you say “Wow!” and that you’re ready to invest in as the centerpiece of your new furniture grouping. Then, mix it up with a few additional accents – pillows, lamps, bookcases or décor items like mirrors – so your loveseat or chair becomes the anchor for a personalized room design.


  1. Don’t Overcrowd. ​Once you see how your living space transforms into something truly unique with your own loveseat or armchair (or just a chair), don’t overcrowd – unless you want to turn your place into Grandma’s house! It’s okay to keep some free space on either side of the piece so guests have room to sit down and enjoy themselves. You could even create conversation areas by adding a side table, an ottoman, and a throw pillow. You don’t want to end up in the center of your own loveseat or armchair (or just a chair) – that would be awkward!


  1. Finish With Flair. ​Make sure you keep essentials close at hand so they’re within reach when you need them. If it’s a writing desk you added for storage, make sure there’s enough space to curl up with your laptop on one end and have your printer and supplies on the other so you can get some work done while staying comfortable. Don’t forget lighting – add sconces or floor lamps so you always have light by which to read your favorite book or magazine.​


And there you have it! With just a few easy steps, you can transform your living space into one that looks like it was designed by the pros. Once you update your home with a loveseat and armchair or an accent chair, be sure to share those images on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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