Loveseats in the Mid-Century Loveseat versus Modern

There are so many different pieces of furniture which have been designed and created over the recent years, it really does make you wonder how people used to live back in the day. It is surprising when you see things like a sofa or a chair that was designed way back and then compare it with something that has come out recently. A loveseat is preferable, but how can you determine a mid-century loveseat from a modern one?

If someone had made those comparisons a couple of decades ago, probably no one would believe that these two could be from the same family let alone made by a group called Humans!

mid-century loveseat

 Well, there is indeed much difference between the work done nowadays compared to before; we can always debate about who makes better stuff but this particular article is not focusing on any specific era or rather than just comparing mid century loveseats with those from today, but probably to give you a rough idea of how much times have changed!

The sofa that was designed by the Humans Group in the mid-20th century was originally brought out as an ideal piece of furniture for movie theaters. The human group specialized in ergonomics and their goal was to make sure that people get all the comfort they needed when watching movies. However, this particular loveseat spread its wings far and wide after some significant changes were made to it. An upholstered seat replaced the original plain one so no one could not only lean back while watching a show but also sit down comfortably without fearing getting tired before the interval is over.

What does a mid-century loveseat look like?

It’s an unassuming love seat, really: a low, wide couch with two rows of buttons up the middle. Its lines are clean and soft, its cushions plump and light-colored; it is well-proportioned for two people to sit on comfortably without their knees touching. But there are also some unfortunate—and telling—details. The arms flare out at such sharp angles that they seem to scream in protest against the loveseat’s very existence. It has clearly come from another place and time—or maybe even another dimension?

What does a modern loveseat look like?

A modern loveseat is a small couch with two or three seats and a backrest but no armrests. Modern loveseats are typically made of leather or fabric, beige, brown, or black in color, and have wooden legs that curve upwards at the front. It is not uncommon for modern living rooms to have several items of furniture that fulfill different functions around one central seating area like ottomans, coffee tables, and side tables all around. If you want to find out more about living room ideas check out our previous post on the subject. [Link]

How much does a modern loveseat cost?

Modern loveseats typically cost between $250-$600 (US) depending on size, material, and quality. 

What are the dimensions of a modern loveseat?

Typically, loveseats are about 1.5 meters (60″) long and 0.75 meters (30″) wide. The height from floor to seat is around 35cm (~14″). Some loveseats may also have an armrest on one or both sides. A 2-seater loveseat typically has a height of 45 cm (18″), while a 3-seater reaches 60 cm (24″).

How to Choose the Right Loveseat for You

So you’ve decided to take the next step in your relationship and purchase a loveseat for your home. You’re just not sure which loveseat is right for you. Here are some tips and guidelines on what type of loveseat best suits your needs.

Loveseats come in many shapes and sizes, but there are certain qualities that all loveseats have in common. They are typically designed with an intimate conversation between two people in mind, whether it’s a couple cuddling up or an individual relaxing to read his favorite book. Their small size also makes them perfect for use as an accent chair or secondary seating within a room. If you’re wondering how much space you should leave between lounging couples or if a loveseat will fit in your living room, this guide can help.

When you’re trying to determine how many people can sit comfortably on a loveseat, think about the primary purpose of each piece of furniture within a room. The two major factors when considering room capacity are traffic flow and seating arrangement. 

In order for traffic to pass through an area without obstruction, allow at least three feet between individual pieces of furniture. This is especially important when placing multiple seating options near doorways or hallways within a room. For the best results, place your loveseats perpendicular to traffic flow with one end situated against the wall and the other pointing towards an open space in the center of the room where it can act as a focal point.

In addition to traffic flow, you should also take into account any seating arrangement or configuration within a room before determining how many people can sit on a loveseat comfortably. If your living room features an open floor plan with an emphasis on conversation and socializing, allow at least 36 inches between the end of the loveseat facing away from the wall and any other furniture in order to accommodate a couple sitting next to each other. 

If you’re planning an intimate gathering for two within a small living space like an apartment or studio, it is best to keep all furniture and décor compact to maximize capacity within limited space. For example, one person could sit cross-legged on the loveseat with another one or more people sitting on the floor in front of them.


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