How To Wire A Hot Water Heater Diagram? 4 Easy Steps!

Have you bought a new heater and want to learn how to wire a hot water heater diagram? You will find out the simplest method to wire a water heater, and we will make you understand the chart of the water heater depicting how it works. 

Everything in your home and outside catches your attention if you are a curious soul. You want to learn how electric appliances work and what the components inside them do. That is why we have mentioned the wiring and the diagram of the water heater to satisfy your craving for knowledge. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Steps To Wire A Hot Water Heater

You must know the exact process of how to wire a hot water heater diagram. This step comes after installing the heater, and you are just ready to enjoy a hot water bath. Before everything else, know the essentials to start this process. A 10 gauge copper wire is coming from your roof towards the heater. That copper wire has two conductors and one ground wire, and it must be given protection with a metallic electrical tube or an electrical flex or maybe both of these. A screwdriver is also needed to open the plate from the toolbox.


Step #1. Turn off the circuit breaker

Before starting any repair or fixing, you have to do one crucial thing: the power is off. In this case, you have to turn off the circuit breaker from the breaker panel of your house. The 240-volt circuit breaker of a water heater has two poles of 30-amp current. Also, make sure that you have noted on the breaker panel that wiring is being done on the heater to avoid any risk of electrocution. Here’s how to turn off water heater.


Step #2. Remove the metal plate

Locate a metal plate on the top of the heater and remove it by opening the three bolts and a ground screw. Put the plate out and take off the channel locks by bending an inner ring with the help of a pair of pliers. Slide the plate and bolt up the wires. Twist the bolt to fit it within the threads of the plate. Take off the green ground screw and put the ground wire loop in place. Reinsert the screw. 


Step #3. Connect the circuit 

Connect the conductors with the wires attached to the heater’s heating element. Connect the wires by twisting wiring nuts. Also, wrap the black electrical tape for a secure connection. Put the cables in the housing and replace the metal plate. 


Step #4 Secure the water heater

It would help to connect a safety strap around the heater that attaches with a wall on the back. It secures the heater from getting misplaced in a situation like an earthquake or any other hazard. That strap is inexpensive and easy to install but serves as an excellent anchor. Know how to adjust temperature on hot water heater.


Diagram Of The Heating System Of Water Heater

First of all, you need to know that there are two heating elements in a standard water heater; on top and bottom. The main components of heating elements are high-limit switches and thermostats.


#1. Connections 

We have three wires connected to the water heater. One of them is ground, and the other two are conductors that supply electricity to the heater. These two wires are connected with No.1 and No.3 high limit switches connected with NO.2 and No.4. The 2 and 4 number switches distribute the power to the whole heating element. 


#2. Switching of thermostats

No.4 high limit switch connects with one side of both the upper and lower elements. On the other hand, the No.2 switch connects with the No.1 point. A thermostat is attached to either an end connecting with the No.2 point or the No.4 point. 

The story behind this states as when the water temperature is hot, the No.1 switch connects with No.4 through a thermostat. But when you utilize that hot water, the cold water needs to be hot. The No.1 switch connects the thermostat with the No.2 switch that eventually connects with another side of the upper element. As you already know, the one side of that element is already associated with the No.4 high limit switch. 

Here’s how thermostats work.


#3. The lower heating element

Now, we will talk about the lower element. It has only No.1 and No.2 points. This element works when the water gets hot on the top side of the heater, and the thermostat connects with No.4 point after disconnecting from the No.2 point. In addition, the power supply will restore to the lower element after this whole process of connection and disconnection.


Summary of the diagram

You have to understand a straightforward thing to digest this story. The lower power element does not work when the upper part is supplied with an electric current and vice versa. The summary of this diagram is a component that works at a time. 


It’s A Wrap!

We hope you will feel satisfied after knowing how to wire a hot water heater diagram that includes straightforward language to make you understand the task quickly.

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