How To Wash Tempurpedic Pillow Complete Guide

If you’re curious about how to wash Tempurpedic pillow, the secret is knowing what to do and what not to do. Upon the arrival of your Tempurpedic pillow, you’ll have to break it in. But after some time, you need to know what to do to keep it clean.

The general rule is never to wash your Tempurpedic pillow. Instead, wash the cover and clean the pillow itself. If you’re confused, continue reading below. 

How To Wash Tempurpedic Pillow


How Do You Wash Tempurpedic Pillows

Before anything else, it’s essential to know what not to do when washing your Tempurpedic pillow. The company itself recommends never to wash Tempurpedic pillows themselves because the Tempur material can get damaged from moisture. However, you can still keep your pillow clean with these guidelines. 


What Not To Do

Never use warm or hot water when cleaning your Tempurpedic pillow. And like other pillow materials, harsh cleaners and detergent can damage the Tempur material. Follow the tips below to know how to wash your Tempurpedic pillow correctly without washing the Tempur material.

Vigorous scrubbing and excessive water can deform the memory foam you’re using. Furthermore, the washing machine and dryer are also incompatible with Tempurpedic pillows. Instead, you’re focusing on washing the pillow covers. 


What To Do


Freshening your pillow

Tempurpedic only recommends washing the pillow covers and never the pillows themselves. However, you can keep your Tempurpedic pillow fresh by aerating it. Letting the Tempur material absorb air and breathe is an excellent way to freshen your pillow. 

Start by removing the pillow cover and then roll the pillow like you’re handling a sleeping bag. Then, unroll the material and repeat the process in the opposite direction. Do this outside on a sunny day to ventilate the pillow and keep it fresh without washing it. 

You can expose your Tempurpedic pillow to sunlight for a day if you want to deodorize it as well. Some even sprinkle some baking soda over the pillow and let it sit for 24 hours. Then, vacuum the baking soda off, and your pillow should smell much better. 


Washing the cover

You cannot wash your Tempurpedic pillow, but you can wash the cover. We must maintain our pillow’s cleanliness to prevent the buildup of pathogens and allergens. Besides dust, sweat, oils, and moisture can accumulate and stain your pillow

If you’re noticing discoloration and odor, it’s time to wash your Tempurpedic pillow cover. You can check out the tags on your product to know how to clean it correctly. The company also recommends contacting their Customer Service if you’re not sure about the proper procedure. 


How To Wash Tempurpedic Pillow Covers

The Tempurpedic Grandpillow uses a cover that you can dry clean only. On the other hand, check your pillow tag if you can wash it in the machine. Typically, you can use the cold temperature setting for the washer and then air dry the cover. 

If your machine has a cool setting for drying, you can also use it. The emphasis is necessary on never using heated settings for drying as well as chlorine products when washing. If you can’t use a washer, you can clean the cover by hand. 

Remove the pillow cover and submerge it in cold water and mild soap. Be gentle in scrubbing the cover and then dry it outside. Allow the cover to dry completely before using it again. 


What To Do When You Get Your Tempurpedic Pillow Wet?

You might accidentally get your Tempurpedic pillow wet, and it can be frustrating. The Tempur material can expand or crumble if moisture seeps through, making the pillow uncomfortable and deformed. However, you still might be able to recover your wet Tempurpedic pillow. 



You want to prevent the distortion of the material, so you should use a towel to absorb the pillow’s excess moisture. Don’t hesitate to give a bit of pressure with the towel to help the pillow squeeze out the liquid inside. If your pillow is soaked, you can leave it somewhere ventilated over towels to absorb the liquid. 



Continue to use towels until the pillow is no longer waterlogged. You can then lightly roll the Tempurpedic pillow to ensure that the moisture inside is squeezed out. Once done, place the pillow outside on a sunny day to further dry it for about 24 hours. 

If the weather is humid, you might risk encouraging mold growth. It’s better to leave the pillow indoors where it’s ventilated and then add a fan that will circulate air and help with drying. Remember to flip the sides to get the pillow dry thoroughly or hang it on the clothesline. 



All pillow types benefit from cleaning and washing, including the popular foam pillow from Tempurpedic. However, learning how to wash Tempurpedic pillow might make you confused. To cut to the chase, the brand recommends never to wash or get the Tempur material wet. 

Instead, check your pillow tag on how to wash the cover instead. You can also freshen the pillow itself by ventilating it outside on a sunny day. Roll and unroll the pillow to introduce air inside, or sprinkle some baking soda and let it sit on the surface to eliminate odor. 

If you accidentally get your Tempurpedic wet, all you have to do is let towels soak the excess moisture. Then, allow the pillow to air dry somewhere well-ventilated to prevent mold growth.