Why And How to Wash Stroller Blanket

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to wash stroller blanket safely so that you can keep your baby safe and healthy!


How to Wash Stroller Blanket

Blankets that are used for strollers and car seats are high-touch surfaces. They’re handled, wiped down, and snuggled with on a regular basis. This is why it’s important to take the time to wash your stroller blanket at least once or twice a month – especially if you use it every day.

When washing any type of fabric item (such as an infant carrier cover), there are some basic guidelines for how long you should run the water in the washer:


Steps on Washing a Stroller Blanket

Step 1. Run cold water until it reaches 50° Fahrenheit before adding anything to the washer

When you think of how long it takes to wash a load in your washing machine, keep this guideline in mind. The water should be cold enough that it’s uncomfortable for an adult to stick their hand into – 50° Fahrenheit is recommended by professionals as safe for baby items and other fabric surfaces.

Step 2. Run hot water only when needed. Hotter temperatures can damage fabrics or ruin delicate parts on the inside of your stroller blankets like elastic bands and ties. Be mindful!

Step 3. If you use bleach: dilute with no more than one part bleach to ten parts water before putting anything else into the washer (including detergent). Bleach will start releasing fumes once diluted; make sure there are plenty of open windows and fans in the house before you start your wash.

You’ll also need to rinse afterwards if there are any bleach spots on surfaces where it could’ve touched – this includes towels, bedding, or other clothing that may have come into contact with the laundry water while drying.

Step 4. If you use fabric softener: make sure to put it in during a separate load from detergent for optimal performance. Fabric softeners can cause fabrics to become stiff or less absorbent over time; using one will leave them feeling more like how they were when new!

Step 5. Drying is very important too – hang dry whenever possible so wet items don’t sit out and get mouldy (or ruin clothes). It’s best not to put anything in the dryer until it’s all completely wet.

If you have to use a dryer, place a clean towel on top of any clothes that are still wet and set your machine to air cool instead of heat so they don’t shrink or get damaged by high temperatures.

To avoid damage from dirt stains, how about using an inexpensive pillowcase for storage? Cover both sides with protective plastic wrap when not in use (just like we do at home) – this will keep them looking new indefinitely!

Step 6. Store blankets away from cats; if there is cat hair leftover on one side after vacuuming just flip it over before storing as well. Cats can cause these fabrics to become less durable over time due to the acid in their saliva.

If your blanket has several cat hair strands or any other pet hair on it, you can also use the lint roller to remove them before storing and washing.

Step 7. Finally, how often should your stroller blankets be washed? We recommend following the instructions that come with your specific product; most have tags for how many times they are safe to wash without losing quality. For general guidelines though, we suggest not going over three washes per year as this will lead to fabric wear and tear if done too frequently!


How do you wash a sherpa and keep it soft?

To keep your sherpa soft, you should wash it on a cold or warm water cycle and use gentle detergents. It is also important to avoid using fabric softeners as this coat the material in chemicals that can make them feel less plush!


How do I make my sherpa blanket fluffy again?

You can refresh your sherpa blanket by giving it a good shake or vacuuming the pile of fabric. You can also wash and dry it on low heat, which will fluff up the fibres again!


What is the difference between a blanket and a shawl?

Blankets are typically longer and wider than shawls, which have a narrower shape.


What is the difference between a blanket and an afghan?

The difference between an afghan vs. blanket is how they’re constructed. Blankets tend to be woven together while Afghans are knit with different colours!


How do I wash my Sherpa Stroller Blanket?

To keep your sherpa soft, you should wash it on a cold or warm water cycle and use gentle detergents. It is also important to avoid using fabric softeners as this coat the material in chemicals that can make them feel less plush! Be sure to dry your stroller blankie only at low heat so that its fibres don’t shrink.


What are some other ways I can clean my faux fur blanket?

One way to maintain the beauty of your faux-fur blanket would be by vacuuming regularly with an upholstery attachment – this will remove any dust and debris that gets on the blanket as it is used.

If your faux-fur item has been exposed to a stain, you can apply a dry cleaning agent directly to the spot before placing in a plastic bag and taking it for professional laundering services. You could also brush any stains with club soda diluted in water or use white vinegar mixed with equal parts of hydrogen peroxide – this will work great at removing stubborn pet odours!

You should never wash your Sherpa Stroller Blanket by hand because doing so would not only take too long but may cause some fibres to break due to how tightly woven they are.

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