The Beginners Guide on How to Fold Safety First Stroller

Safety First is one of the most trusted brands in baby gear. Their strollers are some of the best on the market. How do you fold up a Safety First stroller, though? How do I put my safety first stroller away?

How to Fold Safety First Stroller? What does it mean when your Safety First Stroller won’t stay locked into place anymore? These questions and more will be answered in this guide!

Safety First Stroller


Steps on Folding a Safety First Stroller

Step 1. Unlock the stroller with your key and push all the buttons to release it. Put both hands on either side of the frame near where you would usually stand if you were holding onto it so that one is over the seat cover and one under it.

Step 2. Lift up and outwards from this point to loosen the frame. Pull outwards, away from this point to release any tension in the wheel lock system and then push down on both sides of it so that they are flat against one another with no slack. This will ensure a snug fit when you fold up your Safety First Stroller, keeping everything where it needs to be!

Step 3. Now go around to the backside of the stroller (near the child’s feet) and pull upwards on either side for each seat cover strap at either end of this area (the ones close to his or her head) to be as high up into position as possible – these should have been heading downwards towards their toes before you pulled them upward now. 

You will then see a long strap that is wrapped around the seat. How do I put my safety first stroller together?

Step 4. Fold this up as you would any other foldable chair and tuck it towards the back of your Safety First Stroller, under the handlebars so that it stays in place and out of view – if there is enough slack remaining after doing this, take note to rewrap this over one or both handles before continuing with folding everything else up! 

Step 5. Lastly, go ahead and flip down either side of each front wheel (depending on which direction they are pointing) using just your fingers for now since you’ll want to lift them from their position at an angle to the ground so that you can do the same to their counterpart on the opposite side.


How do you collapse the safety first stroller?

Step 1. Once all of your straps have been loosened or removed completely, fold up one side of the fabric so that they meet in an accordion-style pattern. 

Step 2. Then take each strap at either end and begin laying them on top of this folded section until it is fully collapsed into its smallest size possible (again if there are some loose ends left over rewrap them around handles).

Step 3. If desired, use the straps to tie up all of the loose fabric in a way that is wrinkle-free and neat.  How do I care for my toddler’s clothes?

Step 4. Coil or roll one side with another until it reaches its smallest size without folding inwards on itself (if you don’t have enough space, then just fold as small as possible). 

Step 5. Thread any remaining strap(s) over this coil/rolled section so that there are no exposed edges. How do you clean baby towels? Repeat these same steps with the other half of your safety first stroller.


Can I wash my safety first car seat?

Tucked in the back of your car seat, you should find a convenient little thingamajig that keeps it from sliding around while driving – this is usually either two small “feet” or one larger flap with a hole. How to fold up safety first stroller

This extra support can be used as leverage for lifting your baby carrier out of the vehicle and onto the ground on its side like an upside-down L shape. How do I install my safety first child car seat? Safety First Strollers Walmart

If there’s any slack left over after doing so, make sure you wrap this excess material tightly around both handles before moving on!


How do you clean a safety first stroller?

If your Safety First Stroller has fabric, use mild soap and warm water. Rinse with cool water after cleaning. 

Step 1. Do not bleach or expose the fabric to harsh chemicals such as acetone or alcohol (these may weaken the material).

If your Safety First Stocke’s frame features plastic pieces like handles, wheels etc., then it’s best to take them off before cleaning these parts individually in cool water using dishwashing liquid mixed with cold water if necessary. 

Step 2. To help clean the fabric, you can use a mild laundry detergent and water mixed in a bucket (use cold or warm water if needed). Rinse thoroughly with cool water after cleaning. How to buy bitcoin – It’s best not to leave your Safety First Stroller out in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as this may cause discolouration on fabrics over time.



I believe reading through this blog, you have learned how to fold a safety first stroller.

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