6 Step By Step Guide on How to Wash Britax Stroller

In this blog post, we will walk through how to wash Britax strollers and other models so that you can have peace of mind knowing how soon to clean them again!

Britax strollers are some of the most popular on the market, but how often do you know how to wash a Britax stroller? It’s not as simple as it may seem. What is your preferred method of washing your Britax stroller? There are many ways and steps involved in getting that baby gear clean. 

How to Wash Britax Stroller


Steps on Washing Britax Stroller

We’ll start with how to wash a Britax B-Ready. You will need:

  • Sponges or dish wand – mild soap (or use your preferred cleaning product)
  • Bucket of water, sponge and liquid cleaner
  • Dry clothes for drying off the stroller after washing it.

Britax recommends using their own sprayer hose attachment that can be purchased at any authorized retailer which is easier on fabric than simply hosing down the frame from above. If you choose not to buy this optional accessory, please take care when spraying so as not to hit too hard against the fabric.*

Step 1. This process should always begin by removing all removable parts from the stroller and laying them flat in a dry location.

Step 2. Britax B-Ready: remove the seat, tray and infant body support

Step 3. Baby Jogger City Select: remove the seat and all accessories by following instructions in your manual). After washing the frame (or removing it for easier access), use a sponge or dish wand to wipe down any surfaces that still have dirt on them before wetting with water using a sprayer hose. Use mild soap (or clean off any existing product residue).

Step 4. After spraying/soaping, allow time to penetrate for 30 seconds then rinse thoroughly under running water. If you are not able to get the soap out of hard to reach places such as corners, try using an old toothbrush. When cleaning fabric parts like straps or the seat protector, first spray with water then use a sponge or dish wand to scrub thoroughly.

Step 5. Do not submerge in soapy water (unless you are only cleaning fabric components). After rinsing and removing all accessories from the frame before drying, either allow it to air dry for several hours outside or place it inside an unused room of your home during humid days.

Step 6. On low energy settings when using dryer sheets that have bleach-free fragrances. Lint-free cloths will help reduce how much lint is being released into the atmosphere while it dries as well. Airing out means that the majority of moisture has been removed but some small amount may still be present on surfaces such as seams and corners.

Dryers can create static electricity which can lead to more lint in the dryer and on clothes, so if it is humid outside during this step then we recommend either air drying or another means of removing all moisture from surfaces.


How do I put my Britax Clicktight back together?

This is how to put your Britax Clicktight back together again. To do this you need to start by aligning the two halves of the frame and then pressing them together so that they lock into place as shown in the picture below.

Make sure that all four buttons are aligned with one another before putting any pressure on them, once everything has been lined up correctly push down firmly until it clicks closed.

From there grab a Phillips head screwdriver and turn it clockwise into both sides of the groove located at each side of the stroller base where indicated in our image above for about ninety degrees.

This will tighten things up while making sure that these pieces stay locked together nicely every time you want to collapse or assemble your stroller from now on.


If the headrest is in an awkward position, how can you adjust it?

Loosen straps by pulling on both ends – pull up to lengthen and push down to shorten – while still holding onto one end of each strap, tilt back or forward until the desired position is reached and then tighten straps again for a secure fit.

If this does not help, try adjusting at lower height settings as well as changing how tight they are (loosening them more will allow for more movement). The adjustment may be less successful if attaching with rigid hooks versus cloth loops.

A small towel placed between your hand and the seat pad when tightening/loosening straps may help prevent slipping.


How do you attach a Britax car seat to a stroller?

If you have a Britax B-Agile, the car seat attaches to the stroller by using either hooks or loops. If you have a Britax Boulevard then there is an additional strap that needs to be used for it to attach properly.


How do you put a baby in a Britax Millenia car seat?

Remove the infant padding or any other items that will get in the way of buckling your child into their car seat. Put your baby on one hip and lift them to place them face down, head-first onto the bottom portion of the car seat.

Buckle and tighten according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Lift by holding your baby’s hips with one hand as you hold him over his back with the other hand from behind until he is securely positioned facing downward at 45 degrees while seated upright. Move your hands around the front side of the body for tightening straps (loosely).

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