4 Steps on How to Vacuum a City Mini Double Stroller

A double stroller is a great way to get out and about with your little ones, but how many times have you been on the go only to find that it’s gotten filthy? Sometimes all you need is a little time for an easy fix. This article will show how to vacuum a city mini double stroller.


How to Vacuum a City Mini Double Stroller

Steps on Vacuuming a City Mini Double Stroller

Step 1. First, remove the tray at the bottom of your stroller. This will prevent any dirt or dust from getting into this area and possibly scratching your baby’s skin in an otherwise clean spot on their seat.

Step 2. Next, vacuum all surfaces of your city mini double stroller with a hand held hose attachment that is made for cleaning upholstery and furniture. Use gentle care when vacuuming around wheels to avoid damaging them or catching something in them while they are spinning (this could cause you to lose control).

Step 3. Hold onto handles if possible so as not to inadvertently flip it over – how would you like it if we did that? Vacuum both sides by flipping the handle back where needed so that one side isn’t more dirty than the other.


Note: if your stroller is really dirty, use a vacuum with attachments that are meant for upholstery and furniture to get into all of those nooks and crannies – how would you like it if we didn’t clean in between the cracks? That’s how these things happen…

Step 4. When finished vacuuming, dispose of any loose dirt or debris by shaking them out onto newspapers or waste paper bags (do not put fingers near our mouth after touching this stuff!) while wearing our gloves at no point should we ever touch anything icky! And be sure to wash hands thoroughly afterward. Why do I mention washing hands? We don’t want germs on baby skin!


How do you break down a City Mini GT?

Step 1. First, by using the tool that came with it to unscrew the bolts. There are two on each of the four corners and one in between. After all six have been removed, we can take off another set of screws as well that hold together some side panels for access into various parts like gears or wheels.

The back panel can be taken off lastly if necessary.- Now comes time to detach pieces from their corresponding counterparts such as handles (which just slide right up), seats (pulls straight out) and anything else not bolted onto them already which includes cup holders on frame and bumper bar clips at front end. Upon doing so, we can put them to the side for now.

Step 2. Remove any remaining bolts that might be in our way by using a Phillips head screwdriver or wrench and hammer if necessary. Most of these are found on the front end at various points around the frame (underneath as well). These were how we detached handles too but they’re also how some parts like wheels attach so don’t forget about those!

Step 3. Once all six screws have been removed from each corner there will no longer be any leverage holding together either side panels which means we can take off another set of screws securing four sides with two more per panel than before. I recommend starting in one area first and then moving on to the other half so everything is balanced evenly.

Step 4. The last set of screws are how the handlebars attach to the main frame so once these have been removed you can tilt them off (I did this by grabbing one side and pulling until it came out).

These will also need to be detached from any other parts they might still be connected with like wheels or handles. Once all that’s left is a bare metal frame, we can clean up our vacuum attachment and get started!


How do I clean my city select stroller?

First, start by removing the child tray that’s attached on top of the stroller seat; this can be done easily with one hand and pulling up while holding in place at the same time.

With it removed, lay it down flat on an even surface like your kitchen table or counter so we have access to all sides. You might also want to remove any other items from within the compartment where removable snack/drink cups are stored if applicable (see photo below).

Next, use a damp cloth or sponge with mild soap and water to wipe off dirt around crevices as well as handles, drink holders, wheels etc., until they are all clean.

Once done, use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment (like the Dyson V11 Animal) by attaching one end of the hose to your vacuum and then attach the other end onto an open side of the stroller compartment as seen below in photo:

To make it even easier, you can remove any items from inside that might be making contact with dirt on top such as cups or toys so they won’t interfere when we’re trying to get into those hard-to-reach places between our seats; this will also allow us for better airflow through gaps.

Finally just start vacuuming away until there is no more visible dirt left behind! You may need to do this more than once if you have a lot of stuff inside, or the dirt is really stubborn.


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