How To Use Tide Pods In Washer? 6 Easy Ways!

Do you want to know how to use Tide pods in washer? There are six easy ways, which we will be teaching you as you delve into this article deeper. Aside from that, we’ll understand how you will buy and keep them. 

Determine first the size of the load and also the number of pods required. Set it at the proper wash cycle and place the pod underneath or at the back of the washer drum. Place some more load, or if you want, pre-treat as needed. Then, store the tide pods away from children & pets.

how to use Tide pods in washer

Learn the proper way of using Tide pods as it can help. For one, they are mess-free that do not require measurement. Plus, you can easily pop them inside the wash. They are fascinating to use for not taking up space in the crowded laundry area. Master the laundry job and learn the best ways to use tide pods in a washer. My friends, I know you want to be enlightened further, so read on!


Ways To Use Tide Pods In Washer

Here are the easy ways on how to use Tide pods in washer:


#1. Determine the load size

Before you begin the wash cycle, determine first the load size of the laundry. Pack the sheets, towels, and clothes loosely into the washer for proper rinsing and cleaning, thus preventing pilling and wrinkling. Fill the washer with a 1/3 small load. Then, a regular or medium load is when you fill the washer in half. The large load is when you fill three-fourths of the washer. For that extra-large load, you serve the washer to its total capacity.


#2. Place the tide pods

Place the tide pods at the back or under the washer and place the laundry above. Opt for the right amount of pods according to your load size. Use only a single pod when handling small and medium loads and two pods for soiled or large loads. Three pods will be ok with a full-capacity washer.  However, do not place the tide pods in the washer dispenser but the drum. Know how to use laundry pods in front load washer.


#3 Choose the washing cycle

Know that tide pods work well in different types of washers, in cold and warm water. Set the correct washing cycle following the care instructions on the clothing labels. Follow as well the instructions on the fabric care symbols as indicated. For example, the symbol that shows one dot in a basin filled with water signals to wash the items in cold water. Read about the proper wash cycle.


#4. Wash the delicates of undergarments

Use Tide gentle and free pods when you wash a load of undergarments or delicates. For one, these pods have no dyes and perfumes that can be gentle on the skin and clothing. What’s more, dermatologists recommended them for being hypoallergenic.


#5. Remove the odors or stains

Tide pods have the best formula, along with a special stain remover. Add some more Tide pod for a smelly or soiled laundry. That will bring out an extra power of cleaning. Pre-treat the items that are stuck with stains, rinse them off in cold water. If you want, buy another instant stain remover to give an extra fighting power. Pat the stain when washing.


#6. Travel but include Tide pods

Bring tide pods as you travel to avoid buying this detergent at nearby shops or hotels. Then, store them in a plastic container so you won’t pierce them throughout the trip. They will also not get wet. Transport the Tide pods when you go on a trip to a local Laundromat.


Ways In Buying And Keeping The Tide Pods

Here are the ways on how to buy and keep the tide before you use it.


#1. Buy the Tide pods

Buy these Tide pods at the pharmacy, local supermarket, & department store. Or if you want, buy them online but first read the detailed descriptions of the choices available. It is up to you to choose spring meadow scent, the original, Plus Febreze, Downy April Fresh Scent, Febreze Odor Defense, and Free & Gentle.


#2. Store the Tide pod

Parents are usually concerned that tide pods may be toxic when ingested by animals or children. So, store them in a cupboard which is challenging to reach for pets and kids. Be careful when you use laundry pods or make sure the pets and kids are outside the room before you do laundry. Lock the container, too, with the zipper or lid not open with zipping or basic rotation. When you unlock it, you have to press the cover or zipper and then align it. Open it also. Lock them up in the cupboard doors if someone has dementia in your family.


#3. Keep the Tide pods completely dry

Shut the lid of the Tide pods firmly before you store them. Keep them dry as well if not, wetness may cause the pods to leak and stick together. Use only dry hands when handling the Tide pods while doing the laundry.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you have learned how to use Tide pods in washer with the easy ways mentioned. But also include the ways in how to buy and keep them when not in use. That way, even if you travel to another place, you have Tide pods to use anytime in your washer. Just keep their lid tight! You may be interested to find out how to use laundry detergent pods correctly

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